Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

Once a month Art Jewelry Elements hosts a component giveaway and reveal. May’s component was made by the talented Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads.  Members of the Art Jewelry Elements team, plus several other artists were each given one of these gorgeous lampwork glass discs that Sue made for us.

AJE Component of the month

Component of the Month by Sue Beads

I received the disc at the top, with the orange center.  I was so delighted, because orange is one of my favorite colors!

Remember last month when I broke one of Jen’s lampwork glass headpins?  This month’s Component of the Month was just the opposite experience.  The necklace went together quickly and easily and I am rather pleased with it.

handmade necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

I strung the necklace on orange leather cording, attaching the lampwork disc with a larks head knot. Using waxed linen cording, I dangled a flower bead below the disc.  The flower is accented with a turquoise seed bead and a tiny transparent, peach colored glass teardrop-shaped bead.

close up of handmade necklace pendant

Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

I placed a turquoise, enameled bead by Barbara Lewis, above the glass disc, completing the pendant portion of the necklace.  The two round, orange ceramic beads were made by Bo Hulley.  The rest of the ceramic and glass beads are commercially made.

necklace with handmade glass, ceramic and enamel beads.

Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

About 17 years ago, a bead shop near my parents’ house, bought out all the glass buttons from a defunct German button factory.  I bought quite a supply of them back then at a very reasonable price.  One of the orange glass buttons worked  perfectly as a loop and button closure for this necklace.  The necklace measures about 16.5 inches long and the enamel bead will be at about collarbone length on most people.

Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

Blue Skies and Sunshine Necklace

I made this necklace on a gorgeous spring day.  As I looked out my studio window, I noticed that the sky was a clear blue-turquoise, like the beads in the necklace.  That’s how this necklace came to be named the “Blue Skies and Sunshine” necklace!

Want to see more gorgeous  jewelry with these lampwork discs?  Head on over to Art Jewelry Elements  for links to the other Component of the Month blog posts!  

P.S. My blog has a new template!  Did you notice?  Its a cleaner, more modern format.  I’m still working on the heading banner and I need to update my blog roll, but I’m liking it.  How about you?

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
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