Starfish Color Palette Challenge

Towards the end of May, Sherri Stokey put out a challenge on the Love My Art Jewelry blog to design something in this color palette.

I was inspired, although I didn’t play by the rules exactly.  The necklace I designed is beachy and turquoise.  I even included a starfish, however the necklace doesn’t have the neutral colors that Sherry included in her pretty color palette.  My necklace just didn’t seem to want to develop in that direction.
Sea Star Necklace 1
I’m still inspired by Sherri’s color palette though and I’d like to make some additional pieces of jewelry that adhere more closely to her colors.  I made some ceramic clam shell pendants this weekend.  I bisque fired them on Sunday, but they haven’t been glazed yet.  Perhaps I’ll use one of the clam shells to design a necklace in tan, ecru, turquoise and teal.
Some of the items that were bisque fired this weekend –
June 13 2016
I’ll be sure to share further explorations with this theme. In the meantime, my Sea Star Necklace is available in my shop.
Sea Star Necklace 2
Linda cursive

Lets Do The Hop – Bunny Blog Hop

The Art Jewelry Elements Theme Challenge for March is Hares and Bunnies.  The challenge was simple:  Make a rabbit or hare bead or piece of jewelry and share it on March 31st.

A collection of earthenware rabbits

A collection of earthenware rabbits in Oaxaca, Mexico

I don’t have any rabbit or hare beads with me here in Mexico, so I couldn’t really participate in terms of making something new.  So instead I’m going to share a rabbit necklace that is currently available in my shop, as well as some rabbit jewelry that I have designed and sold in the past.

First off is this delightful “Bunny Love” necklace.  I was lucky enough to snare this double bunny pendant from Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit. Her ceramic work sells fast, so I was pleased to have been at the right place at the right time to grab this pendant.

The Bunny Love necklace is in my shop, which, by the way, is brand spankin’ new!  I’ve been busy this past month setting up my own, stand-alone website.  Some things will remain in my Etsy shop, but my complete line of jewelry and ceramic components will only be available on my website.  The web address is easy to remember. Its just my name and dot com.  I will be back in the States soon and all orders placed now will ship on April 7th, via USPS.

handmade rabbit becklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Bunny Love Necklace

I love bunnies, so I thought I’d share a couple of my previously sold designs as well.  This necklace features one of Jenny Davies-Reazor’s wonderful ceramic hare pendants.  I made it for display in her both for Bead Fest 2013.

Handmade Hare necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Lunar Hare Necklace

This necklace dates way back to 2010, but it is still one of my favorites.  I love the carved pendant!

Handmade bone rabbit necklace by Linda Landig Jewelry

Carved Bone Rabbit Necklace

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the rabbit and hare designs.  Here are all the links.  Let’s get hopping!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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Autumn Splendor

Fall Photos and New Ceramic

leaf strewn park bench

Autumn Park Bench

Pond with yellow leaves

Autumn Serenity


I love autumn in ways that I can’t even find words for.  The colors stir something deep inside me.  I’m filled with inspiration.

Germany 17 Klein LindenI took this inspiration with me into the studio.  I’ve been unhappy with many of my recent ceramic pieces, which have been tossed into my “Fugly Bin” and have not been posted online.  But this….this I love!  It says fall to me in big, bold, vibrant colors.  I was so happy when this pendant came out of the kiln today!

Autumn Splendor Leaf 1You can find this pendant as well as other fall ceramics and finished jewelry, in my shop:  Linda Landig Jewelry.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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September Component of the Month Reveal

Its time for the Art Jewelry Elements September Component of the Month Reveal!  This month’s components are from Kristi Bowman Design.

Copper PMC Pendants by Kristi Bowman

I love Kristi’s copper metal clay pieces and have used many of them in my jewelry designs over the years.  For this month’s design, I chose the first piece in the bottom row of the picture above.

Unfortunately I had a lot going on this month and somehow the end of the September snuck up on me sooner than I expected.  So today’s post will be a peek at a work in progress necklace.

COM 3I just loosely strung the beads on walnut colored, waxed linen cording, to give you an idea of where I’m going with this.  The final piece will be knotted between the beads.

COM 1aI wrapped the center of Kristi’s pendant with turquoise colored Wooly Wire.  I also wrapped two channel beads with Wooly Wire.  I love the vibrant turquoise with Kristi’s copper pendant and the Wooly Wire adds such a nice soft texture contrast to the hard copper.

COM I continued the copper and turquoise theme with some gorgeous, handmade raku beads that I got from Xaz Beads, at Bead Fest last year.

COM Unfortunately that’s as far as I got with this project.  I’ll post an update later this week when I finish the necklace.

So now I encourage you to visit the other participants blogs to see what they created with Kristi’s pendants.  And visit Kristi’s shop too, to see more of her work!

Guest Artists

SJ Designs Jewelry

Kari Asbury

Shirley Moore

AJE Team Members
Linda Landig   – You are here.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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Snowflake Earrings

Last Art Jewelry Earring Challenge Reveal

Its time for the last Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge Reveal.  This Challenge lasted all throughout 2013.  The goal was to make one pair of earrings each week of the year.  I missed a few weeks when life got crazy, but overall I did fairly well.  This challenge really pushed me to produce, and I think it was good for me!

“Let It Snow” Earrings

The “Let It Snow” earrings feature shimmering blue lampwork glass beads by fellow AJE team member Sue Kennedy.  The beads have a silvery sheen that adds a striking lux factor to the earrings.

handmade snowflake earrings by Linda Landig

Let It Snow Earrings

Dangling beneath Sue’s lampwork beads are handmade sterling silver snowflakes by Oakhill Silver Supply.

Handmade earrings by Linda Landig

Let It Snow Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

I blogged about these earrings on the Art Jewelry Elements blog, but I haven’t shared them here.  I made the Spiral Fiber Earrings using wire links that I learned from Cindy Wimmer’s book, “The Missing Link”.

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

After I formed the wire links, I wrapped the hoop portion with Wooly Wire and dangled lampwork headpins by Lori Bergman, from the hoops.

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Spiral Fiber Earrings

Want to see more gorgeous earrings?  Head on over to Art Jewelry Elements  for links to the other Earring Reveal blog posts!  We  also have an AJE Earring Challenge Board on Pinterest.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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Thanksgiving Is Here

I picked my daughter up at the bus depot today and we stopped at our favorite Koren restaurant for lunch on the way home.  Tomorrow one of my brothers and his wife will be arriving and my dad will be joining us for Thanksgiving, as well.  My husband is a fabulous cook and he is taking care of the turkey, stuffing and a rice dish.  My daughter and I will make the pie and veggies, plus I made some cranberry bread the day before.

But right now there is kind of a quiet break in the hub-bub and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for following me on my blog and over at Art Jewelry Elements, as well.  I am very thankful for every reader, for your comments and your thoughtfulness.  People from all over the world read this blog, but if you’re from the US, then I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this weekend.  And no matter where you hale from, I hope you feel joy and gratitude for the goodness in life.


Although the sale in my 2 online shops starts on Thursday, I hope that most of my US readers will get to spend most of Thursday with family and/or friends.  I am offering 20% off in both of my shops.  This is the best sale of the year, so if you’ve been eying something special, now’s the time to nab it.  I have a large local show the first weekend in December, a certainly some of the jewelry in my shops will be headed to new homes that weekend.  But you can pick up gifts for yourself or others, now, while the shops are full and save 20% too!  Here are the links to my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  Just use the coupon code THANKS2013 at check out.

20% Off Sale - Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

20% Off Sale – Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

Brown Bunny

 Tuesday News Day

Welcome to News Day Tuesday –  the day for jewelry updates and snippets of life

Garden Visitor

We live in a little neighborhood that is surrounded by woods. Our neighbors are not only human, but also include deer, great blue herons, bats, newts, raccoons and bunnies.  Lots of bunnies!  My husband is an amazing gardener, and as such, he is not too fond of the little brown rodents with the fuzzy white tails.  However, since I do not like to muck about in the dirt, I love our rabbits.

One day, last week, I took an evening stroll through our garden and noticed that we had a visitor.  I dashed inside and grabbed my camera.  The sun was setting rapidly and it was a bit difficult to get clear pictures in such low light, so I apologize.  But be patient, please, because the pictures improve a little further down the page, once I realized that I should change the camera settings for low light conditions. In the picture below, our furry guest was checking me out and wondering if he could go on nibbling the grass or if I posed a threat.


 He decided I was safe and he proceeded to roll over and over in the bark, in order to scratch his back.  I had to chuckle.

Bunny rolling

Bunny rolling

Bunny rolling

Next came some washing…Bunny washing

Bunny sniffing….some sniffing…


…and some exploration.



Bunny 12 clear

Bunny 13 clear

All this time I had been slowly creeping closer and closer to him.  In the picture below, he turns to look at me and assess the situation.


He notices a glimmer of light, turns toward the fence and spies an escape route under the fence!

Bunny near the fence

Bunny escape

Bunny 17 clear

“Bye-bye.  I’m outta here!”

Bunny 18 clear

I have always loved bunnies and have made 2 bunny necklaces in the past.  It was about time for bunny necklace #3!  It just so happened that I had a cute little handmade ceramic bunny by Shaterra Clay Studio.

Brown Bunny Necklace

Isn’t he a cutie?  I placed him on a sage-green  lampwork glass headpin. I had some really cool peach aventurine triangles that look awesome with the brown bunny and sage green lampwork. I like this color combo so much that I’m looking forward to doing other projects in the same color-way.

Brown Bunny Necklace

I threaded sage green Czech glass within and between the peach adventure and finished it with an antiqued brass chain.  You can keep this bunny.  He won’t run away under the fence! 😉

Find the “Brown Bunny Necklace” here.

I am always delighted to read your comments!  Hope to hear from you.


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