Purple Pansy Earrings

Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge

Love earrings?  I do.  That’s how I first got started making jewelry.  I wanted. More. Earrings.  So I’ve joined the Art Jewelry Elements 2013 Earring Challenge.  To meet the challenge I must create a pair of earrings every week and join up on the blog hop every other Sunday.

Purple Pansy Earrings

When I was a little girl, our church passed out small potted pansies to the children on Easter, as a symbol of new life and growth.  I was enchanted.  The little pansy faces were so sweet and I have loved flowers ever since.  When I saw these gorgeous wooden, handmade pansy charms in J-Lynn Jewels’ shop, I didn’t even hesitate for a second.  I had to have them!

Handmade lampwork glass and wood flower earrings

Purple Pansy Earrings

The purple lampwork glass beads, by Beads and Botanicals, accent the charms perfectly.  The jet black trailings around the glass beads, even echo the black on the edges of the charms.  These two were made for each other! I adore these earrings (if I do say so) and hope they will find a home with a flower lover and/or gardener.

Handmade purple flower earrings

Purple Pansy Earrings

I’ve already blogged about my second pair of earrings.  So I’ll just mention that the “Green Spindle Earrings” feature handmade ceramic charms by Marti’s Buttons and Beads.

Handmade ceramic and glass green earrings

Green Spindle Earrings

Both of these earrings are available in my Etsy shop, Linda Landig Jewelry.

Now I suggest that you click here to go to the AJE blog, where you’ll find links to all the other Art Jewelry Earring participants.  So much beauty and inspiration to enjoy there today!  Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Purple Pansy Earrings

  1. Oh my goodness we were supposed to blog weren’t we? Love the purple earrings Linda, and thank you for sharing my spindles!

  2. Lovely earrings! So many things resonate with me about the pansy earrings. I too started making earrings because I wanted more of the earrings I loved. And Pansies were my grandmother’s favorite, and I love them too.

  3. I addicted to pansies, too. Those charms are really beautiful as are the earrings with those lampwork beads! Like the color scheme on your challenge bracelet in your latest post, too.

    I’m really starting to jones on not being in my studio… 3 more months!

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