Thank You Sale – 20% Off!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.  I am thankful for our bead community on my blogs, on Facebook and here in my own neighborhood.


I’m having a 20% off sale on everything in my jewelry and component shop from now through the end of the day on Monday December 1st.  Just go to Linda Landig Jewelry and use either the coupon code TURKEY20 or TURKEY14 at check out and the 20% will be taken off your purchase.  Easy-peasy!  You’ll find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and ceramic pendants in a range of colors and prices.  Perfect for holiday gift giving or for accessorizing your holiday outfits.

T-Day Sale Collage-with Text corrected

This year I am seriously trying to avoid the malls and shop locally or online.  I feel so much calmer when I do so.  I hate being frazzled in the days leading up to the holidays.  Last year was awful in that way and I’ve resolved to approach things differently this year.

I have a show this Saturday.  If you are local, I hope you’ll come visit at the Lincoln School Winter Market!  I plan to do much of my shopping there and then wrap up the rest online.


Happy Thanksgiving to you from me! ❤

Thanksgiving Is Here

I picked my daughter up at the bus depot today and we stopped at our favorite Koren restaurant for lunch on the way home.  Tomorrow one of my brothers and his wife will be arriving and my dad will be joining us for Thanksgiving, as well.  My husband is a fabulous cook and he is taking care of the turkey, stuffing and a rice dish.  My daughter and I will make the pie and veggies, plus I made some cranberry bread the day before.

But right now there is kind of a quiet break in the hub-bub and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for following me on my blog and over at Art Jewelry Elements, as well.  I am very thankful for every reader, for your comments and your thoughtfulness.  People from all over the world read this blog, but if you’re from the US, then I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this weekend.  And no matter where you hale from, I hope you feel joy and gratitude for the goodness in life.


Although the sale in my 2 online shops starts on Thursday, I hope that most of my US readers will get to spend most of Thursday with family and/or friends.  I am offering 20% off in both of my shops.  This is the best sale of the year, so if you’ve been eying something special, now’s the time to nab it.  I have a large local show the first weekend in December, a certainly some of the jewelry in my shops will be headed to new homes that weekend.  But you can pick up gifts for yourself or others, now, while the shops are full and save 20% too!  Here are the links to my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  Just use the coupon code THANKS2013 at check out.

20% Off Sale - Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

20% Off Sale – Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

15 Things I Am Thankful For

15% Off Coupon

I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and to celebrate I’m offering a 15% off coupon at:  Linda Landig Jewelry.  The coupon is in effect from today through Thanksgiving Day (11/25/10).  It is valid on all jewelry that is $25 and up.  Simply enter the coupon code grateful at check out and the cost will be adjusted to reflect the 15% off.

This is a perfect opportunity to get a head start on holiday shopping, knowing that you are offering your friends and family a gift that is as unique as they are.  Your gift will not look like something that came out of a big box store.  It will send a message that says, “You are special and you deserve a gift that is special too.”

 lampworked glass pendant with garnets, carnelain, Swarovski crystals

15 Things I Am Grateful For

  1. My family and friends. Their love, support, laughter and sharing are the center of my universe.  If you are reading this post and fall into this category:  thank you for you!
  2. A special sub-category of the above:  My new (and first) grandchild, Riley Landig – 6 months old.
  3. Another special sub-category:  My re-discovery of my childhood best friend, Lee Anne.  inseparable as young girls, we lost track of each  other as adults.  We reconnected through Facebook this year, discovered that we are both addicted to beads and that we still have a lot in common. 
  4. Retirement.  This is a new for me this year.  I’m lovin’ it!  No more waking up at the crack of dawn!
  5. Everyone who has shown an interest in my jewelry – those of you reading this blog, fans on Facebook, the wonderful people who visit LindaLandigJewelry
  6. A special group of artists that originally got to know one another through the website host, Art Span, and now connect daily through Facebook.  This group has given me a deeper appreciation of many art forms and has helped me have confidence in my own artistic voice.
  7. My much-loved dog, Chochi.
  8. Living near Puget Sound:  the water is always just moments away, as are breathtaking views of Mount Ranier.  There are lovely, deep evergreen woods, for walking in, that fill my soul with tranquility.
  9. My beads.  Having the time, space and urge to create.  The joyous  fulfillment this brings me. 
  10. Our trip to China and Korea this past August.
  11. My health.   I’m grateful for my mobility, for the strength I have and that I can do most of what I want to in my life.  When you have some chronic illnesses, as I do, you don’t take these simple pleasures for granted. 
  12. Adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care and safety.  We tend to take these things for granted, but many people, even in our own country, lack some or all of these things.
  13. The slow realization that I have something to offer as an artisan.  When I was a child, my mother painted and sculpted and my brother drew constantly.  My brother went on to do illustrations for several large newspapers and magazines.  He has illustrated children’s  books and has had paintings in galleries.   I always thought that the artistic “genes” lay in my mother and brother.  This discovery of my own artistic expression has been a revelation to me.  It is  hard to express the deep effect this has had on me. 
  14. Flowers.  I’m blessed with a husband who loves to garden (I don’t garden).  He has filled our yard with flowers in all the colors of the universe.  I love to walk through the garden and to gather armfuls of floral goodness to fill our home with beauty.
  15. Shared laughter.  I love plays on words, puns, dry wit.

What are some of the things you are grateful  for?