News Day – Tuesday: More Fall Earrings

Shop News

I’ve continued making autumn earrings since last Tuesday’s update. Here are two new additions in my Etsy Shop.

Woodland Stroll Earrings

I really love how these earrings turned out.  The green lampwork glass by Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads really pulls out the greens in the glass  leaves. These lampwork beads have a matte finish and they are decorated with fine melted silver around the middle.   

The leaves are lampwork too and they are made by glass artist Raida Disbrow of  Havana Beads.  They are translucent with swirls of rust-orange and green.  They are textured to show the veins of the leaves.  I love details like that!  Many of the trees in the forests here are evergreens, with some deciduous trees sprinkled in.  The colors of these earrings reminded me of an autumn walk in the woods, with some evergreens (the beads on top) and some leafy trees turning fall colors (the leaves below).  That’s the back-story on why I decided to name these my “Woodland Stroll Earrings“.

Woodland Stroll Earrings

Woodland Stroll Earrings


Mystic Earrings

These earrings fascinate me in a completely different way than the Woodland Stroll Earrings.  The lampwork glass, by Sonoran Beads, has very muted colors that are kind of hard to name.  The main swirls are mauve, but not the real pinky mauve you usually think of.  It is a dark, muted mauve and there are hints of brown, gray as well. 

The colors seem to have a depth to them, as though the longer I look at them, the more I will see.  It was this sense of hidden secrets that caused me to name them”Mystic Earrings“.  Their colors should go nicely with many outfits, from browns and beige to black, mauve, camel and gold.  All great autumn hues. 

I really love the fancy bead caps on the tops and bottoms of the beads.  The cool brass dangles remind me of leaves and have sort of a tribal look to them.

Mystic Earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Mystic Earrings


Other News

My birthday is September the 23rd.  I think that’s reason enough to have a sale in both my ArtFre Shop and my Etsy Shop.  Come back to this blog, or check in with my Facebook page on Saturday to get a coupon code for 20% off.  This will be a one day only sale.  I’ll post the code on Saturday, but the sale will be on Sunday the 23rd.  It’s not too early to be thinking about holiday gifts.

If you are local, come on over to the Catwalk clothing boutique and gallery in Tacoma on Wednesday the 19th, from 12:00–6:00.  I’ll be staffing the gallery that day and I will personally give you 20% off on all my jewelry in the shop!!!!       

                 Catwalk Gallery: 


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