New Earrings

There’s a peacock that lives a short distance from us.  Sometimes I see him at the side of the road, showing off his splendid tail feathers. I suspect that he is an escapee from someone’s yard.  He probably lives in the woods on either side of the road.  These earrings are inspired by his beauty.

 The beautiful copper peacock feathers were made by my good friend, Kristi Bowman.  I topped the feathers with gorgeous lampwork glass beads and little ceramic cubes.  The finishing touch is a bit of teal silk, knotted between the lampwork and the peacock feathers.
 I chose the stunning colors of peacock feathers, blue, green and teal, to accent the copper feathers.   I especially like how these earrings incorporate so many different materials: copper, lampwork glass, ceramic and fabric.
Green peacock from South east Asia

Moving – Jewelry That Is

I’ve been moving some of my jewelry away from Etsy and onto my new website.  Here are some of the new additions.  Think Mother’s Day (hint, hint).

This peachy little bird has a cozy nest to sit in.  This necklace is a like the ceramic version of what I see going on in our yard.  We live in the woods, so there are tons of birds here.  If you wake up early in the morning, their songs fill the air.  I love that!

Nested Bird Necklace

Nested Bird Necklace

When I was in my 20’s my husband and I spent 3 weeks riding the rails around Europe.  That was BB (Before Beads). We went to Venice and never even looked at any beads or sought out any glass makers.  This just makes me cringe whenever I think about it now.  Venice is a centuries old glass making center and Venetian glass beads are world renown.  So I remedied my previous oversight, by buying some beautiful handmade glass beads from an artist who has a studio in the historic center of the city of Venice.  Here are 2 pairs of earrings I made with her beads.  Which do you like best?

Sweet Lilac Earrings

Sweet Lilac Earrings

Orchid Blossom Earrings

Orchid Blossom Earrings (I love orchids!)

You’ve probably already figured out that I love the look that WoolyWire brings to jewelry design.  These earrings have great texture, with a Southwest US vibe.

Spring Fever Earrings

Spring Fever Earrings

This last pair of earrings were made just last week.  I made them on a beautiful spring day and named them-

Walking On Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine Earrings

Wishing you a sunny week!

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Its taken me awhile to transition back to my normal routine here in the states (I just returned from 3 months in Oaxaca, Mexico). I’ve picked up the old routines again, gradually.  I’m now back to doing my adult literacy tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons.  Hubs and I have date night on Fridays. We’ve got books checked out from the library etc.  When we returned home, we found that our water heater was leaking, so we’ve gotten that fixed.  We’ve caught up on laundry and I spent some time cleaning up my studio.

Spring Celebration Earrings

The clean studio inspired me to create.  When it is a mess, I feel .paralyzed.  Mind you, the whole room isn’t clean yet, but there is space at my work table to create and so I did.

Spring Celebration Earrings

I’ve joined a group that is participating in a webinar series called “set yo space“.  It will focus on how to create an inviting studio space that inspires us to create, rather than having a space that paralyzes our muse.  I’ll write more about that, once we get going next week.

It’s a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and I feel happy.  So I decided that a good name for the new earrings would be “Springtime Celebration”.  Its how I feel.

Springtime Celebration Earrings

The shield-shaped copper pieces were created by my good friend Kristi Bowman.  She colored them in the most amazing jewel-tones.  Love!  I topped them with some silver lined, turquoise glass beads and wove some hand-dyed ribbon above them.

Kristi shared some her customer’s recent work on her blog today, including these earrings.  You should check her blog post out.  All the jewelry is just yummy!

The Spring Time Celebration Earrings are available on my website now.

Bonus picture, just because I love flowers!  This is an  Akebia bloom from our backyard.

Vine on back deck

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Lets Do The Hop – Bunny Blog Hop

The Art Jewelry Elements Theme Challenge for March is Hares and Bunnies.  The challenge was simple:  Make a rabbit or hare bead or piece of jewelry and share it on March 31st.

A collection of earthenware rabbits
A collection of earthenware rabbits in Oaxaca, Mexico

I don’t have any rabbit or hare beads with me here in Mexico, so I couldn’t really participate in terms of making something new.  So instead I’m going to share a rabbit necklace that is currently available in my shop, as well as some rabbit jewelry that I have designed and sold in the past.

First off is this delightful “Bunny Love” necklace.  I was lucky enough to snare this double bunny pendant from Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit. Her ceramic work sells fast, so I was pleased to have been at the right place at the right time to grab this pendant.

Bunny Love Necklace

The Bunny Love necklace is in my shop, which, by the way, is brand spankin’ new!  I’ve been busy this past month setting up my own, stand-alone website.  Some things will remain in my Etsy shop, but my complete line of jewelry and ceramic components will only be available on my website.  The web address is easy to remember. Its just my name and dot com.  I will be back in the States soon and all orders placed now will ship on April 7th, via USPS.

handmade rabbit becklace by Linda Landig Jewelry
Bunny Love Necklace

I love bunnies, so I thought I’d share a couple of my previously sold designs as well.  This necklace features one of Jenny Davies-Reazor’s wonderful ceramic hare pendants.  I made it for display in her both for Bead Fest 2013.

Handmade Hare necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry
Lunar Hare Necklace

This necklace dates way back to 2010, but it is still one of my favorites.  I love the carved pendant!

Handmade bone rabbit necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry
Carved Bone Rabbit Necklace

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the rabbit and hare designs.  Here are all the links.  Let’s get hopping!

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Linda Landig Jewelry

Birthday Celebration In Oaxaca

My husband’s 63rd birthday was last week.  We went out to dinner at a restaurant in Oaxaca called Quince Letras (Fifteen Letters).  I’m always amazed in Mexico how places that might look shabby on the outside can open up into the most beautiful courtyards inside! It never ceases to surprise and delight me!

The inside portion of the restaurant is decorated with some wonderful modern paintings that just tickled my love of color!

Hans' Birthday 9Walking through the enclosed portion of the restaurant leads you to an open courtyard, filled with plants, paintings and ceramic decor.  So beautiful and peaceful.  Like being on a serene island in the middle of a city.

Hans' Birthday 10
The birthday boy.

Hans' Birthday 4Hans' Birthday 2Hans' Birthday 8

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Use Your Stash – January AJE Reveal

For 2015 Art Jewelry Elements decided to freshen our monthly challenges a bit and throw some new challenges into the mix.  Our January challenge was to go through our stash and find one or more art beads that were created by AJE members and design something with them.   My stash of art beads is burgeoning and this was just the kick in the pants I needed to stop fondling my treasures and start using more of them.

The first piece I made uses a delightful owl pendant that I picked up from Lesley Watt at Bead Fest last summer. Not only do I love the owl design, but the glaze on this one makes me swoon.

Night Hunter Neckllace 3The glass and wood beads are strung on two strands of Irish waxed linen, with butter-soft blue leather lacing in the back.  I made the clasp out of patina’ed brass and I added a bit of chain so the length is adjustable.  TheNight Flight” necklace has been added to my shop now.

Night Hunter Neckllace 2The next piece is a simple charm necklace, perfect for pairing with jeans.  The ceramic gear was made by Karen Totten and the red and cream ceramic charm is my work.

After Midnight Necklace 4I named this necklace “After Midnight”, because Karen and I are both night owls and you can often find us chatting away on Facebook, well after midnight!

After Midnight Necklace 2And lastly, I have a super pretty pair of earrings that feature Kristi Bowman’s amazing copper hoops with beautiful caramel colored decorative glass headpins by Sue Kennedy.  These two were just made to go together!  I made the earwires myself and added a pretty spiral twist to the loop portion.

Caramel Drop Earrings 2b You can find the “Caramel Drop” earrings in my shop.

Caramel Drop Earrings 4Links to all the participants are below. Have fun visiting their blogs and seeing what they have created!

AJE team: 
Guest Participants ( aka winners)
Samantha- Wescott Jewelry
Nikki – Silver Nik nats
Yvette – Blue Kiln Beads
Bonus participants! 

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

My husband and I are spending the winter in the amazing city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca, Mexico

We were here about 2.5 years ago and fell in love with it.  It is a World Heritage Site for both its beautiful colonial architecture as well as its complex and delicious cuisine.  There is vibrant and varied indigenous presence here that includes over 17 separate native languages.  Art, craft and color are everywhere!

For today’s post, I thought I’d introduce you to “our” casa (house).  We are on the outskirts of Oaxaca, in what used to be a separate village called San Felipe.  We have a delightful rented house that is lovingly decorated with local art.

Living Room

Casa 2Kitchen-Dining Area – notice the beautiful tile work and the pottery on the top shelf!

Casa 7A collection of carved wooden spoons, and molinillos for mixing Mexican hot chocolate (its heavenly!)

Casa 1Here is a close-up of the ollas (pots) on the top shelf in the kitchen.

Casa 4Ceramic sink in the bathroom.

Casa 17Terracotta Jaguar

Casa 11Bark Painting

Casa 23And last, but not least…my jewelry work table.

Casa 27I made these “Mexican Flor” earrings right here!

Spring Dreams 4And this sunny work table was also used for this “Turquoise Snowflake Necklace”.

Blue Snowflake Necklace I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  My next post will show you around our enclosed, sunny patio.  There will be more art and lots of flowers!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry