Blue Raven Necklace

AJE Component Of The Month Reveal – November 2014

Our November component comes to us from Kristen Stevens of Beadwork By KAS. Kristen does amazing things with tiny beads, including these wonderful beaded links.


Beaded Links by Kristen Stevens

Here is the pair I chose for this month’s challenge:

Beded links in dark blue

Terra Pearl Blue Beaded Links

This is actually the second time I have used Kristen links in this color, but I was delighted to give it a go another time!  I made these earrings a couple of months ago and they are available in my shop.

Montana Blue Earrings with Beadwork Hoops and Swarovski Crystals Handmade. OOAK

Montana Blues Earrings

.I purposely picked the same color this month, because I really love it!  However, I didn’t want to make earrings again.  I had this necklace started on my work table.  I liked the front part of it, that you can see below, but I was dissatisfied with the back of the necklace. The blue raven pendant is by Oh! Sullivan Studio, the handmade ceramic beads are from Gaea and White Clover Kiln.  There are also some recycled glass beads and various other goodies that are all knotted on Irish waxed linen.

Blue Raven Necklace 3 cropped, lightenedWhen I saw the unfinished Blue Raven Necklace sitting on my table this week, I realized that Kristen’s beaded links would make a perfect transitional point from a beaded section of the necklace to chain in the back, and the colors were perfect.  I love serendipity like that!  So here’s my transformed necklace.  I love it now!

Blue Raven Necklace 1

Blue Raven Necklace 2Due to Thanksgiving busyness and holiday jewelry show preparations, I haven’t had time to add the Blue Raven Necklace to my shop yet.  But just leave a comment below or message me if you think you might be interested and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Blue Raven Necklace 5This is a blog hop, so I encourage you to check out what all the participants did with Kristen’s awesome beaded links.

Guest Artists

Cindy Martin Shaw
Shai Williams
Karen Martinez

AJE Team Members

Susan Kennedy 
Linda Landig
Caroline Dewison
Francesca Watson
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Lindsay Starr
Jennifer Cameron

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry

Autumn Breeze Bracelet

AJE Component of the Month Reveal

Once a month Art Jewelry Elements (AJE) hosts a component giveaway and reveal.  November’s components were made by the talented Kristen Stevens of Beadwork By KAS.  Members of the Art Jewelry Elements team, plus a lucky guest artist were given gorgeous beaded beads that Kristen made for us.  I received awesome green beaded beads, (3rd pair from the left).

beadwork by KAS

Beaded beads by Kristen Stevens

I decided to take sort of a free form approach to designing with Kristen’s beads.  I had no plan when I started, so I just started grabbing various beads that were on my work table and that I thought would look good with Kristen’s beaded beads. I supplemented those with other beads from my stash and moved them around until I had a pleasing arrangement.

handmade bracelet by Linda Landig Jewelry

Autumn Breeze Bracelet

Originally I want to finish the bracelet with a pretty coiled link that I learned from Cindy Wimmer’s book, The Missing Link, but the link ending up being too small to be on scale with this chunky bracelet.  Instead I used a basic spiral hook and eye clasp, with a rustic patina.

artisan bracelet by Linda Landig Jewelry

Close up of Kristen’s Beaded Beads

In addition to Kristen’s beads, I included lampwork glass by AJE Team Leader, Jen Cameron, raku beads by XAZ Beads and handmade ceramic beads by White Clover Kiln and Slate Studio.

lampwork, ceramic and wood artisan bracelet

Autumn Breeze Bracelet

I was kind of stuck for a name for this bracelet, but I finally decided to call it Autumn Breeze, because I made it on a windy afternoon.  I enjoyed making it with a playful spirit, rather than having any preconceived notions about how it would turn out.  I quite like it.  I hope you do too.

Want to see more gorgeous  jewelry with Kristen’s beaded beads?  Here are all the links.  Have fun!

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I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


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