Forest Dewdrop Necklace

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

Once a month Art Jewelry Elements (AJE) hosts a component giveaway and blog hop.  September’s component was made by the talented Lesley Watt of THEA Elements.

Members of the Art Jewelry Elements team, plus a few  lucky guest artists were each given one of these amazing handmade brass “Bursting Seed Pod” bead caps.   I received the green one that is positioned at about 2:00 in the first photo below.

artisan bead components by Lesley Watt

Bursting Seed Pods from THEA Elements

This piece presented a number of challenges to me.  First off I wanted to find a bead to fit within the metal piece that Lesley made.  I found that Lesley’s bead cap was 18mm large.  I had very few beads that were that size and most of the ones I did have, had flowers, swirls or other designs that competed with the pretty design on the top of the bead cap.

At one point I bought a strand of 18mm magnesite beads.  The magnesite looked passable with Lesley’s bead cap, but not great.  Eventually I located a beautiful lampwork glass bead by Genea Beads  that was a perfect match for the bead cap.  I strung those 2 components onto a lampwork glass headpin by Nancy Boylan of Snazzy Doodles.

handmade necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Forest Dewdrop Necklace

Nancy was my Bead Soup exchange partner a couple of years ago and she gave me the most amazing collection of her lampwork to work with.  I still had 2 headpins and one bead leftover from that exchange.  The headpin was perfect for the pendant I was creating, but it had the thickest, toughest metal pin that I have ever encountered.  After I’d wrapped the loop at the top, I could not clip the extra wire, no matter how hard I pressed on the cutters.  So I brought it to my husband and jokingly told him that I was providing him with an opportunity to show off his manly prowess!   He clamped down with all his might and….the pliers broke, but the excess wire remained intact!!!  I finally went out into the garage and got the big electrical wire shears and was able to clip the wire.  Sheesh!

artisan necklace by linda landig jewelry

Forest Dewdrop Necklace

After that things went fairly smoothly!  I am moving toward making more and more of my own ear wires, bails and clasps, so I decided to make my own clasp and use Nancy’s lampwork glass bead that I still had leftover from our exchange.  To transition from the beaded double strands to the chain, I used two shell hoops, with one of them serving as the loop for my handmade clasp.

handmade necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Forest Dewdrop Necklace

Here’s how the whole necklace looks, on my trusty mannequin, Matilda.

handmade necklace by linda landig jewelry

Forest Dewdrop Necklace

Want to see more gorgeous  jewelry with Lesley’s wonderful Bursting Seed Pod bead caps?  Here are all the links.  Have fun!
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AJE team

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Linda Landig – You are here!
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Lesley Watt
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Snow and Wind

News Day Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday News Day; the day for jewelry updates and other relevant or possibly irrelevant news.

Beading By Flashlight

The weather couldn’t make up its mind yesterday.  Rain, sun, high winds and snow flurries.  At one point the electricity went out for about 3 hours.  I was in the midst of making a glasses leash for my cousin.  I flipped on the battery operated lantern and kept working away.  It was a bit of a challenge to bead in such a dim light.  Here’s how far I got before giving up in the dark.

Sage green and lavender glasses leash

Sage green and lavender glasses leash

I did get a couple of earrings completed the day before yesterday.  Both feature artisan ceramic components.

1 pair of leaf-shaped ceramic earrings and 1 pair of flower ceramic earrings

2 pairs of ceramic earrings

handmade turquoise and white earrings

Ceramic Flower Earrings

Winner of Genea Beads Giveaway

Genea Beads offered a a very tempting 30% discount over Thanksgiving weekend.  As an added incentive, the names of each person who purchased beads from Genea’s shop, were entered for bead giveaway. I bought 3 sets of scumptious, handmade lampwork beads.  This is one of the bead sets!  Each set is exquisite. 

-Handmade lampwork glass beads

Spiral Earth Stones-Black Lava Beads

Then, as if getting the beads at a discount wasn’t enough, I was the giveaway winner! Just look at all the beads I won! (You’re drooling on your keyboard–stop it!).

Turquoise & green lampwork beads

My winnings!
(Yes I was playing in Pic Monkey again!)

Wishing everyone a good weekend!  I love reading your comments!  Thanks for visiting my blog.