Ceramic Heart Pendants And Charms

Dotted Heart 3I’ve been adding some heart shaped pendants to my shop, because Valentines Day is quickly approaching.  I’m not much into the traditional pink and bright red, but I did make one pink heart because I know that many of you are fans of that color.  The heart is lightly textured and the pink glaze has faint flecks of blue in it.  One of Pantone’s 2016 Spring Colors  is Rose Quartz Pink.  This heart fits the bill nicely!

Pink Heart Pendant

Pink Heart Pendant 2

Rose Quartz Pink Ceramic Heart

Sticking with the Pantone theme a bit longer, I’ve created a heart that is half Rose Quartz Pink and half Serenity Blue, (another Pantone color for 2016).  I rather like this one and hope to have time to make other “half ‘n half” hearts.

Pink & Blue Heart Pendant 2

Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz Pink heart pendant

I’m not a big fan of the bright, fire engine red that often shows up in heart designs, but I do love brick red.  In fact, as I am writing this, I realize that I’m wearing a brick red shirt layered over a navy blue tee, today.  I think I’ll need a heart to go with it!  The heart at the top of today’s post would work, or the one below.

I also made a dark green heart pendant. It has two related, but different patterns on it.
Green Teal Checkerboard Heart 5
Just for fun, (well all of this is fun, truth be told), I made some little heart charms, that would be sweet hanging off a bracelet or as a component dangling below a larger focal bead.
3 Little Heart Charms 5
Keep a watch on my shop and on my Facebook page, because I’ll soon be adding a pair of heart earring charms, flower pendants, charms and cabs as well as other bits and bobs.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.

Linda cursiveLinda Landig Jewelry

Saturday Update

Yolanda’s Clay

Yolanda of Yolanda’s Clay, wrote a blog post featuring a necklace I made with one of her pendants. Yolanda is a wonderful clay artist, so I thought I’d share some of her pendants with you and encourage you to check out her shop, as well.  So far I have 3 necklaces with her pendants available in my shop.

Here’s the “Monet’s Garden” Necklace which she featured in her blog:

Monet's Garden Neckalce

"Monet's Garden" necklace

The next necklace, shows Yolanda’s range of styles–entirely different than the pastel pendant above.  I titled this one “Tango Tonight” because its so hot!

Tango Tonight necklace

"Tango Tonight" Necklace

And this last one strikes a balance in styles between the two:  The “Spring Song Necklace

Spring Song Necklace

"Spring Song Necklace"

So, I hope you will go give Yolanda’s Blog some web-love and maybe even leave her a comment!

Other News

I spent some time this weekend, updating the “About Me” page on my blog and adding a couple of pictures.  I also added a “Shop Online” page, with  easy links to my shop, as well as a link to my online portfolio site.

I hope you are having a fine Labor Day weekend.  Its beautifully sunny here!  Check in tomorrow for Macro Sunday!

Bead Table Wednesday – New Ceramic Pendants

A Busy Week

My Studio

Just stay calm.  Now back away quietly.  Don’t let it sense that you are afraid…    Quick, slam the door and run!

That’s how I feel about this mess in my studio.  But it is good mess, too.  I’m preparing for two upcoming shows.  I’m making lots of new jewelry and having fun with it, too.

Linda Landig's jewelry work tableNew Ceramic Pendants From Yolanda’s Clay

I received a large order of pendants  from Yolanda’s Clay, this week.  There is so much to love in her shop, that I had a hard time narrowing down my choices.  This heart pendant turned out to be larger than I had imagined it when I saw it online — and it is cooler, too!  I’ve already got some idea’s simmering in my little brain for this.  You can see that I am trying out different beads with it on my bead mat.

BTW May 4th

These water-color effect pendants are really unique to Yolanda.  I feel so inspired by both the colors and the painterly effect.  If you want to read more about her process for making these pendants, you can  click on this link to her blog, then scroll down just a little bit.  The purple flower is different, again, and has a cool lace-like texture.

BTW May 4 watercolor pendantsI love how the little heart, below, looks like it was painted and then scraped off (maybe that’s how she does it?).  It’s just a very unusual effect that I really like.  Birds are a hot trend right now, so I scooped up this bird silhouette.  He’ll have company in my ceramics drawer, with a bird pendant I bought from Nan Emmett a couple of months ago. I need to make both birdies into necklaces so they can fly away to new homes!

Bead Table Wednesday6 ceramic pendants from Yolanda Miramontes

I encourage you to hop over to  the BTW Flickr group and  see what is happening on other bead tables.

Bead Table Wednesday button

Bead Table Wednesday: Sneak Peek!

After having just returned from palm trees and outdoor dining in San Diego, it is a bit of a shock to look out my studio window and see this:

Snow in Olympia, WA

The snow is coming down hard right now, with 6 inches predicted by tomorrow.  Its okay though, because I’m snug and warm in my studio, surrounded by beady goodness.

I promised a sneaky-peek of my Bead Soup Blog Party necklace, so here it is.

Well, you are just going to have to make do with this image until the Bead Soup Party Day on Saturday.  Come back then and see the necklace, earrings and bracelet that I made with the fabulous beads and components sent to me by Elisabeth Auld of Beads For Busy Gals.

Yesterday I picked up some luscious beads from Beads and Botanicals, here in Olympia and the day before, 2 pendants arrived in the mail from Shaterra Clay Studio.  View & swoon!

Shaterra Clay Studio pendants and Beads and Botanicals lampwork