Flower Art Challenge

This month’s challenge theme from the Art Elements blog is Flowers. Nothing inspires me more than flowers do. I love their many colors, shapes and textures. I have always been deeply moved, healed and inspired by the beauty in nature. We once had a home that had over 1,000 daffodils in the back field – my husband planted them over the years because he saw how much joy they brought me! 🙂

I make greeting cards with pressed, dried flowers. I photograph flowers. I design flowered jewelry and ceramic items and I love to arrange flowers. I adore flowers!

sunflower flower arrangement

I have a number of different entries for this month’s Challenge, but several things are still works in progress. I was sick for a couple of weeks in July and didn’t get everything finished up. However, early in July, I made this bowl, with a floral motif in it.  It has now had its first kiln firing, but I haven’t had time to glaze and re-fire it. I am still pondering which glazes to use.


I have set myself a goal of having a booth at a large Art To Wear show next April. Judging will take place in January 2020  My goal (besides being juried in) is to have all my own ceramic jewelry in the show. This is a lofty goal, because I have tons of jewelry with art beads from other makers, but I haven’t done a lot of designing with my own ceramic components. Mostly I have just offered them for sale to jewelry designers. So I have my work cut out for me and I used this Art Elements challenge to jump start my efforts.

I made these yellow earrings early this month. They include my ceramic roses which I accented with lampwork glass by Third Eye Gypsys.

Flower Blog Hop 2

After making these earrings, I decided to make a bunch more roses to use for simple post earrings and necklaces. I haven’t had time to glaze them yet, but I plan to make them happy and colorful! These are the earring pairs.

Flower Blog Hop 6a

These are larger and will be used in necklaces.

Flower Blog Hop 7

Next I made some daisy post earring pairs.

Flower Blog Hop 3

These also have a larger version for necklaces.

Flower Blog Hop 4.jpg

Here’s another floral earring pair, in a more rustic style.

Flower Blog Hop 5

And a last minute necklace addition… I made this simple necklace this afternoon with a new pendant I made last week.

Big Bloom Necklace 2

Last of all, I want to share a floral “event” that took me by surprise this month. I posted some flower photographs on Instagram and Facebook. Shelly Turner, the owner of the OOAK Artisan Showcase gallery, in Rome, NY saw my photos and asked me to submit two of them to an upcoming show. The show is titled “Summer Afternoon” and it runs through August 4th. She sent me a photo of one of my pictures in the gallery.


And here’s the other flower photo I submitted; a stunning purple poppy.

Purple Poppy

I would like to thank Art Elements for hosting this challenge, with special thanks to Marsha Neal Minutella who arranged it all. This is a blog hop so please take some time and look at the wonderful things people are creating for this theme. I invite you to visit the artists’ blogs and leave a friendly comment, (if you are having issues leaving comments, try using google chrome as your browser).
You can also see and participate yourself via social media by using the hashtags: #AEThemeChallenge and #AEFlowers

Here is a list of the Visiting Artists:
Evie and Beth

And the Art Elements Blog Contributors:


Linda Landig Jewelry



24 thoughts on “Flower Art Challenge

  1. Such beautiful flowers! I love them all. My favorites in this case are the two photographies, though. Stunning, no wonder you were asked to submit in them!

  2. I’ve never seen a purple poppy before, what a treat of nature! Congratulations on your photos being displayed in a gallery! Your beads are so beautiful – I like the last pendant and the purple daisies!

  3. Your photography is wonderful. I think you made a great decision to enter your ceramic jewelry at large Art To Wear show. I think you will do very well. All of your work is wonderful.

  4. Oh my goodness that final photo of the purple poppy is awesome!! that blown up on a canvas would ‘make’ a room. Congratulations on your entries into the show. Good luck with the juried entry to the big show next January and hope you are feeling better now.. ooh and last thing 1,000 daffodils, now that I would love to see, I love daffs 😀

  5. Linda – Thank you for participating this month and for sharing insights into your inspirations as well as your work (finished and in progress in many mediums). I am happy to see you continue to push yourself in the ceramic clay and cannot wait to see how that bowl comes out glazed. Good luck with your juried show. 🙂

  6. I really love all your ceramic flower earring and pendant designs. I think the rustic pair may be my favorite. Your photography is stunning!!! That purple poppy is magnificent.

  7. First of all, congrats on being contacted for your superb photography and skills! Secondly, I hope you get into the juried show. With the talents you have, I see no problem with that, nor the ensuing sales 🙂 . Alysen

  8. Oh, Linda, your flowers are all so stunning! I love all the components you made and wish you all the best in your goal for January. It sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park.

  9. The bowl will be perfect – with the scalloped edge echoing petals. I think you will do well at your show. But WOW Linda – your photos are stunning! That last one made me gasp! Gorgeous. Thanks for joining us!

  10. I love the bowl, can’t wait to see it done! Love the ceramic flowers as well, the roses earrings are really pretty, and I really like the daisy! Yep, your photos are great and I’m so glad you submitted them to the that show!

  11. So much flowery-laden goodness in this post! First many congrats on being asked to submit your fantastic photos to the gallery show! Your photos are spectacular. Love your ceramic beads, but I especially love the floral necklace. Fabulous!

  12. The bowl is wonderful and will look even better once it is glazed! I especially loved the rustic pair of flower earring pieces. Your photography is breathtaking, Linda! Congratulations on being contacted about it. I just wore the beautiful necklace I bought from you when we met in Seattle. It is my favorite necklace ever. Good luck on getting to the juried show, my friend.

  13. You really do love flowers!! Lots of fun stuff to share with us. Your bright daisy posts and pendants are wonderful. They just make me happy!

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