Copper Component Blog Hop ~ Welcome!

Copper Component Blog Hop

The Challenge

My friend, Kristi Bowman,  makes the most wonderful copper components with copper metal clay.  If you follow my blog, you’ve seen several of the earrings I’ve made with her copper connectors and charms.

Recently, she started making larger curved pieces to be used as bracelet focals.  Today she is the hostess for the much anticipated Copper Component Blog Hop.  Each participant purchased a bracelet focal from Kristi’s shop, Kristi Bowman Design.

We each set to work, designing bracelets.  Today we get to see what everyone created.  I can’t wait to visit all the blogs!  (see list below)

My Bracelet

I purchased a copper ammonite focal and had a blast choosing beads to go with it.

copper wired bead bracelet

Ammonite Bracelet

I don’t often make jewelry that is all wired and not strung, but that was what this focal seemed to call for.   I’d also set a goal for myself  to do more jewelry in this style.

I wired a wonderful Out West lampwork (handmade) glass bead next to Kristi’s copper focal.

lampwork bead by Out West

Lampwork bead by Out West

Then I wired ceramic beads all around and a couple of cool turquoise teardrop shaped beads from Wynwoods Bead Gallery.  I added serpentine, pressed glass and copper bead dangles.  The bracelet closes with a copper lobster claw clasp on one side of the focal.

copper and ceramic bracelet, handmade by Linda Landig Jewelry

Rustic Ammonite Bracelet

My Earrings

As I was working on the bracelet, I remembered that I had previously purchased copper ammonite connectors from Kristi.  So I made some coordinating earrings for my bracelet!

copper earrings with serpentine and copper dangles

Copper Ammonite Earrings

handmade copper earrings with serpentine and glass dangles

Copper Ammonite Earrings

The “Copper Ammonite Bracelet” and the “Copper Ammonite Earrings” are both available in my shop, Linda Landig Jewelry.

Please show Kristi some cyber love.  Visit her blog and her shop to see all the finished jewelry and copper components this talented lady designs.

bracelet and earrings with handmade copper components

Ammonite Bracelet & Earrings

The Blog Hop

Here is a list of the other blog hop participants.  Its fun to see how each person interpreted the same copper focals to design bracelets that express their own unique visions.  Enjoy!

Linda Landig   YOU ARE HERE!

Bead Table Wednesday: New Metal Components

New Metal Components From

Melinda Orr

I’ve recently been getting to know Melinda Orr on Facebbook and some of her wonderful metal components are on my bead table today.  However, they were just in a heap on my bead table, so I decided to share them with you in a little more creative manner.

etched and patina'ed copper for jewelry

Melinda Orr copper components (red & black beads from Shipwreck Beads, leaves from Unicorne Beads)

To be truthful, I had intended to show you a pair of earrings using two of the patina’ed rectangles.  However, I decided that I didn’t like the way that they turned out (too long and bulky) so I took them apart.  Back to the drawing board!  Hopefully I will soon have something to show for my efforts!

You can find Melinda’s wonderful components, toggles and more at Melinda Orr Designs.


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

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Bead Table Wednesday: Picasso Jasper Jewelry Set

BTW: New Goodies & New Jewelry

Kristi Bowman Components

OK, I admit it.  I’m completely smitten with Kristi Bowman’s copper components.  I already have a bunch that I haven’t yet made into jewelry, but when she had a sale last week, I had to get more!  So here’s whats on my bead table today.

Handmade copper jewelry components

Copper components by Kristi Bowman Design

Whispers Necklace and Bracelet

I also have a necklace and bracelet set on my bead table.  They are made of one of my favorite gemstones: Picasso jasper (aka Picasso marble).  This grey stone has endlessly fascinating black lines which crisscross through it, like some crazy road map.  It looks awesome with wine red garnets and a bit of metallic gleam from Thai Hill Tribes silver.

The “Whispers Necklace” has quiet colors, like whispers in the evening.

Whispers Necklace

Whispers Necklace

Whisper Necklace

Picasso Jasper is so beautiful!

The “Whispers Bracelet” has contrasting diamond and oval shapes.

Whispers Bracelet

Whispers Bracelet


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

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Bead Table Wednesday: Blue Owl

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BTW: Blue Owl Bracelet

The little green owl bracelet that I wrote about in mid-September sold last week.  I was kind of sad to see him go -you know how you have favorites? – but fortunately I had already purchased a new blue owl from ceramic artist Marti Conrad.

The new bracelet is under construction now, on this Bead Table Wednesday.

Blue Owl Bracelet

Blue Owl Bracelet

I’m using mostly Picasso finished periwinkle blue glass beads, but on one side there is a lampwork glass bead and an amethyst.  On the opposite side there will be a dangle of blue lace agate, Czech fire polish glass and a brass spiral.


I encourage you to visit the BTW Flickr group and see what is happening on other bead tables.

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Bead Table Wednesday: New Copper & Some Reorganization Progress

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New Beads, Pendants and Charms!

Yesterday I posted about meeting Kristi Bowman at Shipwreck Beads.  During our visit I bought 2 sets of charms from her and a really awesome pendant.  These are the lovely goodies that are on my bead table today.

These two sets of charms will become earrings.  I especially love the pair on the right.  I don’t know if I will be able to part with them.

copper clay components

Copper charms from Kristi Bowman

This pendant has the most amazing patina.  It practically glows.  I’ll have to really think about how I can do it justice.  You can see more of Kristi’s copper components in her Etsy shop, Dream Some.

copper clay pendant with sea urchin pattern

Sea urchin pendant from Kristi Bowman

I also brought home these beads from our shopping spree at Shipwreck Beads.

new beads and pendants

New beads and pendants from Shipwreck Beads

Studio Update

Last Wednesday, I wrote about my studio/guest room reorganization.  I didn’t get as much done on that front as I had hoped.  It was a busy week.  I had a birthday, we went to the beach, my daughter and her boyfriend visited, I met with Kristi etc.  Good, happy things; but very busy.  So, as you can see in the picture below, the overall appearance is still a disaster (embarrassed to show this).

messy room


But, when you zoom in on things, you’ll see that the chaos is being beaten back!

IKEA drawers in craft room

Labeled IKEA drawers for bead storage

This corner was a tumble of clutter.  (You can see how it used to look here) It looks so nice now!  I took out the white shelving and moved it to the den.  The wooden IKEA drawers are mostly sorted (& labeled–love my labeler!)  by bead color, however there are also drawers for all my pearls, and drawers for sterling silver, copper and brass. The picture below shows another similar set of shelves, with more IKEA drawers, near the door.  You can also get a peek inside my cleaned up closet space.

Bead room organization

Shelving by door & a peek into the closet.

This side of the closet used to be just piles of junk.  Look!  There is even some empty space!  The back of my car is now filled with stuff to take to the Goodwill.

closet organization

I put a small bookcase in the closet to hold craft supplies

And here’s an organizing hint:  The white shelves above the closet rod are designed to hold shoes, but I use them everywhere I need additional shelving.  Just look at how they increase the usable space above the rod!

using shoe shelves to organize craft supplies

Use of shoe shelves to organize craft supplies

I don’t anticipate being so busy this next week.  So hopefully this project will be completed by our next Bead Table Wednesday.  I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have any clever organizing tricks you use in your bead or craft space?  Please share your ideas in the comment section.  Everyone loves new organizing tips!


I encourage you to visit the BTW Flickr group and  see what is happening on other bead tables.

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