Art Elements Sunflower Challenge

Art Elements blog is hosting a Sunflower blog hop challenge today.  Participants have all agreed to create jewelry or other art forms with a sunflower theme.  I love sunflowers, so I hopped right in.

sunflower close up

I took this close-up photo of a sunflower I had in a floral arrangement I’d made.  I love the streaks of reddish-brown on the yellow petals.  To achieve that effect on my ceramic pendants I layered two specific glazes.  The top glaze crackles when layered over the reddish-brown glaze beneath, allowing some of that lower layer of color to bleed through. I was so pleased with this effect that I made a whole pile of sunflower pendants, just because I was having so much fun with them. As you can see, each one is a little different as I played with different aspects of the design.

Sunflower Pendants

I made one pendant that was a bit larger the those above and which had a big enough hole to accommodate some leather.  I used that pendant in my necklace for today’s challenge.

Sunflower Necklace 11

I attached the pendant to the leather with a simple larks head knot and above it I placed two hand enameled tubes that I believe were made by Mary Dodd.  The leather then connects to some Terra Cast copper rings with a nice surface texture. I love how the copper color echoes the browns in the pendant.

Sunflower Necklace 2

I added a short strand of vintage glass beads and peanut beads, that I suspended from the rings, as well.  When worn, they drape just on top of the leather and end about an inch or so above the pendant .  Leather cording finishes off the back of the necklace, which ends in a copper-colored lobster clasp.  This is a nice long necklace, which I could have made without a clasp, because it slips easily over the head.

Sunflower Necklace 6

I have one sunflower pendant listed on my website, but if you want more, just message me here or through my website.

Sunflower Pendant 2

My thanks to Sue and to Art Elements for hosting this fun summer challenge. This is a blog hop, so be sure to share the love with all these other great artists!


Linda You are here.

AE Team


40 thoughts on “Art Elements Sunflower Challenge

  1. Beautiful little pendants! What a smart idea not to show the whole sunflower, that keeps them unique and very interesting.
    Such a pretty combination on the necklace, too.

  2. Linda! I love your ceramic sunflowers – they are so cherry and I love the colors you chose! Great pendant and necklace as well – thanks so much for joining in this month!

  3. Interesting. When it was time to choose a necklace for my sunflower piece I choose a over the head leather cord with adjustable knots too.

  4. I love your ceramic pieces! They all look wonderful organic but a little bit abstract as well and the necklace you made is simply beautiful! 🙂

  5. Love the creativity with the double strand effect of the beaded section midway up! Such a creative layout and the ceramic pendants turned out just lovely. Great piece!!!

  6. Love that pendant! I don’t wear much jewellery anymore and I tend to stick to quirky cats and dogs but that is definitely something I would wear. love it!

  7. That chicklet/guitar pick shape is charming. I like the glazes you used – great effect. But my fav might be the peanut beads. I love the texture. Glad you could join us this month!

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