Day Of The Dead Necklace

Halloween – Day of the Dead Jewelry Blog Hop

Diana Ptaszynski, of Suburban Girl Studio, is hosting a Halloween – Day of the Dead blog hop! Since my husband and I were in Oaxaca, Mexico during the Day of the Dead last year, this jewelry challenge was right up my alley!  (I wrote about our experience with this amazing celebration, on the Art Jewelry Elements blog, if you would like to read more).

Dia de los Muertos was originally an Aztec celebration of the lives of those who had died. The Spanish conquerors tried to put an end to the holiday, without  success.  Over time el Dia de los Muertos merged with the Catholic All-Saints day and All-Souls day on November 1st and 2nd. The contemporary celebration melds aspects of Aztec ritual with Christian traditions and contemporary life.

Sugar Skulls and Marigolds

Day of the Dead

Sugar Skulls in Oaxaca

We started seeing sugar skulls in the markets about a week or 2 before the Day of the Dead celebration.  Apparently the Catholic friars taught the Mexicans how to make decorations from an ingredient that was abundant and affordable:  sugar.  Sugar Skulls and other items are often used to decorate the ofrendas on Dia de los Muertos.  As in the picture below, marigolds also decorate small home altars like this, as well as large public displays.  The bright orange marigolds are said to guide the spirits of the deceased, back to their earthly homes, as they visit their loved ones.

Day of the Dead alter

Oferendas with sugar skulls

Day of the Dead Necklace

I wanted my Day of the Dead necklace to reflect these traditions with respect and authenticity.  So I started with an awesome, bronze clay sugar skull that I got from Staci Smith at Bead Fest in August.

DOD Necklace Sugar Skull

Then I needed some beads to represent the marigolds.  These were perfect!

Day Of the Dead Necklace with Marigold beads.

Day Of the Dead Necklace with Marigold beads.

So I wired a “marigold” to the chin of the sugar skull and dangled 7 of them from a strand of black, gray and silver “peanut beads”.

Sugar Skull necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Day of the Dead Necklace

I topped the sugar skull with a dark lilac handmade ceramic bead by Mary Hubbard, of White Clover Kiln and then added a strand of purple, recycled sari silk.

Sugar Skull Necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Day of the Dead Necklace

I had a lot of fun expressing my experiences in Mexico through the design of my Day of the Dead necklace.  Thank you Diana Ptaszynski, for hosting this blog hop!  Check out the links below to visit the other blogs participating in Diana’s blog hop!


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DOD Necklace 1_edited-1

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

25 thoughts on “Day Of The Dead Necklace

  1. Hello and what a lovely creation you have made to share in the hop….I love Staci’s skull….the necklace is elegant and so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing and have an wonderful day!

  2. Nice work Linda! I really love the Sugar Skull by Staci Smith, I’ve seen her work well represented by several praticipants in this blog hop. I also love that your design was based on the traditional decoration elements of Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  3. This necklace has a very light and feminine feel, something you could wear every day, not just for Hallowe’en. I like that. Really nice choice of elements, findings and fibers. Happy Hallowe’en!!

    • Linda, what a perfect blog hop – you happened to purchase a beautiful bronze skull by Staci, and you were in Mexico for this holiday last year! Your necklace truly looks like a blend of authentic elements and beautiful components! You out did yourself – just love it! 🙂

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