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Strut Your Stuff

One of my favorite blogs, “Love My Art Jewelry” hosts a monthly give away called “Strut Your Stuff“.  Each week the Strut Your Stuff post features one piece of jewelry that has been made with mostly handmade components.  At the end of the month, one of the featured jewelry artists wins a generous gift of handmade beads, pendants and other components.

Morning Song Bracelet

Morning Song Bracelet

 In July I submitted my “Morning Song Bracelet“, featuring handmade ceramic beads by Bo Hulley Beads and to my surprise I was chosen as the winner for the month!  Almost every day for nearly two weeks, I kept getting wonderful surprise packages in the mail.  I had so much fun!  Check out what I won from some of the members of  the Artist’s Team at Beads of Clay and from Kristi Bowman Designs!!

Handamde Porcelain Pendants

Love My Art Jewelry Winnings

handmade ceramic and copper clay focals

handmade ceramic beads

ceramic beads and birdie.

I sincerely want to thank each of the artists that donated these items and those who organized the giveaway.  I encourage you to visit their shops and marvel at all this talent! 

So, now I’ve begun designing with some of these goodies and I will keep you updated as I progress further.  Today I’ll share my first necklace, which I named “Windswept”.

porcelain pendant necklace, ceramic beads, handmade

The sweeping lines on the pendant reminded me of tall grasses blowing in the wind.  The lines also look a bit like waves, but its abstract, so I think it is up to each person’s  interpretation.  It is really a beautiful and unique pendant, handcrafted by the talented hands at  Porcelain Jazz.

 Handmade ceramic necklace

 The bail on the pendant was quite large and the pendant is a bit on the heavier side, so I decided to string it on sage green suede  leather lacing. The leather really brings out the green in the sweeping lines of the pendant.  I knotted on handmade beads by Yolanda’s Clay, Jera Luna Designs, and Bo Hulley Beads.  I also knotted on a glass flower dangle that I’m not sure about.  What do you think?  Do you like the addition of the flower or shall I snip it off?  Does it look distracting and out of place?  Opinions appreciated. 

handmade porcelain necklace


7 thoughts on “Amazing Bead Win

  1. Fantastic loot Linda! Wow, I so love the necklace, Cecily’s pendants are OOAK and so gorgeous, this is my favorite of her! I see it as an ocean scene, just gorgeous!

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