I Heart Macro – Pods

Welcome to Macro Sunday.  I actually took these pictures a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting them.

Five leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

We have a Five Leaf Akebia vine twining along the railing of our backyard deck.  My husband is the garden expert at our house, so I’d never paid much attention to this vine before.

Five Leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

A couple of weeks ago, he called me outside to show me these giant-sized seed pods!

opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia

Opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia vine.

I was astonished at the size of the pods.  Some were over 4 inches long!  Heavy with seeds, the pods caused the vine to droop down.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Surely this vine had never produced such extraordinary fruits before!  However, my husband said that, yes, these pods grow every year at this time.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This one makes me laugh! It looks like it is talking!

Well that humbled me!  We’ve lived here 7 years now and I’ve been totally oblivious to these long, fat seed pods!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This experience taught me the importance of really seeing things, of looking deeply and paying attention.  What’s the point of having a beautiful garden, if I’m not truly present in the moment. If I am too preoccupied with the cares of today or with concerns about the future, then I’m unable to accept the gifts our garden is offering me in the present moment.  Gifts of beauty, abundance, calm, color and the cycle of life.  I must make sure I am really living with my eyes open!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.


Hey!  who let the gremlins in here????  I never said they could doodle on my picture!

doodling on a picture of a seed pod/

“Hello there friendly reader!”

Oh well, I guess I couldn’t remain so seriously philosophical for too much longer…..


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9 thoughts on “I Heart Macro – Pods

    • I did a little research on this plant when I was writing this post. It is edible and a bit sweet. In one of the counties where it grows, the people fill it with ground meat and spices. Its then grilled and eaten out of hand.

  1. That’s a really great story and so very true. It gets hard to remain focused on the gifts of the day but they really are the best thing. Nice reminder.

  2. Wow, that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!! I love your maros,….and your sentiment of living in the moment (I need that reminder every now and then!!) but I must admit, your humor at the end is what made my day!! 🙂 Great macros – just fabulous!

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