AJE Earring Reveal Weeks 9-10/52

Art Jewelry Earring Challenge Reveal

Love earrings?  I do.  So I joined the Art Jewelry Elements 2013 Earring Challenge.  To meet the challenge, participants must create a pair of earrings every week for a year.  The earrings must contain at least one art bead.  Every other Sunday we have a blog hop to share what we have made.  Here are my designs for the past two weeks.

Hibiscus Earrings

Kristi Bowman, who is well-known for her awesome copper components, is branching out to include polymer clay components as well.  A couple of AJE team members snagged some of her first creations.  I was so excited to receive these gorgeous hibiscus flowers!  Aren’t they awesome?  I can’t wait to see what else Kristi comes up with!

Handmade orange, flower earrings

Hibiscus Earrings

Squiggle Earrings

This pair of earrings features ceramic oblong dangles by Marla’s Mud.  I love the layers of color that she infused these components with.  I wanted to pull out the blue tones, so I topped the ceramic with some etched sodalite stones.  Then I created a pair of textured, brass wire squiggles to hang down the front of the ceramic pieces.

Awesome Oblong Earrings 1

Now I suggest that you click here to go to the AJE blog, where you’ll find links to all the other Art Jewelry Earring participants.  So much beauty and inspiration to enjoy there today!  Have fun!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry


5 thoughts on “AJE Earring Reveal Weeks 9-10/52

  1. Love them both, Linda! I am a polymer clay addict and I am excited to see so many artists adding PC to their range. Re: the AJE Challenge: IMHO earrings are often overlooked in favour of their flashier cousins (necklaces and bracelets), but being a diminutive canvas means their is no room for “fillers” in the design, and each element is a precise and necessary part of the overall look. I am loving being able to see so much “small art” in one place every two weeks!

  2. I am also looking to try Polymer Clay–awesome beads by Kristi! So much design inspiration, these earrings are gorgeous. I love what you did with Marla’s beads as well, the brass squiggles are the perfect complement.

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