Labyrinth Necklace

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

The participants in the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Challenge are revealing their designs today. We each received a labyrinth pendant from Jenny Davies-Reazor.

Multi-colored, handmade Labyrinth Pendants

Ceramic Labyrinth Pendants by Jenny Davies-Reazor

I received a violet colored 2-hole pendant.  I love the color and it goes quite nicely with this labyrinth found on Pinterest.  The labyrinth is made of blooming lavender.  How cool is that?  The scent must be so heavenly!

lavender labyrinth

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

Purple handmade ceramic pendant

Labyrinth Pendant

When I started on my necklace I intended to use patina’ed copper wire, with a subtle color palette of violet, lilac and sage green.  I wired the little flower dangle on copper and added two copper jump rings to the pendant, but it just seemed to be calling out for silver.  So silver it is, even though sterling is so dang expensive right now.  I tried to contain costs a bit by using silver filled wire and just used sterling silver for the clasp and chain. 

Handmade necklace with ceramic and lampwork

Labyrinth Necklace

 Despite switching to silver, I did stick with my original color choice of purple, lavender and sage green.  Just above the flower dangle is a purple, lampwork glass ring by Beads and Botanicals. The two beads above that are commercial glass. The square pillow shaped bead has touches of sage green in it, which are also echoed in the two small fire polished beads below it.

Handmade necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Labyrinth Necklace

On the other side I wired a Chinese Charoite stone.  The three beads above the gemstone are more handmade lampwork glass by Beads and Botanicals.

Handmade ceramic and lampwork necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Labyrinth Necklace

I would like to try walking a labyrinth someday.  I think it would be very calming and medative.  Just for fun, I Googled “labyrinth Washington State”.   According to The World-Wide Labyrinth Locator there are over 100 labyrinths just in the state of Washington.  I’m amazed!  The World-Wide Labyrinth Locator will help you find labyrinths in your state or country too.

Labyrinths are found in many cultures and religious traditions, dating as far back as 3,500 years.  Walking a labyrinth can be used for prayer, meditation, contemplation or personal growth.  According to the reading I did, there are many ways to walk a labyrinth. 

One of a kind necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Labyrinth Necklace

Often the walk toward the center is used to quiet the mind and to become more centered and peaceful. The time at the center can be an experience of openness to insight, learning or to simply receive what the moment has to offer.  As one moves outward again, there can be  a time of reflection on what was received at the center how it applies to one’s life. 

One can also use the walk as a time to reflect on a specific concern or issue.  The labyrinth can be used as a walking prayer too, or it can be a meditative walk, in which one focuses on a specific word or phrase, such as “May peace prevail on earth.”

purple and green handmade necklace

Labyrinth Necklace

The labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France is one of the most famous.  As you can see in this brief YouTube video, the labyrinth maybe covered with chairs in the church.  But when the chairs are removed many people come to walk, meditate and pray.  If this a piqued your interest you can find a lot  more information on labyrinths here.

I learned a lot by doing this month’s Component of the Month Challenge and that made it extra enjoyable for me.  Thanks Jenny!

You can see what others have designed with their labyrinth pendants by following these links.


15 thoughts on “Labyrinth Necklace

  1. Oh wow that lavender is amazing, love the actual lavender labyrinth too!! I love the combination of beads you put together to go with it, a beautiful necklace Linda!

  2. A lovely piece! I’m so glad you chose silver which works so well with the lavender beads. The lampwork beads are a gorgeous and compliment the focal so nicely.

  3. Mmmm silver. It is lovely Linda! The palette is superb. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the component both in hand and in mind. I think you would really like walking a labyrinth, and you can find ones inside as well. I have 2 near me that I frequent, one inside, one outside. I have walked them with issues on my mind, and honestly seen a little clarity..

    Happy New Year! I look forward to many more CoM’s in out future!

  4. My mum’s garden has some stone steps as the levels change and she lined them with lavender so you almost can’t help brushing them as you go by. I can just imagine how incredible it must be to walk an all lavender labyrinth. And with scent such a powerful memory evoker I bet you could go right back to that peaceful jorney each time you smelt it anew. Thank you for sharing! I think your necklace is a beautiful interpretation with so many goodies collected ad artfully arranged.

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