Snowflake Earrings

Last Art Jewelry Earring Challenge Reveal

Its time for the last Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge Reveal.  This Challenge lasted all throughout 2013.  The goal was to make one pair of earrings each week of the year.  I missed a few weeks when life got crazy, but overall I did fairly well.  This challenge really pushed me to produce, and I think it was good for me!

“Let It Snow” Earrings

The “Let It Snow” earrings feature shimmering blue lampwork glass beads by fellow AJE team member Sue Kennedy.  The beads have a silvery sheen that adds a striking lux factor to the earrings.

handmade snowflake earrings by Linda Landig

Let It Snow Earrings

Dangling beneath Sue’s lampwork beads are handmade sterling silver snowflakes by Oakhill Silver Supply.

Handmade earrings by Linda Landig

Let It Snow Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

I blogged about these earrings on the Art Jewelry Elements blog, but I haven’t shared them here.  I made the Spiral Fiber Earrings using wire links that I learned from Cindy Wimmer’s book, “The Missing Link”.

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

After I formed the wire links, I wrapped the hoop portion with Wooly Wire and dangled lampwork headpins by Lori Bergman, from the hoops.

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Want to see more gorgeous earrings?  Head on over to Art Jewelry Elements  for links to the other Earring Reveal blog posts!  We  also have an AJE Earring Challenge Board on Pinterest.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

5 thoughts on “Snowflake Earrings

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m watching snowflakes drift down outside my window, but I’m totally loving those snowflake earrings you made! Those silver charms are perfect and Sue’s shimmery blue beads just gorgeous!

    You and several other participants might just inspire me to try adding more fibers to my work yet. Love how that Wooly Wire looks!

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