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 Tuesday News Day

Welcome to News Day Tuesday –  the day for jewelry updates and snippets of life.

Wired Bangle Bracelet

To follow up on last week’s post, I finished the wrapped and twined bracelet I was making for my friend’s birthday.  I was complaining of sore hands from the wire work, last week, but then I got the idea to use one of those gripper things you have in the kitchen to open jar lids.  It gripped the wire much more firmly than my hand could.  That enabled me to lighten my grip on the wire.  The next day I was able to complete the bangle without any pain!

I started out with over 8 feet of wire!  It looked like this to start.

wire wrapped jewelry

Wire Bangle in progress

I’m taking an e-course from Kerry Bogert to improve my wire-working skills.  You can see that its my first attempt.  There are patches where the wire wrapping has gaps, but there are also spots where it looks pretty good.  Practice makes better.

learning to make a wire wrapped bangle bracelet

Wire Bangle in progress

When I finished the bangle, I decided to add a matching bead dangle.  Here’s the finished project.  My friend loves it and told me she was proud of me for always striving to broaden my skill set.

Aspire To Wire Bracelet

Twined Wire Bracelet

I’m excited because the next project that I’m going to attempt in Kerry’s class is a variation on this bracelet, that also includes an artisan focal bead that is wired onto the bracelet.  I’m hoping to be able to get started on it, on Wednesday.

Twined Wire Bracelet

Twined Wire Bracelet

Green Spindle Earrings

I gave a sneak peek of these earrings a couple of weeks ago, but I’d never gotten around to listing them in my shop–till now!  The Green Spindle earrings feature lovely artisan-made ceramic dangles by Marti’s Buttons and Beads.  These earring have a fairly simple design, but I love the graceful shape of the ceramic dangles with the pretty glass beads that are accented with tiny pink rosettes.

handmade ceramic and glass earrings

Green Spindle Earrings

handmade ceramic and glass bead earrings.

Green Spindle Earrings

View these earrings in my shop here.

Did you know that I am always delighted to read your comments?  I am!  Hope to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Its A Wrap

  1. I already commented on FB on your bangle bracelet but you really are doing a fantastic job! BTW – you have some great pictures on your blog – so clear and close-up! Kerry’s class is so much fun, isn’t it?!

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