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Tuesday News Day – One Day Late


  • Sad to say, but I haven’t made a single piece of jewelry this week – not that I’ve been a slacker though!  Here’s what I’ve been up to.
  • My nephew and his girlfriend from California came to visit and we all got together in Seattle for a nice lunch and visit.  I actually hadn’t seen him since he was a little kid.  So grown up, bright and interesting to talk with now!
  • The Art Jewelry Elements Blog is hosting an Earring Challenge for 2013.  The planning of this was fairly time-consuming as we sought to make it motivating and inspiring, as well as making it a doable challenge. If you are a jewelry designer, it’s not too late to join up for challenge.  It is too late to be part of the first quarter Pinterest board, but it’s not to late to join the Sunday earring reveals and link ups!  If you love jewelry, but don’t make it yourself, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy seeing all the cool earrings that we’ll be creating this year.
art jewelry earrings

art jewelry earrings

  • I work part-time during winter and spring quarters for the University of Washington and went back to work this week.  I supervise master degree students who are doing internships as teachers.  I have 3 students this year that I will be meeting with weekly.  Two of them are doing their teaching internships in 5th grade and one is teaching 1st grade.
  • I’m taking an online wire-working class from Kerry Bogert, which started on Monday.  I was working on a wire bracelet earlier this evening, but I had to take a break, because the wire work was making my hand joints ache.  I hope it is just a matter of building up strength in my hands.  I’ll show off the bracelet when I finish it.  I’m going to give to a friend of mine who has a birthday this week.
wire wrapped jewelry

Wire Bangle in progress

3 thoughts on “This And That

  1. Linda, that bangle looks beautiful! I wonder if squeezing a rubber ball would help to build up the hand muscles? I think your part time job sounds fascinating. I think the excitement of the students would be very catching.
    I will look forward to watching the earring challenge. Earrings are the hardest for me to make, so I love seeing what others create.

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