Birthday Celebration In Oaxaca

My husband’s 63rd birthday was last week.  We went out to dinner at a restaurant in Oaxaca called Quince Letras (Fifteen Letters).  I’m always amazed in Mexico how places that might look shabby on the outside can open up into the most beautiful courtyards inside! It never ceases to surprise and delight me!

The inside portion of the restaurant is decorated with some wonderful modern paintings that just tickled my love of color!

Hans' Birthday 9Walking through the enclosed portion of the restaurant leads you to an open courtyard, filled with plants, paintings and ceramic decor.  So beautiful and peaceful.  Like being on a serene island in the middle of a city.

Hans' Birthday 10
The birthday boy.

Hans' Birthday 4Hans' Birthday 2Hans' Birthday 8

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Use Your Stash – January AJE Reveal

For 2015 Art Jewelry Elements decided to freshen our monthly challenges a bit and throw some new challenges into the mix.  Our January challenge was to go through our stash and find one or more art beads that were created by AJE members and design something with them.   My stash of art beads is burgeoning and this was just the kick in the pants I needed to stop fondling my treasures and start using more of them.

The first piece I made uses a delightful owl pendant that I picked up from Lesley Watt at Bead Fest last summer. Not only do I love the owl design, but the glaze on this one makes me swoon.

Night Hunter Neckllace 3The glass and wood beads are strung on two strands of Irish waxed linen, with butter-soft blue leather lacing in the back.  I made the clasp out of patina’ed brass and I added a bit of chain so the length is adjustable.  TheNight Flight” necklace has been added to my shop now.

Night Hunter Neckllace 2The next piece is a simple charm necklace, perfect for pairing with jeans.  The ceramic gear was made by Karen Totten and the red and cream ceramic charm is my work.

After Midnight Necklace 4I named this necklace “After Midnight”, because Karen and I are both night owls and you can often find us chatting away on Facebook, well after midnight!

After Midnight Necklace 2And lastly, I have a super pretty pair of earrings that feature Kristi Bowman’s amazing copper hoops with beautiful caramel colored decorative glass headpins by Sue Kennedy.  These two were just made to go together!  I made the earwires myself and added a pretty spiral twist to the loop portion.

Caramel Drop Earrings 2b You can find the “Caramel Drop” earrings in my shop.

Caramel Drop Earrings 4Links to all the participants are below. Have fun visiting their blogs and seeing what they have created!

AJE team: 
Guest Participants ( aka winners)
Samantha- Wescott Jewelry
Nikki – Silver Nik nats
Yvette – Blue Kiln Beads
Bonus participants! 

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Peaceful Patio

Last week I took you on a little tour of our rental casa in Oaxaca.  Today I invite you to step outside with me and enjoy a few moments on our peaceful patio.

Patio, Yard & Plantings 6 See that poinsettia?  They grow wild here.  This one is as tall as the house and I’ve seen them grow to be like small trees.

Patio, Yard & Plantings 10You know how I love flowers, right?  There is so much to delight the eye, right here in our back yard!

Patio, Yard & Plantings 11 I don’t know what kind of flowers these are, but they are incredibly soft.  They feel like a silky, deep chenille!

Patio, Yard & Plantings 7I don’t know what these are either, but I’m smitten by their yellow to orange ombre effect. (Update:  Nan Emmett identified these as Shrimp Plants.  Thanks, Nan). I seriously want to make jewelry inspired by these, but I don’t have any beads in these colors with me here in Oaxaca.  I’ll have to wait till I get back to the states.

Patio, Yard & Plantings 12Limes!!!!

Patio, Yard & Plantings 13The yard is just as lovingly decorated with hand crafted items as the house is.

Patio, Yard & Plantings 4Good day sunshine!

Casa 6 El solPatio, Yard & Plantings 15Patio, Yard & Plantings 19I wish you could drop by for a visit.  We could sit on the patio, sip Margaritas and chat or make jewelry together!

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

My husband and I are spending the winter in the amazing city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca, Mexico

We were here about 2.5 years ago and fell in love with it.  It is a World Heritage Site for both its beautiful colonial architecture as well as its complex and delicious cuisine.  There is vibrant and varied indigenous presence here that includes over 17 separate native languages.  Art, craft and color are everywhere!

For today’s post, I thought I’d introduce you to “our” casa (house).  We are on the outskirts of Oaxaca, in what used to be a separate village called San Felipe.  We have a delightful rented house that is lovingly decorated with local art.

Living Room

Casa 2Kitchen-Dining Area – notice the beautiful tile work and the pottery on the top shelf!

Casa 7A collection of carved wooden spoons, and molinillos for mixing Mexican hot chocolate (its heavenly!)

Casa 1Here is a close-up of the ollas (pots) on the top shelf in the kitchen.

Casa 4Ceramic sink in the bathroom.

Casa 17Terracotta Jaguar

Casa 11Bark Painting

Casa 23And last, but not least…my jewelry work table.

Casa 27I made these “Mexican Flor” earrings right here!

Spring Dreams 4And this sunny work table was also used for this “Turquoise Snowflake Necklace”.

Blue Snowflake Necklace I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  My next post will show you around our enclosed, sunny patio.  There will be more art and lots of flowers!

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Snowflake Necklace

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

Once a month Art Jewelry Elements (AJE) hosts a component giveaway and jewelry reveal.  December’s component was made by Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio.  Members of the Art Jewelry Elements team, plus a few  lucky guest artists were given one of these awesome ceramic snowflake pendants to design with.  Today we get to see what everyone created!

Ceramic Snowflake Pendants by Suburban Girl Studio

I received one of the turquoise snowflakes to work with.  I decided to highlight the triangular shaped points of the snowflakes, by using some bicone shaped beads and by creating a triangular shaped clasp.

Diana's COM 3The triangular link is based on a link from Cindy Wimmer‘s book The Missing Link.  I used a bit lighter gauge wire and made it a bit smaller, so it wouldn’t overwhelm Diana’s pendant.  Then I used the same basic idea, but created a hook on one end, so I could use it as a clasp.

Diana's COM 2The beads are strung on walnut colored Irish waxed linen.  The beautiful batiked ribbon wrapped a bead order I got from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio.  It has some turquoise in it, along with shades of blue, black and green.  So pretty and it was a perfect finishing touch for my necklace.

Diana's COM 1Thank you Diana for sharing your pendants with us! Visit Suburban Girl Studio to see more of Diana’s work!

Diana's COM 5Want to see more gorgeous  jewelry with Diana’s snowflake pendants?  Click on the links below to see what the other participants created.   Have fun!

Guest Artists
AJE Blog Team

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2014 Holiday Ornament Swap & Blog Hop

2014HolidayOrnamentBadgeIn October I, and many others, received invitations to participate in Sally Russick’s annual Holiday Ornament Swap/Hop.  I’d never participated before, but it sounded like fun.  Sally said one of the reasons she enjoys hosting the ornament swap each year is that it offers an opportunity to connect with a old bead friends or make new connections.

I was given the opportunity to make a new connection with Sandi Volpe.  I was certainly familiar with her name in the bead community, but I’d never connected with her.  I enjoyed getting to know her a little bit.

Ornament from Sandi Volpe
Ornament from Sandi Volpe

I’m not sure how Sandi made this.  The back of the star is copper.  I’m guessing that the front was either made with molten solder or molten pewter.  In any case it is really cool looking.Ornament Exchange Did you notice that there is a crystal embedded on the left side of the star?  It twinkles in the lights on the Christmas tree!

Sandi's ornament on our Christmas tree.
Sandi’s ornament on our Christmas tree.

She also very generously sent along some beady goodness!  Of course I love receiving new beadies!

Bead and component gifts from Sandi Volpe.
Bead and component gifts from Sandi Volpe.

I made a stoneware snowflake ornament for Sandi and topped it with a beautiful lampwork bead by Stone Designs.Ornament Exchange 6 Did this whet your appetite to see more handmade ornaments?  Check out the other blogs links below to see what everyone made!

Thank you Sandi for the beautiful ornament and the extra beads!  And thank you Sally for hosting the swap and blog hop!   Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a New Year that brings you new opportunities and joy.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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Blue Raven Necklace

AJE Component Of The Month Reveal – November 2014

Our November component comes to us from Kristen Stevens of Beadwork By KAS. Kristen does amazing things with tiny beads, including these wonderful beaded links.

Beaded Links by Kristen Stevens

Here is the pair I chose for this month’s challenge:

Beded links in dark blue
Terra Pearl Blue Beaded Links

This is actually the second time I have used Kristen links in this color, but I was delighted to give it a go another time!  I made these earrings a couple of months ago and they are available in my shop.

Montana Blue Earrings with Beadwork Hoops and Swarovski Crystals Handmade. OOAK
Montana Blues Earrings

.I purposely picked the same color this month, because I really love it!  However, I didn’t want to make earrings again.  I had this necklace started on my work table.  I liked the front part of it, that you can see below, but I was dissatisfied with the back of the necklace. The blue raven pendant is by Oh! Sullivan Studio, the handmade ceramic beads are from Gaea and White Clover Kiln.  There are also some recycled glass beads and various other goodies that are all knotted on Irish waxed linen.

Blue Raven Necklace 3 cropped, lightenedWhen I saw the unfinished Blue Raven Necklace sitting on my table this week, I realized that Kristen’s beaded links would make a perfect transitional point from a beaded section of the necklace to chain in the back, and the colors were perfect.  I love serendipity like that!  So here’s my transformed necklace.  I love it now!

Blue Raven Necklace 1

Blue Raven Necklace 2Due to Thanksgiving busyness and holiday jewelry show preparations, I haven’t had time to add the Blue Raven Necklace to my shop yet.  But just leave a comment below or message me if you think you might be interested and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Blue Raven Necklace 5This is a blog hop, so I encourage you to check out what all the participants did with Kristen’s awesome beaded links.

Guest Artists

Cindy Martin Shaw
Shai Williams
Karen Martinez

AJE Team Members

Susan Kennedy 
Linda Landig
Caroline Dewison
Francesca Watson
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Lindsay Starr
Jennifer Cameron

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