Valentine’s Day Heart Jewelry

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Who is on your Valentines Day gift list?  It used to be just an occasion for lovers, but these days many people use this opportunity to express their love for family and friends too.  I usually send Valentines greetings to my grown kids and closest friends, in addition to my husband.

“Orange You Glad I love You?”  in my Etsy shop.

handmade orange necklace

“Orange You Glad I Love You?” necklace

Valentines Day is extra special for my husband and I.  Our first date was a high school prom, held on Valentines Day. I was 16 and he was 18 at the time.  That was, uh-hum, 43 years ago.  Hard to believe that!  We’ve traveled a long, sometimes rugged road together and our love has held firm. I feel so blessed.  I find it hard to shop for guys on Valentines day.  Any good ideas?

Tango Tonight Necklace, in my ArtFire shop.

Tango Tonight necklace

“Tango Tonight” Necklace

Take a moment to think about your loved ones.  You know them well.  You know what makes them laugh  You know their special interests and what you like to do when you are together.  You know the trials they have suffered.  You know their personal strengths as well as their weaknesses.  And they know these things about you too.

Whimsical Heart Necklace in my Etsy Shop.

handmade black and white heart necklave

“Whimsical Heart” Necklace

When you are on the hunt for a gift for those you love, do you try to find items that match those unique and special qualities?  I always try to, sometimes with more success than others.  Whenever possible, I try to find handmade items.  I either look online, at ArtFire or Etsy, or in local galleries and art shows.  My loved ones are not mass produced.  They are definitely one of a kind, so I try to give them one of a kind gifts.

Heartfelt necklace in my Etsy Shop.

Handmade turquoise lampwork glass heart necklace

“Heartfelt Necklace”

I made the “Heartfelt Necklace” (above) in honor of my friend, Jenelle Aubade of Beads and Botanicals.  The lampwork glass heart and the turquoise and black beads were made by Jenelle and her husband, Dan.  Although this necklace is in my shop, there are other pieces I’ve given to her as gifts, and Jenelle and Dan have often gifted me.  Unique gifts for unique and special people.

Ceramic Heart Necklace in my ArtFire Shop.

Handmade heart necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Ceramic Heart Necklace

Who do you give Valentines Day gifts to?  Just your beloved?  Your children?  How about your Mom or best friend?  Maybe even a little something for your children’s teachers?  Do you go the candy and flowers route, or do you look for other gifts?  Share your thoughts!

I am always delighted to read your comments?   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry


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