Art Elements Component of the Month Reveal

Niky Sayers makes the most delightful clasps out of old coins. I’ve designed jewelry with her clasps before and was excited to throw my name in the hat to win one of her hare clasps this month.

Rabbit Clasp COM 1d.jpg

I am always inspired by autumn colors and textures.  It’s easy to picture hares hopping through fallen leaves while scoping out safe burrows for their winter retreats, (although, do hares only live in drier regions? Hmmm, I may have to look into that… )


And that’s how the idea for this bracelet came to be.  I paired one of my ceramic leaf bracelet focals with Niky’s hare clasp and accented it with earthy, fall colors.

The bracelet went through two iterations.   Version 1 is shown below.  Originally I wanted the clasp near the front, hoping it would be more in the spotlight there. I was pleased with version 1 initially.  I took all the bracelet photos for this blog post and went about the rest of my day, wearing my new bracelet.

Rabbit Clasp COM Version 1.jpg

However, the more I wore it, the less I liked it.  It was too bulky and it didn’t drape gracefully on my wrist. It just looked stiff and chunky.

Should I start over, including re-doing all the photos?  Yup, it just wasn’t right and I knew that I would always feel uneasy about it, if I left it as version 1.

Rabbit Clasp COM 2.jpg

Enter Version 2.  Much better.  Some of the bulk in the front was reduced by moving the clasp to the back of the bracelet. I also replaced the bulky and awkward tip drilled pearls, with a double strand of smaller “peanut” beads.

Rabbit Clasp COM 3.jpg

Now there is a focus of interest in both the front and the back. The bracelet curves to the shape of the wrist, rather than standing out at stiff angles.  I’ve said this before, but I think that creating jewelry is like writing an essay.  First you free-write to express all your ideas. Then you go back and do the painstaking work of editing it down to the down to the crystallized essence of your vision.  I hope you can see that process at work here.

Rabbit Clasp COM 4a.jpg

Many thanks to Niky for the opportunity to design with her awesome clasp.  And thanks, also, to my friends at Art Elements for hosting this giveaway and blog hop.

Rabbit Clasp COM 5.jpg

Now please visit all the participants in this blog hop, to see how they have used Niky’s clasp in their own unique designs.

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Linda cursive

Linda Landig Jewelry

Autumn Joy

Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  I was even born on the first day of autumn!  I put together some wonderful autumn inspiration boards on the Art Jewelry Elements blog today.  You might want to check them out.

I’m going to be doing an online trunk show on October 18th and 19th.  I’ll be posting more about that soon.  But you should know that I’m busy making some cool autumn themed items to offer on trunk show.  In the meantime, I’ll highlight some of the fall items that are already in my shop.

These earrings combine the most beautiful, flawless smoky quartz and faceted carnelian with gorgeous lampwork glass leaves from Havana Beads.  Love these!

handmade earrings by Linda Landig JewelrySince I love autumn colors so much, I have a lot of jewelry in those wonderful oranges, golds, reds and browns.  When you click on the photo, it will take you to the listing in my shop.

Hibiscus earrings

Fall Colors bracelet

Leather feather handmade necklaceHere are a couple of flower pendants in autumn colors, for you jewelry designers out there.  We have fall dahlias blooming in this color in our front yard right now.

handmade ceramic flowers pendants


I hope you are enjoying sunny, golden autumn days.  Go outside and play in the leaves!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry

Featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog

I’m pleased to share that my “Woodland Blossom Necklace” was featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog today.  They sponsor a monthly art challenge where they post a painting and ask people to interpret it and include the use of art beads.  I loved this colors in this month’s painting!

Paul Cezanne

Basket of Apples

Basket of Apples by Paul Cézanne, 1893
Oil on canvas 65 cm × 80 cm (25.6 in × 31.5 in)
Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection, Art Institute of Chicago


Just look at those juicy yellow greens and the rich reds and oranges!  This was right up my alley!  And I had the perfect pendant, by Mary Hubbard of White Clover Kiln, to bring out those colors!

Linda Landig Jewelry

Woodland Blossom Necklace

I had so much fun creating this and remembering Bead Fest in August when Mary and I swapped jewelry and beads. When I use art beads they have so much meaning to me.  It’s not only that they are amazing little pieces of art – it’s that I have formed personal connections with the artists and each art bead speaks to me of its maker, of their talent and skill and of their personality and our connections.  So thank you Mary and thank you Art Bead Scene!

Handmade Flower Pendant Necklace Green Burnt Orange Black Ceramic OOAK Gift Rich Colors Holiday Jewelry Winter

Woodland Blossom Necklace

News Day Tuesday: Fall Leaf Jewelry

 Welcome to News Day Tuesday;  the day for updates on my shops and other relevant or possibly irrelevant  news.

Shop Updates:

I thought I’d pull together a collection of my fall jewelry for you.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet and make it an eye candy post.  If you’d like more information on  the earrings in this post, just click its title.

Flaming Autumn Earrings

Autumn Leaf Earrings Fall Orange Red Gold Dangles Brass Handmade OOAK

Flaming Autumn Earrings

Dappled Leaf Earrings

Dappled Leaf Earrings

Dappled Leaf Earrings

Actually when I first planned out today’s blog post, I also intended to share a brand new fall necklace I’d made this week.  I posted a link to it on my Facebook Jewelry Page and it sold in just a few hours.  I  always post my newest jewelry designs on my Facebook Jewelry Page first, before I blog about them, so it is a good idea to follow me there, too.

I’ll share the new necklace, just for eye candy, but it is no longer available.

Fallen Leaf Necklace

Fallen Leaves Necklace

Fallen Leaves Necklace

In addition to these, I have two other pairs of leaf earring.  I blogged about them on Friday’s Art Jewelry Elements blog. I hope you’ll hop over there and check out that post, too.

Thanks for reading.  I love to hear you comments!


I Heart Macro – Pods

Welcome to Macro Sunday.  I actually took these pictures a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting them.

Five leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

We have a Five Leaf Akebia vine twining along the railing of our backyard deck.  My husband is the garden expert at our house, so I’d never paid much attention to this vine before.

Five Leaf Akebia pod

Five Leaf Akebia pod

A couple of weeks ago, he called me outside to show me these giant-sized seed pods!

opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia

Opened pod of a Five Leaf Akebia vine.

I was astonished at the size of the pods.  Some were over 4 inches long!  Heavy with seeds, the pods caused the vine to droop down.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

Surely this vine had never produced such extraordinary fruits before!  However, my husband said that, yes, these pods grow every year at this time.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This one makes me laugh! It looks like it is talking!

Well that humbled me!  We’ve lived here 7 years now and I’ve been totally oblivious to these long, fat seed pods!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.

Five Leaf Akebia seed pod.

This experience taught me the importance of really seeing things, of looking deeply and paying attention.  What’s the point of having a beautiful garden, if I’m not truly present in the moment. If I am too preoccupied with the cares of today or with concerns about the future, then I’m unable to accept the gifts our garden is offering me in the present moment.  Gifts of beauty, abundance, calm, color and the cycle of life.  I must make sure I am really living with my eyes open!

Mass of black seeds, contained within two thick, fleshy pods.


Hey!  who let the gremlins in here????  I never said they could doodle on my picture!

doodling on a picture of a seed pod/

“Hello there friendly reader!”

Oh well, I guess I couldn’t remain so seriously philosophical for too much longer…..


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
Visit Lori to get links to more great macro shots.

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News Day – Tuesday: Blue Rose Necklace and More

 Welcome to News Day – Tuesday;  the day for updates on my shops and other relevant or irrelevant  news.

Shop Updates:

I almost forgot about News Day – Tuesday.  Almost, but not quite!  So here it comes, just a bitty-bit late!

“Blue Rose” Necklace:

The Blue Rose Necklace was made during some no-customer-traffic times while I was doing my Sunday shifts at  Catwalk Gallery.  I think it will be super cute with a tee and jeans, but it would also work well with casual work attire.  The ceramic rose and accent bead were made by Yoli Miramontes of Yolanda’s Clay.  I knotted the beads on blue cotton cording and added brass chain at the back.  The chain makes it easy for me to adjust the length, if a customer prefers a shorter length.  I also just happen to like the warm look of antiqued brass.  I’ll be adding this necklace to my Etsy shop later today.  The Blue Rose Necklace has now been listed in my Etsy shop!

Handmade blue ceramic necklace

Blue Rose Necklace

close up of artisan ceramic pendant and matching bead

Blue Rose Necklace

Other News:

I am honored and delighted to announce that I am now part of a team of  11 regular contributors to the Art Jewelry Elements  blog.  All the other members of this team create their own amazing art beads and/or components. We have team members that are lampwork glass artists, ceramic artists and metal smiths.   Many of them also design jewelry.  I will be writing from the point of view of someone who almost always designs with art jewelry elements, but who does not actually make her own beads and components .  My topics will include how to design jewelry that features art beads and components,  eye candy from some of my favorite jewelry component artists, tips for selling, shows etc.

AJE Blog Button Image 150x150

Art Jewelry Elements Blog

My first article for Art Jewelry Elements will be posted on Oct. 12th. After that you can look for my posts every other Friday.  I hope you’ll consider following AJE.  It’s a great source of information and inspiration!

We also have a Facebook page where you’ll find more inspiration, links to interesting articles, info about sales that we or other jewelry artists are having and photos of the most current work by the members of the AJE team.  If you want to find the Art Jewelry Elements blog, you can always click the AJE button on my sidebar to get to the site.  I’m looking forward to this new adventure in my creative journey.

News Day – Tuesday: High Tide

 Welcome to News Day – Tuesday;  the day for updates on my shops and other relevant or irrelevant  news.

Shop Updates:


“High Tide” Necklace

I made the “High Tide” Necklace earlier this summer and shared it as part of the Beads Of Clay reveal, but I’ve only just now listed it in my shop.  This necklace would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for someone who loves the ocean!  Shoot, I love the ocean–it would be perfect for me!  lol! 

High Tide Necklace

High Tide Necklace

The somewhat abstract depiction of high waves with a setting sun is so unique and striking! I just love this one-of-a-kind pendant by Porcelain Jazz.

"High Tide" Necklace

“High Tide” Necklace

Other News:

Happy Autumn!  This is my favorite season of the year, and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest, until it eventually gives way to the rain, drizzle and gray skies that the Seattle area is so famous for.  We’ve had a long drought this summer and actually the forests and gardens are in desperate need of the rain.  I decorated the house for Autumn last weekend.  Our dahlias are bravely holding on, even though they are longing for rain.  I love flowers, second only to beads, so I created 3 autumn bouquets for our house.  Here’s what is now in the front hallway.

dahlia arrangement

…or 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day of Autumn!

News Day – Tuesday: More Fall Earrings

Shop News

I’ve continued making autumn earrings since last Tuesday’s update. Here are two new additions in my Etsy Shop.

Woodland Stroll Earrings

I really love how these earrings turned out.  The green lampwork glass by Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads really pulls out the greens in the glass  leaves. These lampwork beads have a matte finish and they are decorated with fine melted silver around the middle.   

The leaves are lampwork too and they are made by glass artist Raida Disbrow of  Havana Beads.  They are translucent with swirls of rust-orange and green.  They are textured to show the veins of the leaves.  I love details like that!  Many of the trees in the forests here are evergreens, with some deciduous trees sprinkled in.  The colors of these earrings reminded me of an autumn walk in the woods, with some evergreens (the beads on top) and some leafy trees turning fall colors (the leaves below).  That’s the back-story on why I decided to name these my “Woodland Stroll Earrings“.

Woodland Stroll Earrings

Woodland Stroll Earrings


Mystic Earrings

These earrings fascinate me in a completely different way than the Woodland Stroll Earrings.  The lampwork glass, by Sonoran Beads, has very muted colors that are kind of hard to name.  The main swirls are mauve, but not the real pinky mauve you usually think of.  It is a dark, muted mauve and there are hints of brown, gray as well. 

The colors seem to have a depth to them, as though the longer I look at them, the more I will see.  It was this sense of hidden secrets that caused me to name them”Mystic Earrings“.  Their colors should go nicely with many outfits, from browns and beige to black, mauve, camel and gold.  All great autumn hues. 

I really love the fancy bead caps on the tops and bottoms of the beads.  The cool brass dangles remind me of leaves and have sort of a tribal look to them.

Mystic Earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Mystic Earrings


Other News

My birthday is September the 23rd.  I think that’s reason enough to have a sale in both my ArtFre Shop and my Etsy Shop.  Come back to this blog, or check in with my Facebook page on Saturday to get a coupon code for 20% off.  This will be a one day only sale.  I’ll post the code on Saturday, but the sale will be on Sunday the 23rd.  It’s not too early to be thinking about holiday gifts.

If you are local, come on over to the Catwalk clothing boutique and gallery in Tacoma on Wednesday the 19th, from 12:00–6:00.  I’ll be staffing the gallery that day and I will personally give you 20% off on all my jewelry in the shop!!!!       

                 Catwalk Gallery: 


News Day – Tuesday, 9/11/12

New Feature

News Day – Tuesday is a new weekly feature on my blog.  Every News Day – Tuesday will include updates on new items in my shops, work in progress, shows I’ve done, and random chatter. 

This is my second News Day – Tuesday and just since last week’s post I can feel our weather transitioning to Autumn.  It is often warm and lovely during the day, but nights are definitely getting cool and it is getting dark much earlier.  So with some sadness at summer’s imminent end, I am turning my attention to designing jewelry for fall.  Fall is actually my favorite season for designing because I love all the fall colors so much. 

Flaming Autumn Earrings

Although I was kind of looking over my shoulder at summer’s passing, I did really get into making fall earring this past week.  I loved pulling out my deep orange, red, brown and golden beads.  The “Flaming  Autumn Earrings” were the first result.  There is just something about these colors that puts joy in my heart!

Flaming Autumn Leaf Earrings

Flaming Autumn Earrings

Deep Woods Earrings

Last Tuesday I received a package in the mail from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio.  Karen is a marvelous ceramic artist and I was so inspired by my new goodies that I created the “Deep Woods Earrings  that very afternoon!

At the Puget Sound Bead Festival, in July, Kristi Bowman and I split an expensive strand of etched agates that neither of us wanted to pay for by ourselves.  Its great to be able to divide a bead strand with a buddy!  As soon as I opened the package with these rustic brown and white leaf charms from Starry Roads Studio, I knew they would be a perfect match with those cool  etched  agates!

Deep Forest Earrings

Deep Forest Earrings

I made several other leafy earrings, but it is 9:30 p.m. now and my focus is fading.  I’ll list them in my shop tomorrow and blog about them soon.

What is your favorite season?  Are there particular colors that you love that are associated with that season?

I heart macro – Cactus

Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥

We have a large barrel cactus that we’ve had for over 20 years.  In the summer it sits out on the deck – hence the pine needles in some of the photos.  In the fall we haul it back indoors.

One time, many years ago, the woman who cleaned our home, accidentally backed into it while she was vacuuming.  She told me later that her husband wanted to know why she had so many pin pricks on her butt!  Believe me, she never made that mistake again!

barrel cactus

Center of the cactus with new growth.

barrel cactus

Caution: These hurt!

barrel cactus


barrel cactus

Top of the barrel cactus


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