Sweet Silk Strands

The package arrived a bit late from Germany, but look at what I just got from my sister and brother-in-law for  Christmas!Silks 1

This is 2 dozen dyed silks in brilliant jewel tones!  When my sister-in-law visited us last summer, she was shocked at how much dyed silks cords cost at Shipwreck Beads.  So she went all out in providing me a lifetime supply of silks! Below are another 2 dozen silks, all in watery cool tones.

Silks 2

Oh my goodness, I’m going to have so much  fun designing with these!  It might be a little while until they start showing up in my shop, though, because we’re moving on Feb. 12th and my studio is mostly in boxes at the moment.  I looking forward to getting resettled and  having some creative time again.

Here’s a picture of all the silks together. Which silk color(s) do you like best? I’d like to know.  Tell me in the comments, please.

Silks 3

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

Linda cursiveLinda Landig Jewelry

One Crayon Color Challenge

Add Spice To Your Life With Orange

I love color!  The tagline for my business is:  Luscious Color.  Lasting Quality.  Its  color that makes my heart sing!  So when I read that Sally Russick, of  The Studio Sublime ,was hosting a color challenge blog hop, I signed up right away!

While playing with some crayons, Sally got the idea to host this color challenge.  Participants each chose one color to work with – and one color only! We could use all shades and variations of our chosen color, but  no other colors.  For someone who designs for the joy of rich color combinations, being confined to just one color was, indeed, a challenge.

I chose the color orange and had the good fortune of having been given a number of orange art beads recently.  I received orange spacer beads from Erin Siegel in a bead swap at the Philadelphia Bead Fest in April.  After the bead swap we had a drawing for door prizes and I won the fantastic orange polymer clay heart by artist extraordinaire, Staci Smith. The two enamel beads near the pendant are by Barbara Lewis of Painting With Fire.  There’s also one small lampwork bead by Radiant Mind.  The remainder of the necklace consists of artisan and commercially produced ceramic beads, handmade Indonesian glass, pressed glass, copper and brass.

handmade orange necklace

“Orange You Glad I Love You?” necklace

I wanted to challenge myself a bit, so I strung the pendant and beads on cotton cording.  I’ve only done a few necklaces and earrings with cording and I’m having fun experimenting with it.  I’ve recently started making some of my own clasps.  The clasp on this necklace is hand formed and forged of brass and it hooks into an orange resin ring.

handmade orange necklace

“Orange You Glad I Love You?” necklace, with handmade clasp

I haven’t had time to add this to my shop yet, but if you are interested, contact me or leave a comment below.

Thank you, Sally!  This was a great idea for a challenge!

handmade orange necklace

“Orange You Glad I Love You?” necklace

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Color Palette Blog Walk

The Color of Joy

Brandi Hussey, author of the Brandi Girl blog, designs jewelry, takes amazing photos, dispenses advise for online businesses and creates inspiring color palettes.

Color Palette Blog Walk

Brandi’s is hosting her third Color Palette Blog Walk today, but this is my first time participating.  Color is what makes my heart sing when I design jewelry, so I was ready to hop on board for Brandi’s Round 3.  Each participant was to choose photos of whatever brings them joy and then to make color palettes to go with it.

This is Riley, my grandson.  He has a smile that melts my heart.  Such a joy!

my grandson

Flowers are tremendous source of joy and inspiration for me.  If you’ve followed my blog, then you’ll know that I often post floral arrangements that I’ve designed, or pictures of the orchids I raise.  Here is one of my favorite orchids.

yellow and pink orchid

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I was born on the first day of fall and the rich colors just reverberate with something deep in my soul.

wooden park bench with leaves scattered around it.

And this will be of no great surprise to you:  Designing jewelry brings me a great deal of  joy!

Floral ceramic cuff bracelet.

Blog Walk

Check out the other wonderful Color Palette Blog Walk participants and find out what brings them joy!

Francesca at Francesca Watson Designs
Lori at Pretty Things
Marsha at Marsha Neal Studio Blog
Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio
Kerry at Kab’s Concepts
Cynthia at Ornamental Style
Linda at Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings
Emily at Good Things*
Erin at Treasures Found
Jenni at Jenni’s Beads
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Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog

Teal We Meet Again

A few weeks ago I bought a strand of glittering bronze crystal roundels.  Although they are dark in color, these babies really sparkle.  I was anxious to use them in a necklace.  Usually my design process starts with a cool focal bead and I create a necklace or bracelet that will show the focal off to the best advantage.  This necklace, however, started with those crystals.  I quickly decided to pair them with bronzed espresso-colored cubes and dark sage-green one-cut seed beads. It took me three tries before I discovered the right pendant to go with the necklace.  First I tried wire-wrapping a dichroic glass bead.  I wasn’t happy with the quality of my wire-wrapping, plus the bead looked lame in the necklace.  Then I tried a gold Venetian glass bead.  Nope.  Lastly, the one you see below:  teal with slightly raised bronze cross-hatching.  Perfect.

Bronze crystal necklace with teal colored lampwork pendantBronzed crystal necklace with teal lampwork pendantThat’s all for today–Teal we meet again!

Lorelei’s Reader Challenge Necklace

The Challenge

Lorelei Eurto challenged the readers of her blog, Lorelei’s Blog Inside The Studio, to create a necklace using materials that she had selected from Michael’s for us.  The idea was that even though we all used mostly the same materials, everyone would have their own creative take on what to design with those materials.  It’s going to be a blast to see what everyone came up with.  In addition to the required beads, we were allowed to add two of our own types of beads, as well as our own pendant (optional) and our own clasp.  Just to sweeten the challenge, Lorelei included some white chain and pearls in the required bead collection, pointing out that many jewelry designers use very little white.

White Chain – Now What?

I wasn’t sure how to tie in the white chain with all the other elements, so I started looking through my (large and unwieldy) pendant collection.  Bingo!  I found this pendant by local ceramic artist, Marion Pollmann. The brown and white of the pendant just pulled everything else together, plus the rustic style of her pendant was a perfect match with the carved wood and cinnabar.



Clay Pendant by Marion Pollmann

Brown and white pendant-perfect!


I wired 36 of the small green pearls to a short section of the chain and added 12 of my own small, brick-red cube beads.  I then used some  dark sage-green seed beads from my stash, to suspend the pendant from the center of the chain.   I found this awesome button in my collection – check out how closely it echos the flower in Marion’s pendant!  I set it to the side, so it would show when worn and created a loop of seed beads to clasp around the button.


Lorelei's Reader Challenge Necklace

Wired pearls on chain, floral button clasp


I used the rest of the  beads from Michael’s to complete the necklace.  I really enjoyed this challenge and I hope you’ll enjoy visiting some of the other challenge participants to see what they have created.  Their blogs are listed at the end of this post.  Have fun blog hopping!

Linda Landig's Michael's Challenge Necklace
The finished necklace!

Challenge Participants

Mary Harding
Hilary of Fryestyle
For My Sweet Daughter
My Life Under the Bus
Kristie of DreamSomeDesigns
Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings You Are Here!
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Elysian Studio Art
Designs by Debi
sweet girl design

Bead Challenge on Lorelei’s Blog

My Challenge goodies from Michael’s

The Challenge

Lorelei Eurto is hosting a fun Reader’s Challenge on her blog.   I’m always up for a new challenge, so I’m jumping right in!  Here’s how it works:

Lorelei went to Michaels and picked out some beads, that everyone will be using.  Most of the beads are in an earthy color palette.  However, just to kick the challenge up a notch, she threw in some large white pearls and some white enameled chain.  She pointed out that most people don’t design much with white.  That is certainly true for me.  I keep looking at that white chain and thinking,  “What in the heck am I going to do with that?”  But therein lies the idea of a challenge!  I do really like the cinnabar coins (there are  brown ones, in addition to the cream colored cinnabar, pictured here.  I somehow left them out of my picture.)  The pearls, new jade and wood beads are nice, as well.  Hm-m-m, what can I design, using all these components?

The Rules

We have to use the beads Lorelei picked out from Michaels, or closely similar beads.  We can add  up to 2 additional bead types to our design.  We must create a necklace with these beads.   We may use our own choice of  a focal and our own clasp.  The necklace can be any design we wish, using any technique(s) of our choosing.  The date for revealing our necklaces is Sunday Oct 17th.  Everyone will then blog about their creations and everyone can blog-hop to see all the unique designs people created using the same bead set.  That is going to be such a kick!

Fall For These – Autumn Necklace Collection

I’m starting to put away my summer clothing.  “Goodbye sleeveless tops.”  “See you later lightweight capris.” Are you getting out your fall clothing, too?  It’s sad to let go of the last days of summer, but o-o-o, I so love my rust-orange v-neck sweater and the marled violet sweater with flecks of turquoise, yellow and green.  To ease our transition into fall, I have put together a great collection of necklaces that can add an extra spark to your autumn outfits… and make it a little easier to let Autumn back into your life.  Click on any of the pictures below, if you’d like more information about the necklace.

Fall For These

A lady picked up this necklace, at my last art show, and commented, “You can just look at this necklace and see the high quality.  Your work really stands above the other jewelry that’s available here or at most shows.”

Love this one!  Garnets and carnelians are so rich together!

The hand-wired, banded sardonyx kite-shaped pendant is really outstanding here.

The orange beads, with the swirly copper highlights are antique, mouth-blown Venetian glass.  Really unique!

Fall For These – New Jewelry

What is your favorite time of year?  I feel a rush of excitement every Autumn.  I just love all the fall colors.  I love to see them, wear them and I love  to design autumn colored jewelry!  Today my camera captured some of  the first hints of autumn.

There is a wonderful collection of autumn jewelry at Linda Landig Contemporary Artisan Jewelry, called Fall For These.  Today I added a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace to the Fall For These collection.

The neutral colors in this pair of earrings makes them immensely wearable and the gun-metal chain makes them just a little edgy.  The gun-metal chain in these earrings was part of a purse, in its previous life.  I liked the purse better as a clutch bag, so I got out the wire cutters and chopped off the chain!  Now the chain finds new life in some of my jewelry!  Just doing my part to recycle!

This new bracelet uses a red focal bead I purchased at the Pacific Northwest Bead Festival.  I love how one side is punctuated by a single wooden bead.

This necklace was the last thing I added to my shop today.  I had so much fun making this!  Asymmetrical design is a big trend in jewelry and it’s harder to pull off than you might think.  An asymmetrical necklace has the pleasing quality of pulling your eyes around the whole necklace to discover all the surprises.  But, at the same time, it has to have some sense of balance, which can be achieved by including repeating elements.  I’ve included repeated elements of jasper and brass which work in harmony with the fantastic fossilized ammonite pendant.

Don’t forget to add a comment to this post so you can be entered in my free earring give-away.  Details are here.

Autumn Colors

It’s getting dark a little earlier now.   Children (and teachers!) are heading back to school.  Time to pull your autumn wardrobe out of the closet; giving some thought to how you might update your look.  Most of us can’t afford to purchase a whole new wardrobe every fall, but jewelry can be a great way to breathe new life into last year’s outfits.

The Pantone Color Institute is the arbitrator of fashion color.  According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Mindful of consumers’ need for practicality, plus their desire for newness, designers offer many options for women to extend and embellish their wardrobes this fall”.  Jewelry is a perfect way to extend and embellish the outfits you already have hanging in your closet, as well as the new pieces you add.  Below are the colors picked by Pantone for fall.

(from upper left) endive, golden glow, living coral, lipstick red, purple orchid, chocolate truffle, lagoon, woodbine, oyster gray, rose dust

All of the colors of this palette blend beautifully together and whether you follow all the fashion trends or not, this color chart can encourage you to use or add color combinations that you might not have thought of otherwise.

Buri seed, wood and jasper necklace

This casual necklace from my Pura Vida Casuals line, beautifully combines some of the hottest colors for fall.  The fun, wavy shaped Buri seeds are woodbine green on top and black on the bottom.  They are combined with ovals of wood in chocolate truffle with a faint hint of purple orchid.  The purple orchid color is picked up again in the jasper rounds and small glass rounds.  The necklace is finished with a pretty gold floral button clasp.

carved chalk turquoise, faceted agate, freshwater pearls

This piece, from my Gemstone Necklace Collection, is one of my personal favorites.  It is a rich combination of shining chocolate truffle and lagoon finished with an especially lovely sterling silver spiral hook and eye clasp.

lampworked pendant, faceted freshwater pearls, golden rutilated quartz

This subtle beauty must be seen to be appreciated.  The handmade glass pendant incorporates several tones of chocolate truffle with oyster gray and cream.  The quartz has rutiles (needle-like inclusions) in gorgeous golden glow.

So, let the fun begin!  How are you updating your fall wardrobe?  New clothes, jewelry, scarves?  Share your updates in the comments section  below!

Jess Blue

2 Tone Blue Right Angle Weave Bracelet

A friend of mine was looking at this bracelet and exclaimed,  “That’s Jess Blue!”.  She was right.  Our mutual friend, Jess, loves this color.  Jessica designs awesome chainmaille jewelry and always photographs it with a Jess Blue background.  This cobalt blue just makes Jessica’s heart sing!

If I had to pick a single color, I think I’d name it Linda Orange.  Linda Orange is a rusty autumn orange – like the colors I’m wearing in this picture.  I love to wear all the colors of autumn: brick reds, bark browns, rusty orange and golden yellows.  You’ll find these colors popping up frequently in my jewelry.   They always make me feel happy and self-confident.

How about you?  What would be your signature color?