Tuesday Tour – Week 5

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

On ArtFire

After a week’s delay, I’m back on track with my Tuesday Tours.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a speedy healing.  I’m still bruised and tender, but I’m feeling much better!

Each week I’ve been sharing items from some of my favorite shops and recently I’ve been featuring items from artisans living in the Pacific Northwest.  I hope you will find some cool Christmas gifts here – for yourself or others on your list!

buy handmadeFirst off are handmade glass beads from my good friends, Jenelle and Dan, of Beads and Botanicals.  Not only do they live in the Pacific NW, they even live in the same town that I do.  At my shows, the past two weekends, I sold at least two bracelets and two pairs of earrings that included their lampwork glass beads.  Aren’t these green disks awesome?  I love the contrast between the smooth green centers and the rough-hewn edges.  Is there a beader in your life?  Make them happy when they discover these handmade, lampwork beads in their stocking.

Lampwork beads Antiquities Olive & Raku Organic Orbit Disks Handmade

green handmade beads

Lampwork beads Antiquities Olive and Raku Organic Orbit Disks handmade

Moving from beads to finished jewelry – I  love this spectacular red poppy themed necklace by Janet of Honey from the Bee.   It starts off with an exceptionally beautiful handmade glass focal bead that looks like a field of poppies in glass.  The asymmetrical designs includes glass poppies vining up one side, accented by antique French brass centers.  As if that weren’t enough, Janet wove a spiral of tiny glass beads to encircle your neck.  This is an heirloom quality piece to give to someone really special in your life!

Green and Red Necklace – Poppy Dreams – lampwork, beaded necklace

red poppy necklace

Green and Red Necklace - Poppy Dreams - lampwork, beaded necklace

The String Lady, aka Erica, makes delightful crocheted items.  It’s cold in many parts of the country and a hand-crocheted scarf makes a welcome gift.   Aren’t the colors just yummy?

Multicolored Side to Side Scarf Unisex Any Age

hand crocheted scarf

Multicolored Side to Side Scarf Unisex Any Age

I really had a hard time selecting one item from Kristi Bowman Design.  Kristi’s work is very imaginative.  She has a great feel for color and interesting texture in her designs.  I really like the way she wire-wrapped the fire opal on these earrings and suspended them from the small blue ruffled rings.  Awesome!

Fancy Faceted Fire Opal and Lampwork Ruffled Rings

Fire opal earrings

Fancy Faceted Fire Opal and Lampwork Ruffled Rings

You can also find great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Here’s the most recent addition to my shop.  Titled the “Blue Danube Earrings”, they have copper connectors that are handmade by Kristi Bowman (featured above).  Check out the gorgeous design in the copper!  I suspended cornflower blue ceramic dangles, (by Elaine Ray), beneath the copper.  I really love this combination of blue and copper.  I’m thinking that I may have to make a similar pair for myself!

Textured Copper Earrings Handmade Blue Ceramic Dangles Antiqued Brass

copper and  blue ceramic earrings

Textured Copper Earrings Handmade Blue Ceramic Dangles Antiqued Brass

If you have questions about any these items arriving in time for Christmas, just send a message to the artist about it.  There is a contact button at the bottom of the first page of each shop.  Some of us (including me) are guaranteeing same or next day shipping.

I hope you enjoyed your fifth Tuesday Tour.  I’d love to hear your comments!

By the way…did you notice that it’s snowing on my blog?!  Move your mouse and it will change the direction the snow is falling!  Enjoy! 🙂

Tuesday Tour – Week 4

Handmade Christmas Gifts From

the Pacific Northwest

Every Tuesday, from now until Christmas, I’m sharing some of the great Christmas gift ideas I’ve found on ArtFire. For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to focus on artisan items from the Pacific northwest (USA).  There’s a lot of talent up here in the northwest corner of the country.  And with internet connections, you don’t have to be here to own some of these great items.  So get out your Santa bag and see what you’d like to add to it!

Wouldn’t some Santa’s helper on your list be glad to receive these earrings?  I love the combination of gold and red, and these earrings are especially elegant! They are by gilliauna, an artist from Washington State.

Wire Wrapped Red Shimmer Earrings in Gold

Christmas earrings

Wire Wrapped Red Shimmer Earrings in Gold by gilliauna

This hand sewn place mat is by Graceful Arts, also from Washington State.   There is a table runner that goes with it, as well.  How cute is this?

Festive Snowman Placemats or Miniature Wall Hangings

Winter placemat

Festive Snowman Placemats or Miniature Wall Hangings by Graceful Arts

The artist behind Hemp Craft lives only about 30 minutes away from me.  This casual bracelet would look great for the holidays.  Grab it now, so you can wear it throughout December.

Crimson Red Handmade Hemp Macrame Bracelet

red macrame bracelet

Crimson Red Handmade Hemp Macrame Bracelet with Yin Yang Beads, by Hemp Craft

I love this graceful image of a Baby Japanese Maple Leaf by cuspdesigns.  The red edging on the leaf is exquisite!

Baby Japanese Maple Leaf 5×7 digital macro photo

maple leaf photo

Baby Japanese Maple Leaf 5x7 digital macro photo, by cuspdesigns

I have added a Holiday Collection section to my ArtFire shop.  It is on the right hand side of my first page.  I also added a category for Gifts Under $25.  These earrings are from my Holiday Collection and they are only $16!  The fun glass Christmas “candy” beads look good enough to eat, (but please don’t!).

Christmas Candy Earrings,  Green & Red Glass 

Holiday glass mint earrings

Christmas Glass Candy Earrings, by Linda Landig Jewelry

You can also find other great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Please visit my shop for handmade jewelry with an artisan flair.

I hope you enjoyed your fourth Tuesday Tour.  I’d love to hear your comments!

Tuesday Tour – Week 3

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

On ArtFire

Every Tuesday, from now until Christmas, I’m sharing some of the great Christmas gift ideas I’ve found on ArtFire.  We all need original Christmas gift ideas, right?  Time to put aside stale old gift ideas and reach out for something unique and handmade.

Talking about stale old gift ideas….does anyone else have as much trouble as I do, shopping for the guys in your life?  Books, puzzles, letter openers and then what?  Rinse and repeat.  The first item I want to share is not a big gift, but it could be a thoughtful stocking stuffer for a man or a woman.  Billed as a gardeners soap, the product description says it is also an awesome soap for mechanics.  I personally love receiving handmade soaps and I found lots to like at Appalachian Heritage Soaps.

Garden Tea Tree Soap: Mechanics Lava-Type Anti-Bacterial Exfoliating

Garden Tea Tree Soap: Mechanics Lava-Type Anti-Bacterial Exfoliating

Here’s another nice guy gift from the studio of JMcCoy on ArtFire.  This shop features beautiful hand turned wooden pens, pencils, pepper grinders, tea lights and jewelry boxes.

Mulberry Sports Pen and pencil set


Mulberry Sports Pen and pencil set


The hand-woven bead jewelry by Mortira of  Sage’s Cupboard is really amazing.  You really should take some time to browse through her shop.  I do some right angle weave bracelets with 4-6 mm beads, but Mortira works in tiny glass seed beads.  This requires so much time, patience and attention to detail.  I am always in awe of her work.  The Kenya Bracelet (below) is just one example of her work.  I chose it because it would work as a Christmas bracelet, while still being appropriate for year round use.

Sage's Cupboard

Kenya Bracelet. Red Green Black Two Strand Beaded Tribal Wrist Wrap


The color of these hand knit dishcloths, from Ewenique Essentials, is just yummy!  It makes me want to make some melon colored jewelry!

Melon Knit Dishcloth Cotton Set Two Handmade Eco Friendly Kitchen Bath

Ewenique Essentials

Melon Knit Dishcloth Cotton Set Two Handmade Eco Friendly Kitchen Bath


You can also find great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Please visit my shop for handmade jewelry with an artisan flair.

I hope you enjoyed your third Tuesday Tour.  I’d love to hear your comments!

Tuesday Tour

Tuesday Tour – Week 2

Every Tuesday, from now until Christmas, I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favorite Art Fire shops.  I’ll feature some special items from those shops, with the hope that you’ll find some great handmade Christmas gifts or something sweet for yourself.

Many people are starting their Christmas shopping now; hoping to spread it out over two months and avoid last-minute craziness.  If you really want to avoid the frenzied crowds and the rushed, pressured feelings, I suggest that you shop for handcrafted items online.

When you shop handmade for Christmas, you help  support  artists and their families. You get to interact directly with the artist, without middlemen or big box stores.  Plus, you will get personal attention and customer service.  What could be better?

Shop handcrafted for Christmas.I’m going to start off today with Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs.  Catherine was the first person to purchase from me when I came to ArtFire and we have become good online friends.  She is always available to answer my questions and she works tirelessly to promote other artisans.  Catherine’s work primarily features lovely gemstones, with designs inspired by nature.  It’s difficult to choose just one favorite item from her shop, but these Laser Etched Black Onyx Earrings are brand new and I really love them.  Check out the sweet little stars at the bottoms of the earrings!

Shadow Dog Designs Earrings
Laser etched Onyx Earrings

This cute little handmade Yellow Duck Soap is available at Forget Me Not Soaps on ArtFire.  It it is banana scented and would make a delightful stocking stuffer for the little kiddos in your life.

handmade soap from Forget me not soaps

Tomlinson Photography and Design is one of my favorite shops.  I have a great appreciation of art photography and like to play around with my camera a bit myself.  This Winter Red Berry Card, or the others in her shop, would make unique Christmas cards this year.  She’ll even personalize them with your family name or greeting.

Handmade Christmas card

Tomlinson Photography Christmas card

Before I started making jewelry, I tried my hand at basket weaving, so I have an insider’s appreciation of all the work that goes into the creation of a handmade basket.  This Hand-woven Basket With A Rolling Pin Handle is one of the most clever baskets I’ve ever seen.  Wouldn’t it make a unique Christmas gift  for the baker on your list?  I just love this!  It is available from Baskets By Rose.

handwoven basket with rolling pin handle

You can also find great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Please visit my shop for handmade jewelry with an artisan flair.

I hope you enjoyed your second Tuesday Tour.  I’d love to hear your comments!

Tuesday Tour

A New Regular Feature

From now, at least until Christmas, I’m adding a new regular feature called Tuesday Tour.  Each Tuesday I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favorite Art Fire shops.  I’ll feature some special items from those shops, with the hope that you’ll find some great handmade gifts or something sweet for yourself.   When you purchase handmade, your dollars are not just going to some big corporation, but to a real, live artisan who is investing their heart and talent in the item you are giving as a gift.  What better way to let your loved one know how special they are than to give them something unique and handcrafted?

Dragon Designs makes purses, totes, knitting needle bags and accessories.  I’m hoping for a kindle cover this Christmas and Dragon Designs has lots of great options.  There are quite a few that I like. Here’s just one example.

cloth handmade kindle cover

Dragon Designs Kindle cover

I love the bright clean graphics in the Artis shop.  The have fun business card holders, name plates and coaster sets.

modern graphic coaster set

Artis Coasters

Last of all I’d like to feature my friend Janet, of Pink Poppy Studio.  Janet designs beautiful jewelry with artisan components and gemstones.  It’s hard to choose just one of her pieces, but here is one of my favorites.

handmade ginko necklace

Ceramic Ginkgo Necklace

You can also find great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Please visit my shop for handmade jewelry with an artisan flair.

Let me know what you think about this new feature.  Tell me if there a certain kinds of handmade items that you are particularly interested in seeing.

Bead Table Wednesday: Earrings

Earring Mania!

I’m kind of on an earring kick lately.  It is largely motivated by all the cool copper clay components I have been getting from Dream Some.  They are kind of addictive, like chips or popcorn!  Here’s what’s on my bead table today.

BTW June 1st 2011The earrings on the left are made with wire wrapped jasper, brass chain and “pretzel” beads from Unicorn Beads.  In the middle are copper flower components, from Dream Some, that I plan to combine with the Brazilian amazonite rondelles.  And on the right is a pair of earrings that I am working on now; made with malachite and copper leaves, from Dream Some.

Speaking of Dream Some: I recently sold this pair of earrings, with Dream Some components.

Earring dangles by Dream Some

And these earrings were added to my shop recently.  The have  paisley textured flower charms from Dream Some,  paired with lampwork glass beads.

Copper flower shaped earring dangles with lampwork glass

I encourage you to visit the BTW Flickr group and  see what is happening on other bead tables.

link to BTW Flickr group


Bead Table Wednesday – New Ceramic Pendants

A Busy Week

My Studio

Just stay calm.  Now back away quietly.  Don’t let it sense that you are afraid…    Quick, slam the door and run!

That’s how I feel about this mess in my studio.  But it is good mess, too.  I’m preparing for two upcoming shows.  I’m making lots of new jewelry and having fun with it, too.

Linda Landig's jewelry work tableNew Ceramic Pendants From Yolanda’s Clay

I received a large order of pendants  from Yolanda’s Clay, this week.  There is so much to love in her shop, that I had a hard time narrowing down my choices.  This heart pendant turned out to be larger than I had imagined it when I saw it online — and it is cooler, too!  I’ve already got some idea’s simmering in my little brain for this.  You can see that I am trying out different beads with it on my bead mat.

BTW May 4th

These water-color effect pendants are really unique to Yolanda.  I feel so inspired by both the colors and the painterly effect.  If you want to read more about her process for making these pendants, you can  click on this link to her blog, then scroll down just a little bit.  The purple flower is different, again, and has a cool lace-like texture.

BTW May 4 watercolor pendantsI love how the little heart, below, looks like it was painted and then scraped off (maybe that’s how she does it?).  It’s just a very unusual effect that I really like.  Birds are a hot trend right now, so I scooped up this bird silhouette.  He’ll have company in my ceramics drawer, with a bird pendant I bought from Nan Emmett a couple of months ago. I need to make both birdies into necklaces so they can fly away to new homes!

Bead Table Wednesday6 ceramic pendants from Yolanda Miramontes

I encourage you to hop over to  the BTW Flickr group and  see what is happening on other bead tables.

Bead Table Wednesday button

Button Swap Reveal

The Swap

I love buttons and so I am excited to be participating in Michelle Mach‘s Button Swap.  As I explained on Tuesday, Michelle, the former editor of Beading Daily, paired all the button lovers up.  We exchanged buttons and today we reveal what we made with our new buttons. For more details you can read “New Buttons”.

Handmade necklace with castle pendant

My partner, Stephanie LaRosa sent me this stunning castle button.  When I saw the open-work at the top of the button I immediately knew that I wanted to use  the openings at the top  to string the necklace.  Although I wasn’t entirely sure how,  I figured that I could use  the shank in the back to attach sterling silver dangles.  I named this necklace:  Castles in the Sky.

silver colored castle pendant with chain dangles

I selected two lampwork (handmade glass) beads from Beads and Botanicals to set the color theme for the whole necklace.  These organically shaped, lampwork glass beads have fine silver tracings over sea-foam green, turquoise and  swirls of cranberry  and amber.  To highlight these gorgeous beads I placed a beautiful sterling silver bead cap at the base of each bead  and added a sterling silver lentil-shaped bead at the top.

Close up of lampwork glass by Beads and Botanicals

The remainder of the necklace includes lovely carved jade beads, aventurine and glass.  Visual interest is added with parts of the necklace designed with a single strand of beads and parts of the necklace displaying clusters of three strands.

green necklace with castle pendant and chain dangle

Castles in the Sky and it is now available in my ArtFire studio.

Blog Hop & Giveaway

Itching to see more great button creations?  Here are the links to all the other artisans who are participating the button exchange.

And, as an added bonus:  Michelle Mach  is having a giveaway!  Here’s how it works:  if readers comment on any (or all) blogs, they can win a set of buttons.  The full rules are on Michelle’s  blog, but basically, each comment on a different blog gets you one entry.  So if you comment on all posts, that would be 25 entries!  But if you comment 25 times on my blog, that only counts as one entry.  The giveaway is open to everyone.

Have fun visiting these blogs and discovering all the cool things that people  made with their buttons.
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Spring Break

Time To Play With Beads!

It’s Spring Break at all but one of the schools where I have student teachers to supervise.  That means that I only have one appointment on Friday and the whole rest of the week is MINE! (you can start cheering here!)

Today I’m slogging through the tedious task of filling out my mileage report form for the university.  I’m so clerically inept — it just puts me on edge.  And, of course, I’ve put off the paper work for 3 months and now it is all due on Monday and I must get it done.  Sigh…

turquoise, black  and orange earrings

I used to name all my jewelry and I’ve decided to return to that practice.  It makes it seem more personal and special.  This pair of earrings is called Turquoise Glow.  They were added to my shop last night.

dichroic earrings in black, turquoise and orange

The Turquoise Glow earrings are made with dichroic glass beads,  which just seem to glow from within.   According to Wise Geek:

“Dichroic glass, also called fusion glass, is glass treated with various metal oxides to make it appear to have many colors. Developed for use in the American space program, dichroic glass is now popular as a jewelry and art material. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “two colors.” …

To make dichroic glass, the glass must be sprayed with micro-layers of metals, usually including titanium, chromium, gold, zirconium, and aluminum. This is conducted in a vacuum chamber, which evaporates the metals and fuses them to the glass in extremely thin layers. The fusion process creates a crystalline structure on the glass, which causes light to fracture. Each piece of dichroic glass has at least three colors: the color that reflects from the glass, the color of the glass, and a second refracted color that can be seen at a 45 degree angle. The process requires special equipment, and can be quite expensive to produce.”


Are your kids on Spring Break?  What about you?  Any fun plans?