Turquoise Feathers Bracelet

 Tuesday News Day

Welcome to News Day Tuesday –  the day for jewelry updates and snippets of life

Turquoise Feathers Bracelet

I just re-listed the Turquoise Feathers Bracelet in my ArtFire Shop.  I had it listed there awhile ago, but had removed it.  The bracelet was at the Catwalk Gallery in Tacoma until recently, but sadly, we had to close shop because the University of Washington had just loaned us that space and they wanted it back again.  So I brought all my jewelry back home and am slowly getting it listed online.

Turquoise Purple Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelet Pearls Sterling Silver

Turquoise Feathers Bracelet

The lovely, handmade glass focal bead was the inspiration for the name “Turquoise Feathers”.  The artist started by making an all white glass bead.  Then they added an undulating swirl of purple on both sides of the bead.  Next they added a stripe of turquoise and then pulled a thin, sharp tool through the still molten turquoise glass, causing a feathered pattern to appear. Isn’t it a lovely effect?

Turquoise Purple Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelet Pearls Sterling Silver

Turquoise Feathers Bracelet

I matched the colors in the focal bead with purple and white freshwater pearls.  But to add visual interest, I alternated oval pearls with “button” pearls.  I interspersed turquoise crystals throughout, for contrast and a touch of sparkle.  This would make a pretty treat for yourself at only $18-.

ArtFire is now set up to allow 10 pictures of each item, so you can get a really complete picture of each item.  The Turquoise Feathers Bracelet listing shows both sides of the focal bead and also includes one picture of it in my hand, to help you gauge the size.

Artists Garage Sale

I had a booth at the Artists Garage Sale on  May 18th, here in Olympia.  This unique show is an opportunity for area artists to destash unwanted art supplies and sell their less expensive artwork.   For some reason we only had about half as many artists there, as in the past and the shoppers were way fewer as well.  I don’t know why this happened.  So things were a bit slow and I sold somewhat less than in years past, but it was still worthwhile.  I have tons of beads to destash and this was a good start.

Jewelry booth

Here’s one end of my booth. The boxes contain some of my destash beads.  I sorted the beads into sections by color.

Jewelry booth

 Jewelry booth

I also sold findings.

Jewelry booth

And books….

jewelry books

And scrapbook papers.

scrapbook papers

I also brought along finished jewelry, but I only sold one pair of earrings.  People were mostly there to get all sorts of art destash materials.


Some of my earrings

booth 3

My next show will be a regular-style arts show on June 23rd.  It will be part of the local Boston Harbor, WA Garden Tour.  If you are local, I hope you’ll stop by and say “hi!”

I am always delighted to read your comments!  Hope to hear from you.


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Artist’s Garage Sale

 Tuesday News Day

Welcome to News Day Tuesday –  the day for jewelry updates and snippets of life

Upcoming Show – Sort Of

I am blessed to live in a  funky, artsy town.  An annual event here is called the Artist’s Garage Sale.  This is not your everyday art show!  It is an opportunity for area artists to destash unwanted art supplies and sell their less expensive artwork.  It’s a great event for people to pick up affordable art,jewelry, beads, art print cards, paints, canvases, fabric, yarn etc.  I will have a booth at the Artist’s Garage sale this Saturday.  I will be selling my jewelry, plus I’m destashing tons of beads at below cost.

Garage Sale Olympia, WA


The Facebook event page describes it this way:

Need art supplies? Searching for a great gift for yourself or a friend? Check out the artistic wares and whatnots of over 70 area artists! The Artists’ Garage Sale is a unique event that gives Olympia’s artists and art lovers the opportunity to meet, shop, and connect.

The event is just $1.  All proceeds benefit POSSCA’s mission to support the arts, including the Cultural Assistance Program for Students (CAPS) program which provides musical instruments to students who otherwise couldn’t participate in school music programs and annual arts scholarships for high school seniors pursuing a college arts education.  

Olympia Armory, 515 Eastside St SE, Olympia WA 98501

If you live in the Olympia area, I hope you’ll stop by, say “Hi” and support a good cause!

Jewelry Collage

I am always delighted to read your comments!  Hope to hear from you.


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Bead Fest – Stash!


About a dozen of my online my bead artist and designer friends were all planning on attending Bead Fest in Philadelphia last weekend.  I yearned to meet these women in person because I had enjoyed and cherished our online communication so much.   Once I got the idea of going to Bead Fest, I couldn’t get it out of my thoughts.  Mind you, I live in the completely opposite corner of the United States.  Flying to Pennsylvania for just a day and a half is totally expensive and frivolous.  Etc.,etc.!

I wanted to go anyway!  I’m retired, right?  Time to have some fun.   Well,I thought,  I’ll just take a peek at online ticket prices…no harm in that.  The first time I looked, tickets ranged from $565-$1500.  Yikes!  No way.  But I kept monitoring the airline prices and by Friday night the prices had fallen to $507.  I’m usually not given to impulsivity, but my desire to personally know my beady sisters, out-weighed any judgement or caution.  I booked my tickets at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday night and in less than 24 hours, I was on my way to the Philly Bead Fest!!!

Bead Table Wednesday

So here’s what’s on my bead table today: my great new bead stash from Bead Fest.  I know you’re jealous, but don’t drool on your keyboard, OK?

Hands of the Hill

Kazuri Beads

Dyed howlite & matte finish sodalite

Hand-painted porcelain

etched and matte agate beads

Rustic fire polished beads

Drop beads

Tribal beads and pendants

Delightful rustic glass beads

Lampwork glass flowers

Drilled river stones

Here’s Diana Ptaszynski  demonstrating how we all felt after a day’s worth of bead shopping: exhausted!  We revived ourselves with an excellent dinner at Legal Seafood—but more on that in a future blog post.

Bead exhaustion!!!


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

link to BTW Flickr group

2010 Summer Fine Arts and Crafts Show

I had a great time at the 2010 Fine Arts and Crafts Show last weekend.  It was fun talking with the shoppers and I truly appreciated all my friends and family members who visited the show!  Especially enriching for me were the conversations I had with my fellow artists in the show.

My new booth set-up.

Rosalind Phillips of Photo Elegance generously shared her helpful insights on marketing for a show of this type.  She has traveled around the world photographing animals in their natural environments.  A friend of mine bought one of Rosalind’s  framed photographs.  The photo, of a scarlet flicker in a tree, now hangs in my friend’s front entryway.  Robert Harju, Cowlitz Indian Tribal Carver, had the booth directly opposite of mine.  It was a pleasure to view his incredible carved feathers and masks all weekend.  If I had just won the lottery, I would have walked home with one of those masks in a heartbeat!

My booth at the 2010 Fine Arts and Craft Show

There were a couple of young artists at the show whose work impressed me, also.  Morgan Bajardi, Fabric Artist, had the booth next to Robert’s.  She mostly brought screen printed shirts with her to the show, but she had created a portfolio book that told a whole different story of a young woman with immense talent in designing woven fabrics.  Keep an eye on this one:  she could go far!  Also working in fabrics, but as different as night and day, was Christine Malek.  Christine has a creative impulse over-flowing with whimsy.  She designs stuffed animals and amazingly fanciful hats.  All weekend long I was wishing that my baby grandson was old enough to enjoy one of her creations.

There is another Fine Arts and Crafts Show in November.   I’m hoping that I can jury into that one too.   I’m amazed at the amount of talent in the Olympia area.  It was very energizing to have been a part of this group for the weekend.

Linda at the Fine Arts and Crafts Show


I’ve spent this week getting ready for an art show I’ll be in this weekend.  It is the first formally juried art show I’ve ever been in and I want everything to be perfect (OK, I know that won”t happen!  I’ll settle for near-perfect.).  I’ve been in shows before where I just brought in some of my work to the show producer, who then just said yea or nay.  This time, however, there was a jury of several artists.  I submitted three digital photographs of my work and they had a points system for rank-ordering everyone’s submissions.  I got accepted!

The occasion called for a more elegant booth display than I’ve had in the past.  I wanted to raise the table up higher, so the jewelery would be close to eye level, so I bought bed lifts to put under the table legs.

Bed lifts to raise the table height.

Next I trashed the old white crushed velvet table cover and got a slinky black one. Thank heavens I brought a fabric savvy friend with me to JoAnns.  I was completely clueless about what to get.   Then, I designed new labels for my earring cards.  The labels identify my company, website and the materials which the earrings are made of.

Earring card labels.

I also  bought new jewelry display busts and nice gift boxes in which to put the purchased jewelry.

Necklace display busts and packaging.

I’ve been using the same design for my jewelry hang tags for about a year now, but my newer  jewelry didn’t have tags yet, so I made some more.  Each tag tells what types of beads are in that piece.  A friend of mine came over to my house today and helped me hole-punch and string them.  I think I’m perfectly ready now, or at least near-perfectly!

Hang tags.