Denim Elegance Earrings

Art Jewelry Earring Challenge Reveal

Its time for another Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge Reveal.  Participants have challenged themselves to make a pair of earrings every week.  All of our earrings include art beads or components.  Here are my new creations from the past 2 weeks.

Denim Elegance Earrings

I’m in a really busy patch of time from now through mid-September.  I have lots of wonderful events and learning opportunities on the horizon, but sometimes its hard to keep the necessary momentum going.

A friend of mine hosts an annual Mother/Daughter weekend.  I just  returned home from that event this afternoon.  We went kayaking, had a fire on the beach, played funny party games, ate, drank, reconnected with one another and laughed.  At one point during the game we were playing, I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my cheeks!

Denim Elegance earrings 2

Anyway, with a lot going on, I only got one pair of earrings made since the last earring reveal.  I’d made a similar pair recently, which were purchased from my Facebook page (I love it when that happens, btw).  A friend of mine from a town we lived in 7 years ago spied those earrings and wondered if I could make her a pair also.  The earrings include denim blue lampwork glass beads from Stone Designs.  So I contacted Sheila, the glass artist, and asked if she could replicated the beads.  Once I received the beads from Sheila, I went looking for the distinctive earwires that I had used in the first pair of the Denim Elegance earrings.  Couldn’t find any.  So I made them myself.  My friend told me she is delighted with her new earrings and that makes me very happy!

Denim Elegance earrings 3

Want to see more gorgeous earrings?  Head on over to Art Jewelry Elements  for links to the other Earring Reveal blog posts!  We  also have an AJE Earring Challenge Board on Pinterest.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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