News Day – Tuesday: Mt. Rainier

 Welcome to News Day – Tuesday;  the day for updates on my shops and other relevant or possibly irrelevant  news.

Shop Updates:

This has been an unusually busy week and I didn’t have time to add anything to my shops.  I made some jewelry, but haven’t had time to do photos and listings.

In the meanwhile, these earrings sold last night from my Etsy Shop.  I’m quite new on Etsy, so I get excited when someone finds me there and makes a purchase.

handmade earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Other News:

I’ve written my first post for the Art Jewelry Elements  blog.  It will be published this Friday, Oct. 12th.  I hope you’ll look for it.  I’ll be posting on AJE every other Friday.  This is a cooperative blog written by a team of about 11 people.  There is a new post every day.  Its a great daily read for handmade jewelry info and inspiration. 

There’s also an AJE Facebook page where you’ll find lots more jewelry eye candy and info.  I hope you’ll follow us there, too.

AJE Blog Button Image 150x150

Art Jewelry Elements Blog

In non-jewelry news, I wanted to share pictures with you of my recent trip to Mt. Rainier.  A friend and I went to Paradise… I am not writing this from heaven!!!  Paradise is the name of the second highest point on Mt. Rainier that is accessable by car.  It is aptly named. The views are magnificent. 

ravine with a river

View on the way up to Mt. Rainier.

twisting river in Mt. Rainier National Park.

Winding river on the way up to Mt. Rainier.

Vine maple, turned bright orange in autumn.

Fall color on the lower slopes of Mt. Rainier.

foothill of Mt. Rainier

 Bright orange autumn foliage near the foot path at Paradise .

The mountain from Paradise

Mt.Rainier. The glaciers are receding.

Mt. Rainier, partial view

Mt. Rainier

If you stand in the parking lot at Paradise and turn your back to Mt. Rainier, you see this view of the Tatoosh Mountains.

View oppostie of Mt. Rainier

Tatoosh Mountains

The view when standing in the same spot in the Paradise parking lot; and turning toward the mountain.

view of the mountain near Paradise lodge

View of the mountain near Paradise lodge.

View from the walking path at Paradise on Mt.Rainier.

View from the walking path at Paradise on Mt.Rainier.

On our way back down the mountain, we stopped to view a waterfall.

waterfall near the road on the way down Mt. Rainier.

Waterfall near Mt. Rainier.

I hope you enjoyed a little virtual vacation here today.  I always love to read your comments.


2 thoughts on “News Day – Tuesday: Mt. Rainier

  1. I lived in Poulsbo, WA from 1985-1988 and I had the most spectacular view of Mt Ranier from my apartment balcony (well, on a clear day that is). Your pictures are spectacular, and brought back memories of a beautiful piece of heaven on earth…thank you! And, congrats on your etsy sale!

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