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Ceramic Heart Pendants And Charms

Dotted Heart 3I’ve been adding some heart shaped pendants to my shop, because Valentines Day is quickly approaching.  I’m not much into the traditional pink and bright red, but I did make one pink heart because I know that many of you are fans of that color.  The heart is lightly textured and the pink glaze has faint flecks of blue in it.  One of Pantone’s 2016 Spring Colors  is Rose Quartz Pink.  This heart fits the bill nicely!

Pink Heart Pendant

Pink Heart Pendant 2

Rose Quartz Pink Ceramic Heart

Sticking with the Pantone theme a bit longer, I’ve created a heart that is half Rose Quartz Pink and half Serenity Blue, (another Pantone color for 2016).  I rather like this one and hope to have time to make other “half ‘n half” hearts.

Pink & Blue Heart Pendant 2

Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz Pink heart pendant

I’m not a big fan of the bright, fire engine red that often shows up in heart designs, but I do love brick red.  In fact, as I am writing this, I realize that I’m wearing a brick red shirt layered over a navy blue tee, today.  I think I’ll need a heart to go with it!  The heart at the top of today’s post would work, or the one below.

I also made a dark green heart pendant. It has two related, but different patterns on it.
Green Teal Checkerboard Heart 5
Just for fun, (well all of this is fun, truth be told), I made some little heart charms, that would be sweet hanging off a bracelet or as a component dangling below a larger focal bead.
3 Little Heart Charms 5
Keep a watch on my shop and on my Facebook page, because I’ll soon be adding a pair of heart earring charms, flower pendants, charms and cabs as well as other bits and bobs.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

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New Year Sale

Happy New Year!

New Year Poster with coupon code

Let’s kick off the New Year with an awesome sales event!  Head over to my shop  make your selection and then use the coupon code WELCOME2016 when you check out.  You’ll save yourself 25%, as my thank you gift to you for an awesome 2015.

I’ve been adding new goodies to the shop too!  Here’s a preview.

Snowflake Earrings, with shimmery lampwork glass by Sue Beads and sterling silver snowflakes.  Gorgeous!

Blue earrings with silver snowflakes

Snowflake Earrings

Speckled Blue Earrings.  A great combo of my own handmade speckled blue ceramic beads with vintage German glass.

Speckled Blue Earrings 1

Coral Garden Necklace, with a handmade ceramic pendant by Yoli Miramontes and some wonderful long calcite beads I’d been hoarding.

Coral Garden Necklace 1

Rustic Daisy Necklace with striking pendant by Suburban Girl Studio.

Rustic Blue Bloom Necklace 3

Plus a selection of ceramic components.

Lace Pendant Lilac Oval Scallop Lg 5

Fossil Spiral in Cantaloupe, triangle 4

Art Deco Earring Pair, Speckled Purple & Orange 3a

So head on over to Linda Landig Jewelry to see the full selection and don’t forget to use the coupon code WELCOME2016

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Warm Season’s Greetings

Christmas 2013 1

Warm season’s greetings my friends.  I wish you love, laughter and peace during the holidays and in 2016.

This will be our last Christmas in this home, which makes me all sentimental.  If the pending sale on our house goes smoothly, we will be moving across town to a smaller home by the end of January.  Time for downsizing and new adventures!

I appreciate each of you who come here to read this blog and those of you whom I’ve come to know online.  There is no downsizing of my feelings for you!  Peace my friends.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

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Knotted Waxed Linen Bracelet Tutorial

This post was originally written for Art Jewelry Elements, but I thought I’d share it here too, in case you missed it earlier.

A few years ago I took a mini class from Erin Seigel on making knotted waxed linen earrings and I’ve been a knotty girl ever since.  I love the huge range of colors and the tactile feel of the linen as I make the knots.  Today I’m I sharing a tutorial for a knotted holiday bracelet.

I shared a button loop bracelet tutorial in the past, but it was made with flexible jewelry stringing wire. The purpose of this tutorial is not necessarily to help you end up with a bracelet just like this, but rather to share with you some hints or tips that will help you work with waxed linen, whether you make a bracelet like this in other colors or whether you use these techniques in earrings or necklaces.  So, let’s get started.

Waxed linen comes in different thickness or plies.  The linen I’m using in this bracelet is 4 ply, which is what I usually use.  You can choose to use a neutral or coordinating color or try out  bright contrasting colors.  In this case I’m using 4 ply black.


  • About 35 inches 4 ply waxed linen in the color of your choice
  • 3-4 focal beads
  • 1 button (in this tutorial I’m using a button with a shank).

(The ceramic flower bead is by Lesley Watt of Thea Elements.  The faceted ceramic red bead is by Michelle McCarthy of Fire Fly Design Studio.  All other ceramic beads are mine.

  • Size 6-8 seed beads or 4 mm fire polish or round beads
  • A handful of various other beads, medium and small size, with holes large enough to accommodate one pass of the linen  (I only ended up choosing a few of what you see below.)

1.  Thread on a dozen or so seed beads or 4 mm beads.  Fold the cording in half and center the beads on the fold. Pinch the working ends of the cord together and see if the loop you’ve formed will fit around the button,  You want it to fit snugly, but not tight.  Adjust the number of beads in your loop, if needed, to get the right fit.

2.  Tie an overhand knot at the base of the loop.

*Hint – Waxed linen is a pretty forgiving material if you go slow with it.  Make your overhand knot, but tighten it slowly.  You want the knot as close to the base of the loop as possible.  If it is too far away, you can loosen it up and re-position it so it will be closer to the base of the loop.  It’s easy to loosen and re-position a knot as long as you haven’t completely tightened it.  But once it is pulled tight, it is unlikely that you will be able to loosen it.  So go slowly and pay attention to where the knot will be landing.

3.  Now string on the focal beads.  You can knot between each one or just place a knot at the end of this grouping, as I have done.

4.  Now separate the 2 cords and string 1 of your smaller beads onto each cord and tie an overhand knot after each small bead.

5.  Continue to add beads to each thread.  You can knot after every bead or after small groupings of beads.  I’m doing a bit of both.  If your bead has a large hole, like the red cube bead above, the knot may just slip inside the hole.  To prevent that, you can use a smaller spacer bead next to the hole, (see below).

Another way to compensate for an over-large hole is to make a grouping of beads, with smaller beads on each end, as I did with the large-holed green tube bead, above.
6.  Continue adding beads and knotting until your bracelet is the length you want.  When using larger beads, as I have, you need to make a longer bracelet, as the beads stand off of your wrist, increasing the circumference. Drape the bracelet around your wrist to see how it is fitting.  Remember, you can always add more beads, but once knotted, you cannot subtract beads and you would have to start all over from the beginning.
7.  When you’ve reached your desired length, bring both linen cords together and tie an overhand knot.

8.  Take one cord and pass it through the button shank from left to right.  Pass the other cord through from right to left.

9.  Pull these two cords in opposite directions until the button is close to the knot you made at the end of the bracelet.  Wrap the two cords in opposite directions around the space right above the knot.  Tie them in a knot and then wrap them around to the other side and make a knot there, too.  Dab the knot with a touch of glue and trim the cord ends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.  If you make something following these directions, I’d love to see it.  You can tag me on Facebook.  Enjoy!


I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

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Gallery Boom

I am so pleased to announce that my jewelry is now available at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, WA.

Gallery Boom 3

This is my display, near the front window (see picture above).  The earrings, bracelets and necklaces all have handmade ceramic components, both my own ceramic beads and pendants, as well as the work of other ceramic bead artists. You’ll also find lampwork glass and various textile accents in my work, as well.

The photo below shows my earring display.  There was a strong backlight coming through the window, so it was hard to photograph with accurate colors.

Linda Landig Jewelry at Gallery Boom

I added some tacks to my usual wooden box displays, so I could hang up some of my bracelets.  A few days ago I made the Christmas bracelet you see in the center of the photo.  It was fun to make and it’s fun to wear!

Linda Landig bracelets at Gallery Boom

Gallery Boom 4

My jewelry is the best company at Gallery Boom!  I want to share a small selection of all the artwork you can find there.

Hand dyed silks

Hand dyed silks

Handwoven baskets

Handwoven baskets

Ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculpture

Jewelry is available from several artists

Jewelry is available from several artists

Block printed linens

Block printed linens

Gallery Boom

Fun, stuffed creatures, made with upcycled materials.

Swoon! My favorite colors are featured in this knitted scarf.

Swoon! My favorite colors are featured in this knitted scarf.

Whimsical little village figures.

Whimsical little village figures.

Mixed media wall hanging.

Mixed media wall hanging.



And this is just a partial selection of what is available!

If you are local, I hope you’ll come check us out.  Regarding that….Gallery Boom is on the far side of the Fred Meyer parking lot, in Tumwater.  It is between the building that houses Starbucks and the building that includes Panda Express.

Gallery Boom front view

Gallery Boom front view

Gallery Boom is in the bright blue house, with the whimsical paintings by owner Christine Malek.

Gallery Boom, side view.

Gallery Boom, side view.

The gallery is a great place to wrap up your Christmas shopping ,while supporting local artists.  See you there!

p.s. I’ll be taking a shift this Sat. from 11:00-3:00, if you want to stop in and say “Hi”.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

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“Timber” is shouted as a warning so people will get out of the way of a falling tree.  But we had no warning. We’d lost power during a wind storm.  I was lying on the couch, flashlight in hand,  reading  Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  And suddenly I heard branches hitting the outside wall,  then a huge crashing sound and then more branches. My husband ran out of the other room, we grabbed our flashlights and looked outside.  A 150 foot tree, on the edge of the yard, had blown over and landed on the roof a couple of yards from where I had been sitting!  Thank goodness it didn’t come through the roof into the house!

I took this picture the next morning.  It is blurry because I took it through a rain splattered window. The broken part that you see here is the upper part of the tree.  The top of the tree was on the roof.

Downed Tree Dec 2015

When the tree services people came out the next day, they said we were very lucky.  Apparently most roofs would not have withstood the impact of such a large tree. They told us that our home was built well. There’s a bit of a hole in the roof, but it didn’t break into the house.  The tree workers placed a temporary “plastic plug”  in the hole, so no rain will seep in.

Downed Tree Dec 2015

They sawed off all the branches and put them through a large chipper and then cut the tree into chunks and stacked it on the edge of the woods.  The roof repair folks will be out later this week.

I’m just thankful we are both safe.  Everything else can be fixed!

Component Of The Month Reveal – Doubled

Caroline Dewison, of Blueberri Beads, was our component hostess this month. Everyone received one of these unique and awesome lichen components.

I love how Caroline’s lichen have little cup shapes. This photo shows some similarly shaped lichen, that I saw during a walk, with my husband on the beach.


And here’s the lichen necklace, that I designed with Caroline’s pendant.

Lichen Necklace 5

The green is quite intense, so I wanted a neutral background color, where the eyes could rest.  So I picked up the gray background in the pendant and added gray wooden cubes, 3 gray polymer rounds and some gray titanium hematite tubes that I picked up at Bead Fest last August. A rounded triangular polymer clay bead by Staci Louise Originals in black and straw-brown furthers the muted tones.

Lichen Necklace

I highlighted the green, with a great, textured ceramic tube bead by White Clover Kiln.  I also used some green pearls, 2 green rubber rings and fun, green pellet beads.

Lichen Necklace 4a

I had some glass druk beads from Bead Fest that are the exact teal-turquoise color as the center of the lichen “cups”.  So I added 3 of those to accent the lichen centers.

Lichen Necklace 6

To find out more about this necklace or to make a purchase, go to Linda Landig Jewelry

And here’s why the title of this post says that the Reveal is doubled.  When we had the August COM Reveal, I could only show a work-in-progress photo of the necklace I was making with Diana’s pendant.  Well, it’s finally done,  so I’m sharing the finished necklace now!

Forest Refuge Necklace 2

In addition to the pendant, the turquoise, ceramic round bead was also made by Diana.  Artisan ceramic beads by Karen Totten of Starry Road and Gaea are also included in this necklace.  The beads are strung on Irish waxed linen and the chain is upcycled from an old purse of mine.   This necklace is now available in my shop.

Forest Refuge Necklace 4

I want to thank Caroline for sharing her lichen pendants with us.  It was a delight to work with.

This is a blog hop and I encourage you to visit the blogs listed below to see what the other participants have made with Caroline’s stunning pendants.

Guest Artists

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

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