Birds Of Prey Design Challenge

I happily joined the Birds of Prey Design Challenge hosted by the Art Elements blog.  Why? Because I love owls and have a lot of artisan owl jewelry components that need to be used.  I knew the challenge would inspire me to design with at least some of those components.

However jewelry isn’t my only creative endeavor, so the first thing I’ll be sharing is a needle felted barn owl I made, shown here enjoying some afternoon sunlight.

Felted Owl 2 Next I dug into my owl stash to create this bracelet.  Unfortunately I no longer remember who made the little owl bead.  If you recognize the artist, will you please let me know in the comments? I always like to give credit to the art bead makers. I love how all the beads came together for this bracelet. I enjoy looking at each one and marveling at the creativity that makes each bead so unique. In addition to the owl, there are ceramic beads by my friend Karen Totten, Xaz Bead Company, Mary Ann Carroll and myself. The lampwork glass bead is from Beads and Botanicals. The rest of the beads are stones, bone and glass. I named this the Little Hoot Bracelet and it is available on my website, Linda Landig Jewelry.

Little Hoot 1aAfter completing the Little Hoot, I made a second stretch bracelet, featuring an adorable owl dangle by Kylie Perry Studio. The swirly bead to the left of the owl, was just a random bead I had in my stash, but it is a perfect color match for Kylie’s owl.  Love it when that happens! As of this writing, I haven’t listed this bracelet in my shop yet, but it’s on my to-do list for this afternoon. 😉

Voice of Wisdom 1

Lastly I will share a pair of earrings, that I made before this challenge, but which fit the theme.  These are on my website as well. The copper owls are by my good friend, Kristi Bowman and the fiber beads are by Spanish artist, Jimena’s Jewelry. I love how the copper leaves create a woodsy setting for the owls.

Owl Earrings 6a

This is a blog hop, so I encourage you to visit all the other participants.  I can’t wait to see what everyone has made.  And a big shout out to Art Elements for hosting this challenge.
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44 thoughts on “Birds Of Prey Design Challenge

  1. I love that you created a felted owl. I need to practice my needle-felting skills-he is just adorable! I also love your bracelets. The selection of beads really creates a lovely design. And those earrings would be something I would wear a lot!

  2. Each of your creations make me smile so big! This is especially the case with your adorable needle-felted owl. Squee!! Your jewelry pieces are also as beautiful as always. I particularly like that first bracelet. There’s something about the natural colors in it that I like.

  3. So much owl love, I can’t believe it! I’m so glad you dug through your stash for these goodies. I think my favorite are the earrings though…that chain is enchanting. The owls are delightful, and I’m imagining they’re playing with balancing yarn balls on their heads…

  4. I love, love, love your little felted owl! I love, love your copper owl beads set off wih the leaf charms, that’s a great design choice! I love your other bracelets, the red owl catches my eye!

  5. Aw, the little felt owl! It is really cute! The jewelry pieces turned out wonderful, I especially love the bracelets with their eclectic mix of beads that go so well together! 🙂

  6. I think everyone has fallen in love with him and I am no exception, you got the biggest awwwwwwwwwww of the blog hop so far 😀 He is adorable.

  7. Your felted owl is just too cute! I don’t think I realized you did felting…whatever. It’s super cute. And I know what you mean about using up some of the owl components. I considered the same thing but just didn’t quite get there. Anyway, I love everything and I’m so glad you participated in the challenge. I hope to see you in future challenges.

    • Thanks Jen. I wasn’t felting when I wrote for AJE. I took a felting class about 2.5 years ago. My most recent project was to felt a mobile for my daughter’s new baby. That was really fun!
      I have soooo many owl components that I could do this same challenge all over again – maybe even twice!

  8. Awesome pieces! The felted owl is so sweet! Little Hoot bracelet is gorgeous – love the colors and your other pieces are great as well. I loved the way you incorporated wooly wire into your earrings too.

  9. I love your little felted owl and your designs are really wonderful especially the first bracelet it looks like it was an ancient treasure!

  10. Hi Linda !Your little needle felted dude is so cute – and great photo op in the tree! Your bracelets are such fun combinations of beads – like a patchwork quilt! Glad you could join us! Sorry i was a bit late to the hop!

  11. That felted owl is heart melting! And there is a woodsy feel about all the jewelry you made – ample in organic finds and colors!

  12. Sorry to be hopping so late! Your felted owl is just adorable! I need to get back to some of my felted projects when time allows. Those stretch bracelets are both super fun as are your earrings.

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