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This month I’m playing along with Art Elements Component of the Month challenge. The super talented Lindsay Starr, created these innovative leather cabochons. To learn how she made these, you can read about her process here.  The cabochon I received is the second from the left, in the top photo.


This was an interesting challenge for me, because I’m not a seed beader, so I couldn’t create a beaded bezel.  Upon further reflection, I realized that I could use some techniques that I learned in a pine needle basketry course that I took about a year ago.


As you can see, the center of my basket is a stone cabochon.  My idea was to use Lindsay’s leather cab in a similar manner, but only weave two rows of pine needles around it and then use it as a brooch or pendant.  I glued a sturdy fabric to the back of the cab and prepared my pine needles.


Using dark green Irish waxed linen, I added the two rows of pine needles.   In the photo below, the second row is close to being finished.  I laid the cab on our glass coffee table and started playing with some different possible embellishments.  When I found a combination I liked, I trimmed the remaining pine needles to a tapered point and wove them in.


I used Fire Line to add the flowers and leaves.  I haven’t added any findings yet, as I haven’t decided if this should be a brooch or a pendant.  What do you think?



I’d position the cab sideways, as above, for a brooch.  If I were to make it into a pendant, I’d position it vertically.


A big thank you to Lindsay for sharing the leather cabochons with us. I also want to thank each of you for visiting my blog.  Now hop on over to the all the other participants and see all the fantastic things that everyone has created.



I am always delighted to read your comments!  Hope to hear from you.

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18 thoughts on “Art Elements COM

  1. This is beautiful, Linda! I love how you did something different and used a non-jewelry technique you learning to make a piece of jewelry. I love it as a brooch, but it would be an amazing pendant as well.

  2. Wow – just when I think I’ve seen the most creative use of the COM, I see another cool idea. This is really awesome. I can’t decide which I’d like better – brooch or pendant. It looks like it was made to go BOTH ways. Beautiful!

  3. Wow! I find it so amazing when a group of women are given the same component and manage to come up with so many different ideas and applications for the piece. Love the pine needle weaving that you used for yours, just beautiful!

  4. I love it! It looks so beautiful and organic in the end. 🙂

    I actually prefer the side way look, but a brooch can easily be used as a pendant as well. I have actually never seen this kind of weaving with pine needles and the little basket is just stunning. Do you have to prepare the pine needles in a special way before using them?

  5. Linda, it’s fantastic! I would never have come up with this solution, and it’s so perfect. I think the organic surround perfectly compliments the organic nature of the cabs. I would totally wear it as a brooch OR pendant!

  6. I totally love how you used the pine needles, Linda!
    This is a brooch, definitely. Or a pendant, lol… I can’t make up my mind, it looks awesome either way. Maybe you could add a jump ring to the brooch’s back so it can double as a pendant. 🙂

  7. What an amazing idea! I have never seen needle basketry or at least never known that pine needles could be used in this way and I think the addition of the flowers is the perfect finishing touch, I think I like it best as a brooch.

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