Bead Table Wednesday – Playing With Wire & Chain

{BTW – Bead Table Wednesday.  A weekly look at work in progress on my bead table.}

Having Fun

I’m having fun switching things up and just playing with my beads right now.  I’ve  made several “serious” necklaces and bracelets recently, for the Artisan Wedding Fair in which I participated.  You know, serious stuff like: white pearls, faceted gemstones, rhinestones and sterling silver.

So today I’m playing with a completely opposite style of jewelry.  I’m using black-coated copper-core wire and gunmetal colored chain to make a whimsical, casual, long necklace.  You can see the beginnings of it below.

Bead Table WednesdayThe ceramic rounds are the sale beads I bought at Michaels and wrote about last week, on Bead Table Wednesday.  I’ve combined them with some handmade felt beads, some speckled African beads, some carnelian and various other interesting beads from my stash.  I’d hoped to include the calcite you see in the upper right, but the holes were too small for the wire.  I’m going to make this long enough to just slip over your head – no clasp needed.

I’m having fun making this necklace, and I hope its eventual owner will feel that playful spirit every time she puts it on.

necklace in progress

If you’d like to take a peek into more studios, of both the people who create beads, as well as those who use them, visit the BTW Flickr group.