Monday Meanderings: Reflections on 2010

{Monday Meanderings: Musings & Observations From Beyond the Bead Studio}

The Ups and Downs of 2010

2010 feels like it was a tough year, in some ways.  I struggled to deal with various challenges at work and there was quite a bit of unhappiness associated with that.  But I need to make sure that those stresses do not overshadow my whole assessment of this year.  It was an excellent year in many significant ways.

Our first grandchild, Riley Landig, was born to my son and his partner!  Isn’t he adorable?

My grandson in his daddy's arms


My husband and I traveled to China for a week and then had a great visit with my daughter and her boyfriend who were teaching English in South Korea.

inner courtyard in China

I found my childhood best friend on Facebook.  We’d lost track of each other in our early 20’s.  It turns out that she only lives about an hour away from us.  We discovered that we both love beading and we still feel a close bond to one another.  This has been such a happy suprise in our lives!  We went to the Pacific Northwest Bead Festival together, in July.

my best friend from second grade

My best friend, Lee Anne, in 2nd grade.

My jewelry was accepted into two juried art shows.  I’d never applied to a juried show before this and I was so excited to get in.  During 2010 I set up a new shop: Linda Landig Jewelry, (after my previous web host sold their business).  A friend built a website for me that made me feel so professional:  Linda Landig Contemporary Artisan Jewelry. I started my Facebook page, which now has close to 650 fans and in June, I started this blog.

My jewelry booth at my first juried art show

Winter Fine Arts and Crafts Show. Olympia, WA

In June I retired from a 30 year career in elementary education and starting tomorrow (!), I will begin part-time work as a field supervisor of student teaching interns for the University of Washington.

Looking back on all of this, I would have to say that this a been a very full, rich and rewarding year.  What have been some of the highlights of the past year for you?

Monday Meanderings: Birthday Dreams and Goals For The Next Year

Newborn Linda, with Necklace

Newborn Linda, with Necklace


 Baby Jewelry 

 Yup, that’s me, 50-some years ago.  Wasn’t I adorable?  Please note that even though it was only my first-day debut, I was already wearing a necklace!  The design work and originality leave something to be desired.  All the other newborns had the same ones, but with different names on them.  However, that just shows that my artistic sensibilities have matured over the years, with my passion for jewelry having been instilled at a very young age!  

It’s My Birthday! 

My birthday is this week and that’s got me thinking about what my dreams and wishes are for the upcoming year.  I will feel I’m moving in the right direction, if I can accomplish most of the items on this list.  

  • Develop my web shop by keeping the inventory fresh, and increasing the traffic to my shop.
  • Blog at least 3 times a week and offer entertaining, informative and inspiring content for my readers.  Your comments will help me know if I’m on track or not.
  • Develop meaningful connections with other bloggers and artists.
  • Submit a design to a jewelry magazine, (There, I said it out-loud.  Now I can’t let fear hold me back.  You can encourage me and hold me accountable for doing this!)
  • Read more for pleasure.
  • Lose weight.  Oh yah, that, again!
  • Spend more time with friends and family.
  • Develop my photography skills.

I’m going to look back a year from now and see how I’m doing.   

The first picture in today’s post is of me, as a baby.  I’m going to conclude with another baby picture:  that of my grandson; the next generation!   

Don’t forget to comment on this post so your name can be entered in the free earring give away.  See yesterday’s post for all the details.   

My grandson and I

My grandson and I, May 2010