Where Do I Start?

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News Day Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday News Day; the day for jewelry updates and other relevant or possibly irrelevant news.

Where do I start?  There is always so much going on at this time of the year, especially for people running a small business!  I added two items to my Etsy shop today and I’ve also been adding new work to the Catwalk Gallery in Tacoma.

Did you notice that it’s snowing on my blog? Move your cursor and watch the snowflakes change directions!


Lunch with Joan Tucker

Ceramic artist, Joan Tucker, of Off Center Productions, lives near me, and last week we got together for lunch.  It was the first time we’ve met, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.  When we finally left the restaurant, I glanced at my watch and we’d been chatting for 3 hours!  Don’t you love it when that happens?  When we were all done eating, we took turns spreading a bunch of our work all over the table for the other to look at, ask questions about and admire.  What fun!


Kalmbach Jewelry Books News

On the October 30th News Day Tuesday blog post, I wrote about the Kalmbach Bead Soup Challenge.  Kalmbach posted everyone’s finished jewelry on their Facebook page and let their readers vote for their favorites.  I didn’t win that contest and so I turned my attention to other things.  I was surprised, then, to learn last week, that Kalmbach Jewelry Books had let their office staff vote on their favorite submissions and my jewelry was one of 6 winners!  The office staff favorite winners will all receive the new book, Crystal Jewelry Inspiration from the Create Your Style Ambassadors.

Kalmbach Bead Soup Contest winners

Kalmbach Office Vote Winners


Artisan Whimsy Holiday Shopping

Looking for jewelry for yourself or for holiday gifts?  I hope you’ll visit my shops, but I want to share another great resource with you.  Artisan Whimsy has added a handmade jewelry shopping page.  Just think – 100’s of pieces of handmade jewelry at your fingertips!  There is a category for items under $20 and another category of jewelry that is $20 and above.  Check it out!


Sweet Lilac Earrings

I added these earrings to my Etsy shop on Monday.  They are made with authentic, contemporary Venetian glass.  Have any parties coming up?  They are quite elegant.  The color reminds me of a giant bush of sweet-smelling lilacs that we had at our last house.  The bush was right next to the deck and when we sat out on the deck in the summer, the scent was quite intoxicating.  mmmm!  So I named these the “Sweet Lilac” earrings.

Sweet Lilac Earrings

Sweet Lilac Earrings

Venetian glass Earrings

Sweet Lilac Earrings