Art Elements Component of the Month Reveal

Niky Sayers makes the most delightful clasps out of old coins. I’ve designed jewelry with her clasps before and was excited to throw my name in the hat to win one of her hare clasps this month.

Rabbit Clasp COM 1d.jpg

I am always inspired by autumn colors and textures.  It’s easy to picture hares hopping through fallen leaves while scoping out safe burrows for their winter retreats, (although, do hares only live in drier regions? Hmmm, I may have to look into that… )


And that’s how the idea for this bracelet came to be.  I paired one of my ceramic leaf bracelet focals with Niky’s hare clasp and accented it with earthy, fall colors.

The bracelet went through two iterations.   Version 1 is shown below.  Originally I wanted the clasp near the front, hoping it would be more in the spotlight there. I was pleased with version 1 initially.  I took all the bracelet photos for this blog post and went about the rest of my day, wearing my new bracelet.

Rabbit Clasp COM Version 1.jpg

However, the more I wore it, the less I liked it.  It was too bulky and it didn’t drape gracefully on my wrist. It just looked stiff and chunky.

Should I start over, including re-doing all the photos?  Yup, it just wasn’t right and I knew that I would always feel uneasy about it, if I left it as version 1.

Rabbit Clasp COM 2.jpg

Enter Version 2.  Much better.  Some of the bulk in the front was reduced by moving the clasp to the back of the bracelet. I also replaced the bulky and awkward tip drilled pearls, with a double strand of smaller “peanut” beads.

Rabbit Clasp COM 3.jpg

Now there is a focus of interest in both the front and the back. The bracelet curves to the shape of the wrist, rather than standing out at stiff angles.  I’ve said this before, but I think that creating jewelry is like writing an essay.  First you free-write to express all your ideas. Then you go back and do the painstaking work of editing it down to the down to the crystallized essence of your vision.  I hope you can see that process at work here.

Rabbit Clasp COM 4a.jpg

Many thanks to Niky for the opportunity to design with her awesome clasp.  And thanks, also, to my friends at Art Elements for hosting this giveaway and blog hop.

Rabbit Clasp COM 5.jpg

Now please visit all the participants in this blog hop, to see how they have used Niky’s clasp in their own unique designs.

Guest Designers

Linda Landig

Kathy Lindemer

Divya N

Art Element Team

Claire Fabian

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Susan Kennedy

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Diana Ptaszynski

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Niky Sayers

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Linda Landig Jewelry

23 thoughts on “Art Elements Component of the Month Reveal

  1. I always wear jewelry that I make to see how it will look and feel. You ended up with a lovely bracelet that is perfect for the fall. Well done!

  2. I never get to the point where I take it apart and redo a design, probably because I spend so long procrastinating about the first design, this is because I am not a jewellery designer, but I do think your second version is more wearable and appealling.. maybe I should take your advice and be more brave at redesigning 😀

  3. I love your Essay writing analogy. Design unlike what many people think is not a linear process. IT is very iterative – going forward and backward, testing, changing and re-testing is what makes a design usable. Otherwise its just art.

  4. Thank you for joining us Linda, I throughly enjoyed seeing version one and two and love reading about how other designers design! I too try wearing pieces first to make sure they hang/ware as expected. A charming and very autumnal bracelet!

  5. I love your essay analogy! I also made a necklace I wasn’t pleased with Soni made a bracelet. My intent is to go back and redo the necklace one day. I love both designs you created and even thought the pearls didn’t work they look fabulous! Your final bracelet is perfect and showcases Niky’s clasp beautifully.

  6. I can relate well to your post I remake a lot of designs because they’re not comfortable or, as you mentioned, wearing the way I had intentioned. I love following you & your work. Very pretty.

  7. Gorgeous Linda! I’m so glad you were able to play along this month. Such a pretty palette, but the textures are what really gets me.

  8. Hi Linda – sorry I am late. I loved the top drilled pearls, but agree that gravity is a factor in bracelet design. Your final piece is lovely! very autumnal – and the essay analogy? Brilliant!

  9. Sometimes it so hard to decide that something we made and initially like doesn’t really work. You did just that, and I’m sure it took a lot to make that decision. I think it was the right one. Your second version just seems to flow better. It sounds like you’re happier with it too. Wonderful job!!

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