More Spirals


Did you catch my post here on Spirals, last Sunday?

Yesterday I wrote more about spirals on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  I shared  more examples of spirals and lots of spiral art beads and components that you’ll want to check out…and drool over!  Also you can see some spiral pendants and charms that are works in progress, in Karen Totten”s studio.

Interested?  Check out Spectacular Spirals on AJE.  I also have a Spiral Board on Pinterest, if you’re interested.  Here are some bonus pictures! 🙂

Pinecone – Pinterest

Elephant Trunk – Pinterest.

6 thoughts on “More Spirals

  1. If there’s a way to send you an email without having to sign up at another website, I’d love to show you some spirals I made! My email address is sba13221 at flash dot net. Thanks!

  2. Wow!! Love the bonus pics. You know, I’m a trained Reiki healer, and one of the primary symbols healers are to invoke before giving Reiki to anyone is the spiral called CHO KU RAY. In Reiki, it means “God and Man Coming Together” or “I have the key”

    Spirals are everywhere, and have been forever. Again, thanks for your discussion on this topic.

    • I didn’t know you were a Reiki healer, Lee Anne, or if I did know, I guess I forgot! It is interesting that spirals are invoked for healing and the meaning associated with them Thanks for sharing this. Fascinating!

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