Forest Lodge Bracelet

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

Once a month Art Jewelry Elements hosts a component giveaway and reveal.  March’s components were made by the talented Jo Tinley of Daisy Chain Extra.  Each member of the Art Jewelry Elements team, plus five other artists were given a copper lentil bead that Jo had made for us.  To read more about how Jo made these copper beads, go to Making Hollow Beads.

The beads had different surface textures, as you can see from the pictures.  The bead I received had a textured surface created by the rounded end of a ball peen hammer.

I love the copper beads, but I ran into a couple of challenges while creating my bracelet.  Although challenges can be a bit frustrating, I kind of like the way the problem solving process makes me think more creatively.  I knew I wanted to pair Jo’s copper lentil bead with other flat or lentil shaped beads, but it took a bit of searching to find beads that would not over-power Jo’s bead in terms of color or size.  I finally found a Kazuri bead that was a perfect fit.

Forest Lodge Bracelet

Forest Lodge Bracelet

The greater challenge was that I wanted to have multiple strands of glass seed beads in the back of the bracelet.  My plan was to use 5 strands of beading wire.  I wanted the wires to be separated when they ran through the seed beads, but to be strung all together when running through the larger beads.  Nice idea, but it didn’t work.

Forest Lodge Bracelet

Forest Lodge Bracelet

It turned out that the copper lentil would only accept one strand of beading wire.  So I needed to figure out a way to taper the number of threads going through the lentil, without letting the mechanics of the transition be visible.  I worked this out by crimping all 5 strands and then  trimming the strands down to one  and hiding the crimps under the solid turquoise beads.  I finished the bracelet with a spiral brass hook I made. I’m  pleased with how it all turned out.

Forest Lodge Bracelet

Forest Lodge Bracelet

I named this piece the “Forest Lodge Bracelet” because last week my husband and I took a day trip to the magnificent Lake Quinault Lodge.  Nestled in the woods on the shores of Lake Quinault, this traditional lodge was built in 1926.  Everything about it exudes tranquility and relaxation.  It seemed like the perfect way to name the bracelet!

Lake Quinault Lodge

Lake Quinault Lodge

I really enjoyed designing with Jo’s handmade copper bead and I’d encourage you to check out both her component shop, Daisychain Extra, as well as her jewelry shop, Daisychain Jewellery.  Now go have fun discovering what the other jewelry designers have created with these copper lentil beads!  Just click on the picture below to get links to the other participating blogs.

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I am always delighted to read your comments!  Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 

Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy



18 thoughts on “Forest Lodge Bracelet

  1. Such a gorgeous bracelet Linda, I love it! Thank you for putting so much thought into it and for talking us through your design ideas. The real-life Forest Lodge looks like a perfect place to get away from it all.

  2. Gosh, I really love your inspiration and the bracelet. Absolutely stunning! It’s interesting how you tamed the evil beading wire into submission 😉 Definitely worth the effort because those 5 strands of seed beads really adds to the overall design.

  3. I love the many-inti-one design, and am glad you could engineer it to work! The seed beads are so autumnal – like Indian corn. I like your palette and the bracelet overall! Cool.

  4. I am very impressed how you were able to over come the challenges and create such an awesomely stunning bracelet!!!!!

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