News Day – Tuesday:

 Welcome to News Day Tuesday;  the day for updates on my shops and other relevant or possibly irrelevant  news.

Shop Updates:

Bougainvillea Bracelet:

This new bracelet was named after the beautiful Bougainvillea flowers that I have seen in my travels to San Diego and Central America.

Bougainvillea Bracelet

Bougainvillea Bracelet

I learned the basic technique for this bracelet from a tutorial posted on Lesley Watt’s blog:  The Gossiping Goddess.  However, I tweaked the basics a bit.  Lesley had designed her tutorial with seed beads, while I used larger beads, which created a definite zigzag pattern, that I find delightful.

Bougainvillea Bracelet

Bougainvillea Bracelet

And rather than using a plain cord loop for the button closure, I macramed the loop. It took several experiments to get it to turn out the way I pictured it in my mind, but I’m pleased with it now. I love the pretty, little pink flowers on the Bougainvillea Bracelet!

Handmade purple and pink flower bracelet

Bougainvillea Bracelet

Other News:

In other news from the Gossiping Goddess blog, Lesley had a lampwork bead giveaway this week and I was one of the winners!  Here are the beads she’s giving away.  Each winner will receive 1-3 of these.  I can’t wait to see which will be mine! There will be a blog hop on December 12th, where the winners will reveal what they have designed with the beads they received.

Free bead giveaway

Free bead giveaway from the Gossiping Goddess blog.

My next post for the Art Jewelry Elements  blog will be this Friday, Nov. 9th. You can click on the AJE button below to go to that blog.

AJE Blog Button Image 150x150

Art Jewelry Elements blog

I love comments! Please share your thoughts.

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