Tropical Getaway Earrings

We’re All Ears :: February

Welcome to the Earrings Everyday Challenge!  Have I told you that I am now writing for Earrings Everyday?  This month (and every month after this) we are hosting a fun earring challenge and blog hop.  We post a picture on the Earrings Everyday blog to inspire your earring designs and then one month later we have a blog hop to see what everyone has made!  Sound fun?  If you didn’t get in on it for February, you can hop on board in March.

Here is the February picture, with a natural heart from Mother Nature.

damsel flies

February Earring Inspiration

My first thought was to use some dragonfly charms as dangles on the earrings.  The dragonflies had a shiny fake gold coating on them which I decided to sand  off.  I then painted them with VerDay so I could then patina them, (VerDay is a paint which contains very fine metallic pieces which can be used to  create a patina).  I thought that a nice verdigris patina would pick up the greens and turquoise in the photo.  Nice idea, but FAIL!

Botched dragonfly charms

Botched dragonfly charms

I re-sanded them and tried again, but still no better.  I later learned that the insects in the photo are not actually dragonflies.  They are damselflies.  ::Shrugs shoulders::  Who knew?  Soooo, on to Plan B.

And its all good, because I’m very happy with the Plan B earrings.

handmade earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Tropical Escape Earrings

The orangy-coral ceramic discs are from Marsha Neal Studio. They echo the orange at the ends of the damselflies bodies.  The turquoise glass beads pick up the color of the insects’ eyes.

orange and turquoise earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Tropical Escape Earrings

The colors  of the earrings somehow make me think of a tropical vacation (I think the gray rainy days are getting to me), so I named these earrings “Tropical Getaway”.

Now comes the fun part.  Click on the link below to get links to all the challenge participants.  Then visit their blogs to see all the wonderful earrings they have created!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

25 thoughts on “Tropical Getaway Earrings

  1. Isn’t it funny how our original ideas can lead to something totally different and that makes us happier than the original might have? I love what you ended up with. Lovely job 🙂

  2. I kinda like the way the dragonflies turned out – at least they look good to me in the photo. The final design looks great, though, so glad you were able to come up with a “Plan B.”

  3. Love your style and am flipping out over the BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS i WON FROM YOU!!! what an uplift for my month–the snowiest month of Feb. in NY since 1996! xoxox jean THANK YOU SO MUCH CARD!

  4. CARD???= WELL, THAT JUST popped up from my conversation I was having with my DH–ignore it. but I repeat I am THRILLED XOXOX jean 🙂

  5. Oooh, I’m happy with the pair you ended up creating too Linda – those are super! Love the colors and the design. Glad you’re writing for earrings everyday. I love to hop over there and drool over earrings when I get the chance – it’s always inspirational!

  6. I like the patina on the dragonflies, but your Plan B earrings are a really beautiful interpretation of the challenge picture. I love their simple design.

  7. I do think this color palette is very fresh and springy! I am glad that you showed something that didn’t work. Sometimes it seems as if we only show the highlights, but we learn so much from the opposite! I quite like your little dragonfly charms (never heard of VerDay!) and I hope you get to use them in something else. But I do love your escape and I am with you wherever you want to go! Thank you for joining in the We’re All Ears challenge. Hope to see you next month! Enjoy the day. Erin

  8. There is an easy way to tell the difference between dragonflies and damselflies. Dragonflies sit at rest with their wings open and either horizontal or slightly downward. Damselflies at rest have their wings together and “up” over their abdomen. We would teach the students we took to our outdoor classroom that if you put your arms above your head and brought your hands together, you were being a damselfly, but if you put your arms out straight horizontal to your shoulders, then you were mimicking a dragonfly at rest. They remembered this! Meanwhile, I agree that your Plan B turned out wonderfully, but I also enjoyed how you shared the process you used in Plan A. I also like the way you shared your inspiration from nature with the photo. You do make lovely earrings, Linda!

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