October We’re All Ears Reveal

Our Earrings Everyday challenge for October is to create a pair of earrings to go with one of these outfits from designer Monique Lhuillier,  as seen during the fall New York Fashion Week.

I especially identified with the center outfit, because although I’m at least twice as wide as the model, the dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding last month, was apparently on trend, as far as the lace and color.

Wedding 4 L holding flowersThis is kind of a goofy picture, but it shows the dress pretty well.  I did the flowers for my daughter’s wedding.  I’m holding the bridal bouquet here, while the bridesmaids were cheering me with their flowers. lol

The earrings I made are too casual for any of these dresses, but the dresses were definitely my inspiration.  I picked up the lace theme of the left and center dresses by using some flowered lace to impress into my stoneware.  And while I was at it, I made the pendants in several colors, in addition to the color of the inspiration . I chose a much lighter shade of plum than the dresses are, because I wanted the lace pattern to show through clearly (you can see that the lace doesn’t show up as clearly on the dark teal pendants),

Lace Flower Pendants 1aHere are the earrings I then made.  As you can see, I picked up the darker, plumy tones in the flower dangles.  I kept the earring design very simple because the ceramic pieces are fairly large and I didn’t want to add additional length or weight.

Lilac Lace Flower Earrings 2aTo be truthful, these ceramic pieces turned out larger than I had somehow envisioned them to be (the ceramic pieces, without the ear wires, are just shy of 1.5 inches).  If you like large earrings and are comfortable with some weight in your ears, well then OK!  But I decided to list the ceramic pieces as pendants in my shop.

Lilac Lace Flower Earrings 3aOther than having accidentally super-sized them, I’m very pleased with how they turned out and I found this challenge to be especially inspiring because it played well with my mother-of-the-bride dress. You can find these earring charms – uh-hum – pendants in the ceramics section of my shop.

A big thanks to Erin Prais-Hintz for organizing these challenges every month!

Head on over to the Earrings Everyday blog to get links to all the other participants.  It’s always so fun to see how each person has their own unique interpretation of the challenge photos.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

Linda cursiveLinda Landig Jewelry

15 thoughts on “October We’re All Ears Reveal

  1. Linda, what I love most about your post is the photo of you at your daughter’s wedding. I can see the joy of the moment reflected in your smile. The flowers are beautiful and your dress looks like it could definitely fit in this collection of outfits. Focusing on the lace feature of the dresses was smart, and the way you used lace to make an impression in the clay was so clever. I love the plum ones best, with the perfect plum flower bead to echo your wedding flowers. Very pretty!

  2. Such happy times! Congratulations! That color looks great on you. Love the use of the lace in your components and the choice to make it lighter to see the detail. Thank you for joining me on the We’re All Ears challenge. Check back on November 6 fire the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. what a wonderful photo. such joy on your face. I also noticed the bridesmaid dress is light olive-y green , my fave colour combo is lime/olive green and purple/plum. those are the two colours I have the most of in my closet .
    such a clever idea to use the lace as a texture plate. and I agree that the lighter colours do more justice to the pattern in the glaze. well done.

  4. I see nothing but Joy in that photo! Your floral arrangement must of been outstanding from what I can see from that boquet. Your earrings turned out beautifully! All around talented lady!

  5. I love the picture of you… so fun and happy! Very cool that you used lace impressions in your ceramic pieces… great idea. I think the plum color is my favorite of the “pendants” you made. 😉

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