Flower Art Challenge

This month’s challenge theme from the Art Elements blog is Flowers. Nothing inspires me more than flowers do. I love their many colors, shapes and textures. I have always been deeply moved, healed and inspired by the beauty in nature. We once had a home that had over 1,000 daffodils in the back field – my husband planted them over the years because he saw how much joy they brought me! ūüôā

I make greeting cards with pressed, dried flowers. I photograph flowers. I design flowered jewelry and ceramic items and I love to arrange flowers. I adore flowers!

sunflower flower arrangement

I have a number of different entries for this month’s Challenge, but several things are still works in progress. I was sick for a couple of weeks in July and didn’t get everything finished up. However, early in July, I made this bowl, with a floral motif in it.¬† It has now had its first kiln firing, but I haven’t had time to glaze and re-fire it. I am still pondering which glazes to use.


I have set myself a goal of having a booth at a large Art To Wear show next April. Judging will take place in January 2020¬† My goal (besides being juried in) is to have all my own ceramic jewelry in the show. This is a lofty goal, because I have tons of jewelry with art beads from other makers, but I haven’t done a lot of designing with my own ceramic components. Mostly I have just offered them for sale to jewelry designers. So I have my work cut out for me and I used this Art Elements challenge to jump start my efforts.

I made these yellow earrings early this month. They include my ceramic roses which I accented with lampwork glass by Third Eye Gypsys.

Flower Blog Hop 2

After making these earrings, I decided to make a bunch more roses to use for simple post earrings and necklaces. I haven’t had time to glaze them yet, but I plan to make them happy and colorful! These are the earring pairs.

Flower Blog Hop 6a

These are larger and will be used in necklaces.

Flower Blog Hop 7

Next I made some daisy post earring pairs.

Flower Blog Hop 3

These also have a larger version for necklaces.

Flower Blog Hop 4.jpg

Here’s another floral earring pair, in a more rustic style.

Flower Blog Hop 5

And a last minute necklace addition… I made this simple necklace this afternoon with a new pendant I made last week.

Big Bloom Necklace 2

Last of all, I want to share a floral “event” that took me by surprise this month. I posted some flower photographs on Instagram and Facebook. Shelly Turner, the owner of the OOAK Artisan Showcase gallery, in Rome, NY saw my photos and asked me to submit two of them to an upcoming show. The show is titled “Summer Afternoon” and it runs through August 4th. She sent me a photo of one of my pictures in the gallery.


And here’s the other flower photo I submitted; a stunning purple poppy.

Purple Poppy

I would like to thank Art Elements for hosting this challenge, with special thanks to Marsha Neal Minutella who arranged it all. This is a blog hop so please take some time and look at the wonderful things people are creating for this theme. I invite you to visit the artists’ blogs and leave a friendly comment, (if you are having issues leaving comments, try using google chrome as your browser).
You can also see and participate yourself via social media by using the hashtags: #AEThemeChallenge and #AEFlowers

Here is a list of the Visiting Artists:
Evie and Beth

And the Art Elements Blog Contributors:


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Thirty Word Thursday: Garden Visitor

mule deer

Garden visitor, timid and alert.

Nibbles the lawn. Jaws working side to side.

Glances up.  Ears rotate independently of one another.

Bite. Chew side to side. Check for danger.  Repeat.


The premise of 30 Words Thursdays is simple…

Take an image.  Write 30 words about it.

No more. No less.  Post it each Thursday.

Condensing thoughts, feelings and experiences to just 30 words creates a poem-like reflection.¬† Head over to Erin Prais-Hintz’s blog, to find links to other 30 Word Thursday posts.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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I Heart Macro – Pods

Welcome to Macro Sunday.  I actually took these pictures a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting them.

Five leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

We have a Five Leaf Akebia vine twining along the railing of our backyard deck.¬† My husband is the garden expert at our house, so I’d never paid much attention to this vine before.

Five Leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

A couple of weeks ago, he called me outside to show me these giant-sized seed pods!

opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia

Opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia vine.

I was astonished at the size of the pods.  Some were over 4 inches long!  Heavy with seeds, the pods caused the vine to droop down.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Surely this vine had never produced such extraordinary fruits before!  However, my husband said that, yes, these pods grow every year at this time.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This one makes me laugh! It looks like it is talking!

Well that humbled me!¬† We’ve lived here 7 years now and I’ve been totally oblivious to these long, fat seed pods!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This experience taught me the importance of really seeing things, of looking deeply and paying attention.¬† What’s the point of having a beautiful garden, if I’m not truly present in the moment. If I am too preoccupied with the cares of today or with concerns about the future, then I’m unable to accept the gifts our garden is offering me in the present moment.¬† Gifts of beauty, abundance, calm, color and the cycle of life.¬† I must make sure I am really living with my eyes open!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.


Hey!  who let the gremlins in here????  I never said they could doodle on my picture!

doodling on a picture of a seed pod/

“Hello there friendly reader!”

Oh well, I guess I couldn’t remain so seriously philosophical for too much longer…..


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
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I Heart Macro – Abandoned Warehouse

We recently visited a small town, north of us, called LaConner.¬† The town has a reputation¬†for many delightful art galleries and boutiques.¬† The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed meandering from shop to shop and then stopping at a small pub, overlooking the water, for a lunch of fish and chips.¬† After lunch we strolled to the end of town and found an old, abandoned warehouse that was truly a photographer’s delight.¬† Technically these are not macro shots.¬† They are close-ups.¬† But whatever–I hope you enjoy them.¬† The last picture steps back from the warehouse to give you an impression of the size and overall appearance.¬†

peeling paint O'conner, WA

Abandoned warehouse, LaConner, WA


boards falling of an old warehouse

Abandoned warehouse in LaConner, WA


moss growing on the boards of an abandoned warehouse

Abandoned warehouse in LaConner, WA


chain link fence by old boards with peeling paint

Abandoned warehouse, LaConner, WA


broken window, boarded over in an abandoned warehouse

Abandoned warehouse, LaConner, WA


side view of an abandon warehouse.

Abandoned warehouse, LaConner, WA


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
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I Heart Macro – Radish Love

 I ♥ Macro Sunday!

Today’s Macro Sunday picture¬†occurred quite spontaneously.¬† A bit of serendipity!¬† I cut the root-end off of a radish, and this is how it looked!

heart shape on a radish

Radish Love


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
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I Heart Macro – Peonies

I ‚ô• Macro Sunday!

Not satisfied being just a pretty garden flower, peonies are exuberantly  large, with ruffled depth and petticoat-like ruffles.  I love to snip the stems short and float the blossoms in shallow bowls or stemware dessert glasses.

peony just before blooming

Peony bud

peony bud, just before blooming.

peony bud bursting open

peony bud about to open up

peony bud, stating to open

peony starting to bloom

peony bud reaching skyward.

peony in full bloom‚úŅ‚úŅ‚úŅ

Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
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I Heart Macro – Orchids and Earrings

 I ♥ Macro Sunday!

I have a small collection of orchids, on my kitchen window sill,¬†that I either nurture to bloom or kill.¬† I seem to do¬†a bit¬†of both.¬† Knowing¬†that I love orchids, my family often gives me¬†new orchids on my birthday or Mother’s Day.¬† ¬†This past Mother’s Day, my daughter, Naomi, (a metalsmith) outdid herself in the orchid department.

She gave me this gorgeous orchid, that is still blooming gloriously. I thought it would make a great subject for this Sunday’s macro photo.

violet and white moth orchid

Mother’s Day orchid from Naomi

“But wait, that’s not all!”, as they say on TV. ¬† When my eyes lit upon the orchid pot, I saw that tucked into the rim were a pair of sterling silver¬†orchid earrings that Naomi had designed for me!

handmade sterling silver orchid earrings

Sterling silver orchid earrings – Gift from my daughter.

I was deeply touched by this gift.¬† Here’s a pair of earrings, designed with love by my daughter, to reflect¬†my personal passion for flowers, especially orchids.¬† Check out the cool texturing, the exacting craftsmanship¬†and the central rivet which holds it all together.

Artisan made orchid earrings by Naomi Landig

Orchid earring, close-up photo

I love these earrings and I wear them often.  More importantly though;  I love my daughter and am thankful for her thoughtful gift and her wonderful presence in my life.

Now, as a bonus, I’ll include a macro photo of another orchid of mine that is also in bloom at this time.

moth orchid

This one has been a reliable bloomer for several years now.


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
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