Gallery Boom

I am so pleased to announce that my jewelry is now available at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, WA.

Gallery Boom 3

This is my display, near the front window (see picture above).  The earrings, bracelets and necklaces all have handmade ceramic components, both my own ceramic beads and pendants, as well as the work of other ceramic bead artists. You’ll also find lampwork glass and various textile accents in my work, as well.

The photo below shows my earring display.  There was a strong backlight coming through the window, so it was hard to photograph with accurate colors.

Linda Landig Jewelry at Gallery Boom

I added some tacks to my usual wooden box displays, so I could hang up some of my bracelets.  A few days ago I made the Christmas bracelet you see in the center of the photo.  It was fun to make and it’s fun to wear!

Linda Landig bracelets at Gallery Boom

Gallery Boom 4

My jewelry is the best company at Gallery Boom!  I want to share a small selection of all the artwork you can find there.

Hand dyed silks

Hand dyed silks

Handwoven baskets

Handwoven baskets

Ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculpture

Jewelry is available from several artists

Jewelry is available from several artists

Block printed linens

Block printed linens

Gallery Boom

Fun, stuffed creatures, made with upcycled materials.

Swoon! My favorite colors are featured in this knitted scarf.

Swoon! My favorite colors are featured in this knitted scarf.

Whimsical little village figures.

Whimsical little village figures.

Mixed media wall hanging.

Mixed media wall hanging.



And this is just a partial selection of what is available!

If you are local, I hope you’ll come check us out.  Regarding that….Gallery Boom is on the far side of the Fred Meyer parking lot, in Tumwater.  It is between the building that houses Starbucks and the building that includes Panda Express.

Gallery Boom front view

Gallery Boom front view

Gallery Boom is in the bright blue house, with the whimsical paintings by owner Christine Malek.

Gallery Boom, side view.

Gallery Boom, side view.

The gallery is a great place to wrap up your Christmas shopping ,while supporting local artists.  See you there!

p.s. I’ll be taking a shift this Sat. from 11:00-3:00, if you want to stop in and say “Hi”.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

Linda cursiveLinda Landig Jewelry

Where’s Linda?

old fasioned nurseI missed Bead Table Wednesday and I haven’t posted any new work.  I did my first Artisan Home Show and haven’t written about it.  Where have I been?  In bed.  Sick.  An ear ache that felt like someone put a knife in my ear.

Thank heavens for antibiotics.  The pain is much diminished now, but I still get tired easily  and I have a show tomorrow.  Carry on!

If you are local, I’d like to invite you to the Olympia Artists Garage Sale at the Armory on Legion Way.  I’ll be there, in booth #40 from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.  I hope you will drop by and say hi!   The money earned from booth fees and the $1 entrance donation, goes to arts programs for community youth.  For more details, click on this link, where I created a listing for the Artists Garage Sale.

I won a free necklace on the Words 2 Wear blog!!!  Check out the Words 2 Wear blog  and her cool jewelry on ArtFire.  My winning quote was:  “Life is too short to be small.”

View From My Studio


Just a light dusting of snow–grass peeking through.

view from studio window on WednesdayToday:

Same view–way more snow!  Snow is a big event in the Pacific Northwest!  There are about 5 inches (12.7 cm) of snow so far.

fesh fallen snow

Don’t forget to come back on Saturday.  Even if I’m snowed in, I’ll grab a cup of hot tea and post my Bead Soup Party designs and we can all enjoy a fantastic blog hop to see what others have created too!  See you then!

Monday Meanderings: A Walk On The Waterfront

{Monday Meanderings: Musings & Observations From Beyond the Bead Studio}

Bits and Pieces

  •  You can now go to Beads For Busy Gals to see  the pendant, clasp and some of the beads I sent to Elisabeth Auld, my Bead Soup Blog Party partner.
  • ArtFire, the company that hosts my online jewelry studio, was ranked #1 in a Sellers Choice survey of  2,800 artisans  regarding online marketplaces!  The complete article is available at AuctionBytes.  If you sell online or are thinking about doing so, this article is very informative.
  • I’ve changed the look of my blog.  The biggest difference is that the center column is now white, making it easier on the eyes when reading.  The blog also has a clean, modern look now.  Simple and streamlined.  I’m still tweaking it a bit–I need to get my blogroll back on the right side, etc.  What do you think of the new appearance?  Please leave a comment.  I’m interested in your feedback.
  • I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who visited my blog and left comments for the Fusion Bead Challenge Reveal.  Your thoughtful comments and sense of community means a lot to me.  ♥Hugs♥

Waterfront Stroll

On Saturday, I took my dog, Chochi, to the groomers downtown, to get a bath, brush and nail clip. Afterwards we took a stroll along the waterfront.  I thought I’d share a couple of pictures.  I feel so fortunate to live close to the water.  Anytime I need a dose of serenity; Puget Sound is only 10 minutes away.  The Sound has been my friend all my life, giving me solace, strength, insight, joy and calm.

WA state Capitol Building in background

Behind Chochi is boat mooring and behind that you can see the WA state capitol dome.

Boats in foreground, WA state capitol in background

Washington state capitol building in background


Port crane with mountains in the distance

Port of Olympia crane with Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Small boat with the name of Godzilla

This little boat named Godzilla made me laugh!

red tug boat by the dock

I love this little red boat--so stout and boldly colored.

Wiped Out Wednesday

Because I have had art and fine craft shows the past two weekends…

Because it is the holiday season…

Because I had a bunch of (wonderful) commissioned pieces to work on and…

Because I am in the middle of reorganizing my whole bead studio…

This post will just be a picture tour of the second of my holiday shows.  There  so much amazing talent!  All the different ways people find to express their creativity is endlessly inspiring and delightful.  Enjoy!

Ceramics booth metalsmith at the Dec 11th arts & crafts show

Teddy bears

ceramic bowls with cat motif

Handmade basket booth at the arts & crafts show Dec 11th

Water color paintings of two birds

handmade clothing booth

carved wooden masks by a Cowlitz Tribal member

Linda Landig Jewelry at the arts & crafts show Dec 11th

Fine Arts & Crafts Show – 1st Weekend

Winter Fine Arts & Crafts Show

I had a blast at the  first weekend of the Winter Fine Arts and Crafts Show.  We do another show next weekend and then that’s it for this holiday season.  If you live in my area, I invite you to come to the second show Dec. 11-12., at the Abigail Stewart House in Olympia.  I’m also always glad to have informal open houses, if people would like to do some personalized shopping at my home. 

This show went much better for me than the first one I did last summer.  I made some booth display changes that I think helped and I also was more aware of the need  to offer jewelry at a variety of price points.  I sold mostly bracelets and earrings, but to my delight, some of my more expensive necklaces also found new homes.   I will be writing some blog posts soon, where I’ll share with you some of the things I successfully changed and learned from doing this show.

My booth at the Fine Arts and Crafts Show

My jewelry booth at the art show.

Linda Landig's jewelry booth at the art show

Delightful Company!

One of the best things about doing a show like this is the opportunity to get to know other artists in the community.  I am fortunate that I live in a very creatively gifted town.  I  enjoyed spending time with each of these two wonderful artists and many more:

Black and white ceramics, with a punch of red

Inventive ceramics in the booth to my right

Stuffed animals at the art fair

This artist has a Dr. Seuss-like imagination when it comes to stuffed animals, hats and scarves.